Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Empowering. The Strength of Freedom

Mr. Walsh during CPAC said that the main power the government has is their ability to punish law breakers. He further went on to suggest that the biggest power the bureaucrat has gathered unto itself is the ability to select which law by which to prosecute someone. For if there are enough laws then it becomes an arbitrary decision as to which law is to be used to prosecute someone. More to the point which person to prosecute. It seems that it has gotten so bad that first you pick a target person, then easily find a crime to fit.

The number of laws has increased in lockstep with the growth of the bureaucracy.

We have forgotten the idea of criminal intent as being the key to a criminal behavior. An excellent site below about how the laws are out of control.

Nor should we not dismiss the idea that like smaller government enhances our individual freedoms, so too less laws.

Something else I picked up on CPAC that seems relevant to this discussion, was a quote from George Washington. “George Washington Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
I would add; like fire, government is a useful tool, but can easily get out of control. I would also add that in order to control it once started it takes ever vigilant and I might also add, brave firefighters.

How we relate all these ideas to the un- political person will have to do with the success we have as a party in the upcoming elections.

It seems simple if we can show people that the freedoms they are losing is in direct proportion to the size of government.

That is simple. Too simple. People can’t relate to that. That won’t make them want to turn down a stimulus check.

How do we make freedom important. The reverse is easy. It is easy to make freedom seem unimportant. The Liberals do this through scaring everyone with their constant doomsday predictions. We will turn to a higher power in times of stress for Hope. The foxhole prayer being the prime example. Ever wonder why the Liberals have tried to get God out of our seats of power? Perhaps they want that power unto themselves.

They want people turning to government and not anything else. They certainly don’t want the public to think that the individual alone can solve their problems.

So how do we get someone to turn down a stimulus check. Or “free” services?

I usually don’t pay my bill till it comes due. I definitely won’t start a budget until I prove to myself beyond a reasonable doubt that it is absolutely necessary. In my case it wasn’t until I suffered through enough miserable failures without one.

So how do we get someone to turn down a stimulus check? You can’t.

I’m an alcoholic and I quit drinking. I joined AA. AA didn’t stop me from drinking. They said you can if you want. But it isn’t easy. If you want we have a way that has worked in the past. Remember it’s a hard thing, but we can help if you try. I quit they helped. They were there and accessible when I needed them.

There are all kinds of alcoholics in and out of AA. The ones that have quit for a long time share one thing. I trust them in that one thing. They are serious and want to help if you are serious about quitting drinking. The reason I trust them is that they have proved by doing what they say.

What should Republicans do?

We call it planting a seed. In a fertile field the thought will grow. Our seeds have to be actual concrete examples that work. Simple common sense such as a penny earned is a penny saved. But then we need to follow through and actually earn that penny and save it. That is the hard part for us as a party and for the person we are telling not to spend the money. People remember that we earned the penny but then we spent it then we borrowed to get more. All the while we kept preaching a penny earned is a penny saved.

I saw a lot of people in AA talk the talk then drink the shot. Their judgment will come in the doing not the talking.

I used to say in AA the program is simple but hard as nails. You simply have to get up and not drink. Like waking up and just being perfect all day. I used to scoff at that sort of advice. Scoff actually being a temperate expression for some of the criticisms I laid at the advice givers feet. But I will tell you that I am much further along in my pursuit of happiness than I had been. With a much nicer opinion of myself.

There is a contentment in doing “work” if at the end of the day you can say you did your best. The freedom from making excuses for who you are and reasons why you can’t change, opens up a wholly different world, a brighter world, a saner world.

So Vote Republican for the Freedom. Start to work for the Freedom. From Fear that you may lose it if you have to. But start. To teach youself what you already know isn’t hard. Teach yourself that we all deserve that freedom. In that effort you will learn how to use that freedom to help yourself and others keep it.

Fight for the Rule of Law. The law that limit’s the power others can have over you. The Freedom to control your own life. The Freedom to keep that deadly “force”, that “fire” at bay, and the “fearful master” in chains where it belongs. Under the lock and key of the Constitution.

Talk about empowering.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.


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