Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Deaf Ear

And a blind Eye Too

Conservative Outpost had an article by Drew McKissick bringing up some new poll information. He was talking about some obvious issues in which a large majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents agree.


The most obvious was whether or not the English Language should be the official language, not just in government but throughout the country. At the end of the article Mr. McKisseck states the following.

As the leaders of the GOP try to figure out "what the party stands for", they would do well to consider how the American people feel about key issues like these that relate to core issues such as immigration and government/spending - to say nothing of what the people that actually comprise the party (stand) for.

He then states, “The question is, will they?”

The answer to that is obvious. No they will not.

Think back if you will to the time before the 2008 election cycle as we were starting to lose 4 out of the 4 special elections in what were considered “safe” Republican areas.

If you remember, Newt Gingrich saw it coming and threw his mighty talents into trying to warn the Republican Party leadership of the impending disaster that was looming.


Newt wrote that back in Dec, 2007

No one listened then.

Well most of the leadership didn’t. House Minority leader Boehner was an exception. Newt then put forth his mighty organizing skills to try to come up with ways to work his solutions. The genesis of his effort was to come up with what he called tri-partisan issues. Through his own polling he found issues in which there was a majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents which believed in them. Guess what? English as a national language was at the top of the list. He made his case with facts and figures for the leadership.

Well they fiddled while Rome burned. Some diddled but that’s another story. Newt set up a great web site which was interactive and pro active; a site where action could take place. All the pieces were then in place. The leadership turned a blind eye, but if you’ll also remember Newt kept at it. He used his polling and his web site to incite a “Drill Hear, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition drive that turned into a movement that forced Nancy Pelosi in self defense to literally shut off the lights on the oil drilling debate. John Boehner along with fellow Republicans kept the House open in the dark, forcing the debate into the light of day. Poll numbers skyrocketed and proved Newt numbers and his vision were spot on with the tri-partisan majority of Americans. The Democrats caved, even candidate Obama thought some drilling might be allowed. The important thing was that the drilling ban was allowed to lapse. Public opinion in an election year was changed by the vision of Newt and mobilized by the internet through his Herculean efforts.

The man was tireless. He kept up those efforts.

Later through the help of his website the second wave of Tea parties swept the nation April 15th.

That angst is out there and even now the leadership is too afraid to tap into it. Their position is to side step it like broken glass. Like Drew McKissick perfectly pointed out at the end of the article and I quote.

And I'm not talking about simply taking a position. We've had our fill of people who take a position. We need candidates and elected officials that will fiercely advocate for such positions. And those are rare animals.

Amen brother McKissick

May I along with you, Live Dangerously (and) Be A Conservative

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