Friday, May 16, 2008


Great site where I found this article. The Brad Blog. Nice Blog, nice comment section. Open and Free.
The article is by Richard Viguerie who states that the entire leadership of the Republican party should resign. I agree with his logic. The same logic of my previous post. Republicans have failed the Conservatives and betrayed the trust put in them by those who elected them. They have broken their allegiance to the “common sense” principles that got them elected. The government was broke then and it is still broke. Take note that those same principles got the Democrat Childers recently elected in Mississippi. See my previous post and the video in it that I lifted from Constitutionally Right.

The party is broke and we can’t expect the leadership to fix it. Perhaps they can. I doubt it. Regardless for Republicans to regain the trust of the American people a lot has to happen. I hope it does. I hope we have more vision than just waiting through the next four to eight years under Democratic rule so we have something negative to run against. Kind of like we did against Clinton, like the Dems are doing, running against Bush. We need to run on issues from the “bottom up” We need to listen at the precinct level to what the problems are then come up with Conservative solutions that work. Not more of those condescending pleas for money thinly disguised as surveys or polls. How stupid does the leadership think we are. Kind of like when a candidate calls himself Dick instead of Richard and takes off his suit coat and rolls up his sleeves on his $100 shirt to “get down” with the people?? Give me a break. When I go to work I change clothes.

We have a golden opportunity here to be the real party of change. We are up against it. The gun is aimed our way. Let’s take that as inspiration to make true change. Let’s live up to our promise of making government work, not for government but for us the people. We need real alternative solutions.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS I see Pete Hoekstra co-sponsored an Energy Bill In the house called. The Main Street U.S.A. Energy Security Act (H.R. 6001). We’ve got to keep putting out alternatives that present “common sense” ideas. We have to support those who do. Link to the article about that.


OMSmedia said...

Come on…be a REAL Conservative my man , don’t allow fantasy statements to hold water. Sure you may think the entire movement hinges on ‘small Government” but that’s a fantasy too ….In war time the Government takes over to protect it’s citizens…come on….you know that…I can tell by the way you write.. Lower Taxes (did I miss something…President bush raised taxes?), Sanctity of life (has he made abortion easier…allowed fetal stem cell farms to continue…did I miss a memo?) Strong Military ?..More power to the states? What conservative principals has he trounced upon?
By the way…’All resign’ means Nancy Pelosi is the president…sure the current leadership isn’t the ‘Best We Have’ but we can’t feed the left anything…they are unscrupulous in the harping over any crack in US nationality or unity.
Near as I can figure Richard Viguerie jumped the shark after Rove submarined McCain in 2000. Because his statements are blindly naive...bordering on overtly emotional…just like his support for Ron Paul. That puts him in the RINO category…not a conservative.
Side Note: Pete’s energy plan is great….just like the other 30 republican/conservative plans before they get to committee. The Environmental Lobbies (90% democratic supporters) will not allow drilling or hydrocarbon refining increases anymore on US soil…so the primary parts of this bill are in trouble.
And don’t stroke Brad too much…he only gives just enough ‘truth’ to make his case skipping the facts…much like everyone else…I guess. And if someone has a fact against his truth…it will be removed from comments.

live dangerously said...

Nice blog site yourself. Not sure I know which fantasy statements your're referring to. But welcome to my blog. All are welcome. I agree it's a fantasy to expect Bush to step down nor would I want him too. The size of the government is not the issue so much as the efficiency of it. As far as that goes, I think government could and should do more with the the money they have. Once it's working better then we can shrink it. I also believe that the government is broke. I didn't miss the memo about Katrina nor the one about the drug perscription bill. I have no idea what a Real conservative is. I know what I am and what I believe. Viguerie I agree with as far as the reasons why the electorate is turning to the Dems. It's to get away from the republs for whatever reason. I agree with a lot of what Bush has done especially Iraq. His recent threat of the veto is also good to see. This was not about him so much as about the whole system of leadership being too far from the voters. Failing to fight hard for the fiscal responsibility of Congress. Certain fantasys I believe in to guide my decisions. I also believe in reality to put my decisions into practice. I believe we should work with what we have. Compromises must be made.
Below is a link to a Vivueire piece from 2006 he was already upset. You might understand in 2008 why he's verging on emotionalism. Like I said I'd rather work with what we have in hand. I won't finish that thought or you'll think I'm putting down Bush. lol Anyway I do agree with the solution he had in 2006 it is what I'm doing. Putting what little I donate to local candidates. I'll let the Big business take care of the Big government.
Maybe later the little local guys will bubble up a better system. OOPS there I go fantasizing againl

Regards, Live Dangerously