Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There are "Annoited Ones" on both Sides

When reality does catch up with the Liberal and Conservative Elites, it is done thru those that because of their low standing in society have to deal directly with that reality. Namely the youth and the vast unwashed masses which turn out being the beasts of burden who are forced to carry the water for those high flung ideologues. Whether it’s being called to war or having to pay for ever more socialistic policies.

Either way the youth and the everyday Joe and Mary have to pay the price. The youth don’t like it but do it as a rite of passage; while the everyday Joe and Mary do it because they don’t feel they have the ability or right to avoid it.

Change however does happen; it is built from the ever present chaos that surrounds us. It starts slowly by fits and starts. Fits and starts are what defines a bottom up change. There is no blueprint to it. If new pieces start to fit together, the plan becomes a work in progress, ever changing and evolving. The main ingredient is a general desire to change the way things are.

The process starts with the individual who gets an idea for change and stands up for that idea. The process of change is hard and long and only rewarding in a personal way. The reward has to come from within and is found in the doing; especially in the beginning. That is what change is; the culmination of beginnings.

Only occasionally will an idea be resonant enough to catch the imagination of others with the same sense of unrest. When that happens the elites through the power structures they control or that control them either feel threatened and go into attack mode, or don’t know how to handle it and try to ignore it or try to manipulate it for their purpose. The likes of Krauthammer cannot begin to understand the angst of the Tea Party thing: but manipulate he can.

In Political I read an article explaining Krauthammer’s new status as the new neocon critic of Obama.


The quote that stirred me to blog was his comment about the Tea Party Thing.

"It's completely incoherent, fractured and inconsistent," he said, calling the recent anti-tax tea parties "a perfect example."

"They were ostensibly about taxes. Obama hasn't raised taxes as of now by a penny. So what was all that about? It was a natural pushback by people who have sense of the government expanding rapidly in its size and control," Krauthammer said. "It was simply an inchoate reaction, the sort of thing that happens very early on in a very important and consequential presidency."

What he says is true until he lumps the reason for the angst as being a natural reaction to Obama. What I mean to say is that this angst has little to do with Obama and whether he is important or consequential, and more to do with his first assumption. I question whether this need to define Obama’s in that way has to do with Krauthammer’s new found status?

This is a push back against ever expanding Government control of people’s lives at the expense of those people. Enough is enough is all they are saying. Inchoate sure enough; when you think it has to be related to something other than what it is. To classify these reactions as being in response to something that is important and consequential seems by lack of definition to define the tea party thing as unimportant and inconsequential. I hope you get my drift.

The link below is an example of another fit and start, this time in the film industry.


Here is a movie that makes the case for abstaining from sex before marriage; along with some other value statements we haven’t heard out of Hollywood in a long time. The Left wing Liberals are justifiably upset by this intrusion into their own private fiefdom. From the article it seems that they are practically frothing at the mouth.

My case is that this alone will be the only publicity needed to get kids interested. This “fit” will be another false start if it becomes classified by us on the right as something fitting some master ideologue’s formula. This will become a “start” simply if we who are in favor of it leave it to the people we continue to say we trust whether they enjoy and connect with the movie or not. That will not only be a better judge of the movie; but also of our ideas. If the judgment is against us then we need to try something else. If we judge it by what we want it to become it will fail, if the content is what is judged and it is good then it will be not be a “fit”, and we will have made a start.

After all do we not believe as conservatives that "We the People" are the "Annointed One"?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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