Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well so much for “one a days” I have way too much to say and so far not very many are listening so I’m going to just post whenever the mood strikes. I’m going under the idea of “Build It and They Will Come”. If what I say is good then eventually people will listen. I base my politics on the same line. As long as I believe my concepts then even if people don’t come, at least I’ve had a chance to practice writing and letting off steam. Lol

Here is an article about the upcoming election and the GOP fears.
Since I made the list of donors to the Republican Party back when I donated to George W. in his first election, I keep getting all the thinly disguised appeals for money. I’m not stupid I know money is vitally important in an election, Karen Buie mentioned when I asked that she spent around $2,000 just for yard signs. I can imagine what a national campaign would cost. But that’s not the point. In the literature I’m profusely thanked and referred to as generous, steadfast, loyal and a few other glowing attributes. I gave $25.00 to Bush twice in 8 years, that’s about $3.10 or so a year. The typical spiel is how with all that money they will help rid the world or at least the Congress of the Democrats.

The problem is that they never really say what they are going to do, other than vague references to some generic ideas. Almost “Miss America” answers. As long as they are asking such a trusted and loyal member of the club as myself for such generous contributions, they could at least let me know what they are actually doing. SPECIFICALLY. After I watched Keith Butler get kicked out of the US Senate race by Mr. Cole and Mrs. Dole in favor of their “better” party candidate, I sent a letter to Mr. Cole telling him my thoughts. I’m sure he never even saw, or if he did even cared what his faithful, loyal and generous contributor wrote. This “Big Party” is just like any other “Big” anything. The people get lost in the shuffle. I don’t know what “Big” company writes these condescending syrupy letters and fake polls, nor how “Big” they charge. But I know it pisses me off “Big” time. Lol.

I’ve blogged about some solutions I see as useful. I’ve posted about Newt’s American Solutions, also about David Cameron’s new Conservatism in England. Newt sees the handwriting and he sent the leaders a warning letter before this recent stuff has started to hit the fan. I hate to take the wind out of anybodies sails, but there are elitists in both parties. There is time to act if somehow we can do it fast at the higher level. Other wise we have to do what we can at the local level and start building, start getting rid of the dead wood.

I hate it when I see the party that is supposed to represent Individual Freedom through smaller and more efficient government become what they were hired to fight against: by us, “we the people”. I get it, I know the excuses, I’ve read the books. I hate what “we” are becoming . Republicans were hired to fix a broken government we didn’t. The Democratic plan is just as bad and probably worse if they can figure out what it is. But what in the hell does that have to do with us. If we run a campaign against the Dems then how are we different than they are when they run against a third term of Bush. We will be just as lame as they are.

Now we are facing the cost for being lazy and rolling over to the “Bigness” of the problem. I’m getting upset with the party, because they are putting me in a position where I’m complaining and blaming others. Well I’m starting to refuse that idea. If all we want to do is bitch and complain about the Dems and their policies then I think I’d rather find or start a 3rd party based on issues with specific legislation in mind. Both would lose but at least I would feel better about it. Before I do that I’m going to try to get into politics around here and start speaking my mind, because it’s a terrible thing to waste, I’m talking about wasting the party not my mind. Lol

I’m going to the 2nd District Roundup. I’m going to write out my thoughts and give them to people there. I’m also going to prepare a short speech if I get a chance I’ll give it. Bob Dylan is a favorite of mine and we’ve gone through a lot of the same changes together. I realize I’m a rookie in actual politics, but as Dylan once said “You don’t need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” It’s painfully obvious. Also I’m a conservative with a free, active and a trained mind which can think for itself, Dylan also once said, “I gotta stop being influenced by fools”. Me too. Lol. It won’t take long to scope out the fools. My contributions will go up some in the money end and up greatly in the volunteer category. Only for the candidates that I like. “Bottom Up Politics” anyone? See my other web site. Get involved.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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