Friday, March 13, 2009



Pat Buchannan summed up the latest slap in the face of Americans proffered by the Democrats or should I say the Liberal Democrats.
In the article Pat points out how the Liberal Democrats stripped the E Verify part of the stimulus bill out. In the construction part of the bill that almost guarentees that 10-15% of the new hires will be illegal immigrants. This will mean 10-15% less unemployed legal Americans will not get the benefit of the stimulus.

Pat also shows that there are a group of Blue Dog Democrats not going along. He concludes that this is something we can work on.

As of today, there exists a Republican-Blue Dog Democrat coalition in both houses that is serious about putting our country and countrymen first, be it on spending bills or trade measures. This is a foundation to build on.

He didn’t say so, but it’s equally obvious; here is part of the Reagan coalition. In other words some ammunition for the Republican armory: that we can use to rebuild that coalition.

That whole idea of the Dems being the party for the working man, the union man; well we have seen some chinks in that armor. The Blue Dog Democrats know it. The average working guy is figuring it out. The Big union bosses don’t have a clue anymore about the average working stiff.

I wonder what the high paid white union construction workers think about Robert Reisch?

Big everything is located in Washington. When they meet usually it is behind closed doors. I’m talking Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government. When they get in bed together, oho what fun they have. They create a world of their own. It’s like a bad Shakespearian Play. This next clip serves as a good example.

This alternative universe has its own language. Listen how the words “social return” are used. Judge for yourself what that means.

Targeted relief to these communities. Federal formulas for getting this relief to these communities. Also the part about the middle class being too busy to notice they aren’t getting any help. I take my hat off to Rangle he does have some big ones.

He also is giving the Republicans some more ammunition. Another part of the Reagan Coalition is being slandered and put in harms way to placate the Radical Left.

This kind of ammunition will play well in Penn. Ohio and the whole Midwest. Hell this will play well anywhere. The Republicans only need to know how to use this ammunition without shooting their own feet off.

Saul Anzuis in his efforts for Newt’s American Solutions should be trying to figure the best way to get a wedge into the Big Union effort to take away the rank and files right to secret ballots. This should help the “Defeat the Card Check” effort by Saul. This should show who's bed Big Labor is really trying to feather.

One of our principle beliefs is the rule of law. This is the type of ammunition custom made for highlighting that principle.

Through efforts at the grass roots level spearheaded by the efforts of private groups like American Solutions, the whole “Tea Party” thing, which is turning into a John Galt movement and many others in the marketing end; I think we will see that the glaring mistakes the Liberal Dems. are making, will get exploited by Republicans.

I sincerely hope we also come up with some workable solutions. Show that we are a party of doers not nay sayers. Show we have the common sense answers all are looking for.

Hopefully they will keep giving us the gun powder, we just have to learn how to keep it dry till it’s time to use it. We also have to use it to make America better. If we just use it for political sniping as tempting as that is, we will be no better than they. We need to use their missteps to showcase our solutions.
We need to show the Reagan Coalition (the people) that they can trust us again.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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