Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was disappointed by the news that we lost the Mississippi seat, so I started checking into it and I found this link. This website did a wonderful job of ferreting out some facts. Well worth the look see.
Notice in the article how it was pointed out the Democrat who won was more conservative than McCain. Pro guns Pro life. Anti-imigration. Charles Signorile at Constitutionally Right made some astute observations. I loved the way he tied in Ed Morrissey’s remarks. I took the liberty to steal their link to Ed Morrissey’s article.
The whole crux is that Republicans will do bad because the people who voted them in did so for their conservative ideas about lower taxes, cutting earmarks (government waste) and smaller government. We did none of those things. I especially liked the part about the leadership of the Republican Party not following through on their promises to the people. A quote from the Morrissey article.
. They lost those mid-term elections not because voters stopped supporting conservative principles, but because the House GOP stopped supporting conservative principles.
I feel that I had made that point in my previous post. Seems like I’m not the only one who’s figured it out. The question remains whether we as a party can do enough to restore some trust with the electorate between now and the election. I see that Huckabee is rumored to be top of the list for VP with John McCain. This would help us a lot. In My opinion.

We need to get to work on the local and state level to put together a solid platform to run on that stresses common sense conservative principles. We need candidates that are not afraid to talk to the issues. Candidates that will listen to “we the people” Candidates willing to get into the real world and offer real world solutions to fix a broken government.

Again I thank Constitutionally Right for making my day.
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