Sunday, May 11, 2008


Freedom From Government Intervention.

A bedrock of Conservative belief is the Freedom of the individual to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Make no mistake while conservatives believe in freedom we also believe in government. That’s why we signed the Constitution along with the other side and our government was formed. We (both sides together) realized that a government was a necessary mechanism through which we could funnel our efforts to fight the British and gain our Freedom as individuals and as a country. That much seems obvious.

What I want to talk about today is an American version of the new British Conservative “bottoms up” direction in governance. In the following article by Mr. Reed from the Macinac Center, he cites the authors of a book titled “Governing by Network” by Goldsmith and Eggers, who talked about the idea of the government being a facilitator rather than the actual provider of goods and services, bringing the delivery of those down to the local level. A type of precursor to the new “bottom up” Conservative model.
The thrust of my comments today are not to be about cutting back government at least money wise but rather “intrusiveness-wise”. More along the lines of the British model. This I assume will also be cost effective. As in the article above, with the help of the private sector the county government hopes to make their interaction with “we the people” more user friendly and cost effective. This effort I believe should be kept focused not on the idea of cutting cost so much as being able to give more and better services for the cost. Leaving a sense of well being in those served. (pursuit of happiness). Try reading the book “Gross National Happiness” by Arthur Brooks. Or read my recent blog.
We need to gain the trust of “we the people” for those ideas. Then and only then can “we the people” turn that focus to cutting government if necessary. The whole country has to have confidence in the “we can do it” attitude before change is possible.

True Conservatives in the US House and Senate are starting to stand up for freedom. It is sad to see that the media anyway finds it shocking.
The US House passed the Journalism “Shield Law” by a veto proof margin. Republican (and leading conservative) Mike Pence backed the bill. The article talked of what Mike Pence said- [“What’s a conservative like me doing passing a bill that helps reporters?” Mr. Pence asked in the House debate last year. The answer, he said, came from his belief that “the only check on government power in real time is a free and independent press.”
Shielding reporters’ confidential sources, Mr. Pence said, “is not about protecting reporters; it’s about protecting the public’s right to know.” In the Senate which has yet to vote on this bill. A republican Arlen Specter seems to be leading the conservative charge for the bill in the Senate. Passage is uncertain.

The purpose I highlighted the above article was to show that the idea of
Freedom is what is behind this seeming revolt against the President. The idea that Freedom is more important than the perceived threat to national security posed by the law. To parrot Mike Pence, it’s about the public’s (freedom) right to know. The Conservative cause for transparency in all aspects of government is also a part and parcel of all of the above. The more transparency the more “we the people” can exercise our freedom. In the state of Michigan the HB5137 sponsored by Jack Hoogendyk still sits in the appropriations committee. The bill would cost little or nothing. Google and the Federal gov are offering to provide it and Texas who has done it claims they have saved millions. Gee makes sense to me.
Enough is enough. We need some energized leaders to start showing the public that they are serious about providing “we the people” with some seriously better service for the money.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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