Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Republican You Say?

Gary Hart off of the Huffington Post wrote the following piece.
A Democrat, Gary Hart (another failed Presidential Contender) is calling for Republicanism to come to the forefront in America.
He tells of what Pericles said 2500 years ago.
“(Pericles’)oration, praised men who were worthy of the city and declared those "useless" who took no interest in the well-being of Athens.” Gary Hart didn’t mention how much they were getting paid to be worthy. Gary Hart also seems to forget that it was the Spartans who gave the final and fullest measure of themselves to defend Athens. They gave their life. Nor does he seem to remember all the scorn and derision the liberals heaped upon the movie about the Spartans. Nor did he remember that the Spartans would kill any children that were not strong enough or brave enough. They would take the children away from their mothers. They would basically torture their children in order to make them strong. If he didn’t forget, then torture of innocent children must be what he envisions in the “Service America Act” put forward by Kennedy and Hatch and championed by President Obama. Perhaps I'm being too literal. Servitude may be all he's after.

Hart goes further by saying.
{We consider ourselves a democracy, yet we salute the flag of a republic. No idea is more central to the concept of a republic than what used to be called civic virtue, but what today would be called "giving something back," or public service}
I would agree only to change the “giving something back” to “Taking Something From” Notice I didn’t say “Taking Something Back” Because what they are taking wasn’t their’s to begin with.
I too would add “what price virtue” How much do we have to pay these new volunteers??
As if in response another quote of Gary’s states.
The costs of Serve America are minuscule in an age of massive bank bailouts, industrial rescues, and mortgage underwriting
Yeah right. According to our President himself see the following link
I guess the Democrats think the amount we spend on the military is “minuscule”?? I guess when you think in terms of Multi Trillions then maybe the price of buying the People’s virtue isn’t so much.

BTW what is the next amount? What’s above a Trillion? We are already talking multi Trillion, I mean what is a thousand Trillion. We will need a name for that sooner than we think. Is Godzillion a word? Perhaps “obamillion”? Or perhaps to pair up to Orwellian how about Oillion? Maybe just plain old revolution oops I mean social evolution will take care of the problem.

I would like to add that it is precisely at the point when we have to pay (Bribe) the masses that we turn from a Republic into a Democracy.

Please see side bar and video entitled “Not Democracy”
Next think of an oligarchy and how we are continuing towards one.

I would also add that when he quotes Quentin Skinner
"performance of our public duties is indispensable to the maintenance of our own liberty."
Hart should and probably was aware the Skinner would further add to that quote by saying that the liberty of the individual was dependent upon those given to it by the state, and therefore subservient to it. Here linked below is a footnote about Skinner.
See page 62 footnote 20.
He along with Hobbes agree that the individual’s freedom was subservient to the State.

Forgive me for getting too long winded and academic, but I just get so upset when I see the Liberals latch onto our Conservative ideals to help sell their Liberal agenda. How often did we hear Obama talk of tax cuts during the election. He even mentioned that he would be willing to consider drilling for oil. Obama was in favor of the right to bear arms and remember Clinton running as a quasi conservative? Now they are claiming to be Republicans.

Next they’ll be claiming that they want to double the foreign aid, or go from soft diplomacy to that backed up by military force. Seems like I remember something different something about diplomacy not military force is what we need to create a peaceful world.

If you notice they don’t turn what they say into a lie until after they’re elected or caught in the act. Then they simply change the definition of the terms to fit their agenda. Republicanism my ass. We all remember the definition Bill tried changing when he said “I did not have sex with that woman”

Well talk is cheap, like my mother always said, “the proof’s in the pudding”. I’ve tasted it and am gagging already. In 4 years the American people who’ve given up their freedom to the “New Republicanism” of Hart and Obama, will be running to find a toilet so they won’t soil themselves.

One thing you can be sure of. I will not start calling myself a Democrat to get your sympathy money or vote. Only If I wanted to steal your freedom.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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