Monday, May 18, 2009

Doing As We Say (Novel Concept)

Ben Smith in Politico has written an article about how the Republicans may be poised to lose more of the Latino vote and he draws the conclusion that if that does happen the Republicans will truly become a minority party.

All that may be the case. The piece however sounds like the same old same old as far as any solutions to the problem. What the piece doesn’t say tells me more about the problems the Republicans have with any outreach. Below the article is linked. Judge for yourself


To reach out, we should be out in the communities translating (figuratively and then literally) how our core values are closer to their own than the Liberal’s are. From what I’ve seen in the construction trades and the people I’ve met in my neighborhood, the average person from the Hispanic Heritage has a stronger sense of the American Dream than most American’s I meet. They are “old school” freedom loving people. They will “do work American won’t do” anymore to get ahead.
Like all broad strokes, I realize the danger. But these are the impressions I have seen.

How many Americans work for or have part of their income derived from the government who exists because of regulation and its fees and taxes etc? How many Americans work for larger corporations that also thrive on the stifling effects of regulation taxes and fees on small business’?

The one chance Immigrants have to get ahead in America now is the same as it was in the past. Small business started on a shoe string. This business model is the quickest response to a need the public has. The overregulation of such efforts, not only takes that chance away from Immigrants but from everyone who has little money but a good idea. Further the public suffers from a lack of options on how to fulfill its needs. We need to ask for help from Hispanics in helping us to return America to it’s Dream.

Look at all the programs out there to help “minorities”. The regulations and infrastructure become so confining that the “prisoner of the system” loses sight of and all the inspiration they originally had for their idea. I posit that the freedom of expression the free enterprise system allows is the “secret ingredient” that allows people to take the gamble to do what others will not.

A bureaucrat will say to that; “Well if they don’t have the energy to go through our hoops and pay the extra money for what we have proven is necessary for their own success, we are actually helping them to avoid the failure. The implied condescension implied by all of this type of thing is what we as a party out to be out there showing and cataloguing and fighting the loudest against. Simple freedom from government oppression is what freedom is all about. We know what we want better than the government. That is what they come here for in the first place. We need their help to remake it into Our Dream.

If we go back to what has made America great and again championed whatever helps make a strong, self reliant, proud and free citizenry; we will not only start to win back Hispanic voters but all who rail against a government that it too oppressive of its people. A place where the rule of law says we have a right to raise my children and protect our families any way we see fit; that is the Dream we all share. That is something worth fighting for. Republicans can represent that if we earn back our credibility. There are a lot of “Democrat Lite” things we all do. The one I hate the most is the, “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” hypocrisy. I know the Liberal Elite does that, I don’t care. I know that we could go a long way towards earning our credibility back if we quit doing that same thing.

If we started doing what we say. What do you think, that would shock everybody. Ya think?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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