Sunday, March 8, 2009

Uppity Republicans at it again.

Yup some just don't know their place.
Dan Burton
John Boehner’s interview calling for the President to veto the Omnibus Bill.
These guys just have no respect for the administration.

Please note the reference to China in both videos. China is cutting taxes to stimulate their economy and create jobs. They seemed to have learned some things from Reagan’s success and Europe’s failure. Not to mention Russia's failure. We have over charged our credit card with them to the tune of 800 billion dollars. They now have the leverage. They will enhance that by buying more bonds, but they will if I’m not mistaken start to raise the interest on our loans from them. The vig will soon come due.

They also are afraid of how we are throwing our money and in effect their money, away. Dan Burton’s graph speaks volumes. We have run out of credit cards to borrow from to pay the previous credit cards. Luckily the administration has the key to the printing office. What Dan Burton is saying is that the government will have to print more money because there is no place left to get it.

We’ve robbed all the money Peter has to pay Paul now we have to rob ourselves.

Last year Dan Burton was instrumental in getting the whole Oil Drilling debate made public. He did this with guerilla tactics. He Westmorland and Price stood the lonely vigil on the House Floor after hours talking to an empty House, but the cameras were rolling. From that guerilla type activity, from the Bottom Up came an outpouring of support. Newt and Boehner jumped on board and the train started rolling. That was an election year and politicians listened to voters. The ban on drilling was allowed to lapse. Victory was had.

Dan Burton is again at it in instigating debate, real debate on the economic course the administration is driving us toward. The video above is only one of many that he has done on the same subject. He along with John Boehner and the RSC are getting their voices heard.

Getting back to the idea that the President should veto this bill. Here is a quote.

“The Senate should reject this bill. If we do not, President Barack Obama should veto it.”

Well John Boehner said something almost like it but this was a direct quote from Evan Bayh a Democrat Senator writing in the WSJ.

That was before Harry Reid failed by one vote to obtain cloture in the Senate for the bill. Cloture means the closing of all debate and the chance to filibuster the bill. As John Boehner in the video above points out the Congress hadn’t even had time to read the bill let along study then debate the bill. In other words he said the Congress was left no time to do what they were elected to do. He refused to vote for it. He threw it on the House floor. He called for the President to veto it. A long standing Democrat Senator echoed his sentiments. By Reid’s failure to find enough votes for cloture there obviously was more than one Democrat trying to be fiscally responsible.

Burton and Bayh are both from Indiana both from different parties. They both seem to share some common sense. Boehner is from Ohio. I guess common sense is alive and well in the Heartland.

What can we do about this? What can we do to help this "guerilla" effort. Put on your thinking caps then your boots. The "Chicago Tea Party" idea is a good one. We need to bring attention to our lawmakers of the number of voters who think this is a bad bill. There are other ways to exploit any chinks in the armour of big government. Saul Anzuis former Party Chair of Michigan is working with Newt now at and heading up a petition drive in regards to the Card check bill in congress. Start to write letters to your Congressmen and Senators. Let people know.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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