Sunday, May 18, 2008


I guess it’s human nature to point fingers. I do it in my life, after all my children get their brains from me. But I do try to be fair and add their good looks come from their mother. Well in politics niceness isn’t as important I guess. The finger pointing though seems pretty universal, the first step in change. Kind of the crude way ignorant people are forced to look at and admit a problem. Don’t like that? How’s this. Finger Pointing is the first step necessary for people whose lively hood depends upon a system that they realize needs changing but don’t know how to change it nor want to. Beautiful example of this in the article linked below in Politico by By JOHN BRESNAHAN & PATRICK O'CONNOR
The leadership doesn’t seem to be bubbling over with good ideas. From House member Cole this comes..
“A large segment of the American public doesn’t have confidence in the Republican Party to deal with the issues in front of us,” Cole said. “What we have to do is look in the mirror a bit and ask how we lost our way.”
My opinion is they have to buy a bigger mirror and get a chair and stare. Better yet, break the mirror they’re using and buy a hearing aid. There have been ideas bubbling up from the lowly precincts for a long time, except they had the earmuffs on. Those earmuffs were joyfully provided by countless study groups with power point presentations based on computer models about what is needed to make the projections look better. They probably hired the same computer model maker Algore uses. Really stirs my blood.
Is this a Republican thing or a Democrat thing. Gee let’s hire somebody to take a poll, seems like that too, like finger pointing is pretty universal. The problem is the government is broke, for 50 years the government has been breaking. The people know this. Maybe we should just stand up and say “IT’S THE GOVERNMENT STUPID” A hat tip to that crazy bald headed guy, you know the one that married that smart intelligent woman. lol Hint for those in Rio Linda "It's the economy stupid"

The media as predictable as clockwork were eager to jump on anyone willing to admit even the slightest possible chance of making a mistake. The pundits were quick to spell out all the possible outcomes for the next fifty years and project their own projections far into the future. Still no one talking about fixing government.

I’m a Republican so I’ll talk about Republicans. Congressman Cole said “look in the mirror a bit“. A BIT? Oh well. Forget about change from the top, at best we might get a BIT. Lol. I’m going to start building a new party at my level, I can do my BIT. At worse it’ll be as much as we are likely to get from the top. Maybe if it’s good what I build they will come. You know like “build it they will come” I really did like that Costner movie, a bit sappy, but hey I’m a Republican I liked it, it‘s in my blood.

Feel free to join.
I’m having a meeting at McDonalds downtown for local conservatives in the neighborhood if there are any only bring with you a desire to make government work better.. Coffee not on the house buy your own. But the talk is free. Just keep it toned down as it’s a public place.
First Meeting next Sunday at 8:00am. As no one is likely to show up let me know if the time is inconvenient . Lol I will be there though of that I’m certain. Look for an old guy, and a table with a red Detroit Red Wing hat in the middle. I’m sending Peggy Noonan an invite, I realize she probably has other commitments but who knows, remember “Shoeless Joe Jackson” from the movie showed up. All I know is I’m having fun.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative
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