Monday, March 2, 2009

The Great and Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I’ve got a problem.

What do I want to happen to that problem?

I want it to go away. Forever.

You too probably feel the same when faced with a problem.

As our societal problems have risen, the government has volunteered to help solve them. We gratefully oblige them. We give them billions to do that. To make the problems go away.

Roads and bridges and dams they seemed ok at. We gave them more money. They seemed to hire private companies to do the planning and actual construction. They just funneled the money (keeping their fair(?) share) with which they could make this, their situations, permanent.

We gave them more money out of kindness.

When they started to get into social engineering, they started to try to do the job themselves. We started to see the cracks in the system, but they were trying, and the problems they told us were getting taken care of. But now I'm wondering. How long have we been fighting the war on poverty? As Anne Coulter wondered at CPAC, I too am curious as to what the Liberals have as an exit strategy on that war. We haven’t won it and our costs have been high and our people our still suffering, just ask a liberal. Shouldn’t we at least set the date for a pullout? It’s been over 40 years.

Well habits die hard. We give them more money.

What does the government do about a problem. They codify it they make it law then they set up a bureaucracy to confuse the issue. The bureaucracy keeps making itself and the problem bigger and more complex.
They create so many laws that if the old saying is still true that “ignorance is no excuse”, then we all (ALL) should just admit that someplace somewhere there is a law we have violated at some time in some way and we should all make our way voluntarily to the court house and jails. Who after all is not ignorant of at least one Federal law? Try reading the tax law some decade for example.

To say the government does nothing about a problem is wrong. They make the problem bigger and more impressive to encourage our elected officials to give them more money.

There is never too much money for a good bureaucrat to justify spending then wanting more.

So we give them more out of frustration mixed with fear.

How long do we have to put up with this? How often do we have to listen to this garbage before we do something. How much individual freedom must we lose before we demand something else?

Taxes are obvious, the money comes out of our pocket. Tax payers will soon get tired of paying higher taxes. The cost of a continuing pile of regulations upon our business’ is not so obvious. But if you count as taxes anything that the gov. does to take money out of our pocket then, regulation is indeed a tax. Regulation and their bodies have continued as the # 1 growth industry in government. Sooner or later the extra costs out of pocket for consumers will be too much. People who don’t pay direct taxes pay these and they will go broke too. But it will take longer.

So we still give them more money, out of fear.

But we are starting to wonder if they can make the problems really go away. Those that we put our hope in to solve our problems tend to solve their own first and our problems get lost in the shuffle.

The next link shows the irony of it all. Also the choice we still have over who will spend the money we earn even on charities.

But it is almost too late. The previous Bush league Wizard gave us glimpses of the scam. Now the new Great and Wonderful One has lifted the curtain high for all to see. There’s something to be said for boldness I guess.

He has decided that the rich should not be allowed to give as much to charities because I guess he feels the money is ill gotten, nefarious or that they just have more than their fair share.

The government in this new plan is hoping to reduce the deductions people can take for donating to charities. In the final irony the government says, not to worry, that they are going to raise another 100 million in tax money to cover the shortfall that they can then give back to those same charities and foundations. (Let the government into banking and now they think they’re running a freaking hedge fund.) Sounds like a control freak to me.

Eventually we will give them less money, out of a survival instinct, and or just a plain lack of ability to pay more.

Or simply we will pick up our marbles and play another game out of anger.

Eventually we will decide that more problems can be solved with fewer middlemen.

This will come out of that nasty sreak of freedom we seem to possess. When we do, then we can start to keep more of our money and to enjoy our freedom of the pursuit of happiness.

Hopefully we can do this before the Great Oz has taken it all and has run the country out of money.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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