Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Article below echoes a pretty common thread I hear and agree with about the
Republican party needs change. Most of the heavy hitters have singed on to the need for change, some more grudgingly than others lol. I’ve highlighted Peggy Noonan as she is my favorite. It does seem like the message is getting through to the leadership if for no other reason than they feel their jobs are threatened. Keep in mind, not all conservatives are wrong headed. Let's not throw the good out with the bad, Pete Hoekstra comes to mind. The link below is for an article by Victor Davis Hansen , I lifted it off of Pajama Media.
The point simply put was again stated that we Republicans need a clear basic common sense message, and more importantly we need to believe in it and not compromise on it. Also at the end Mr. Hansen said.
In short, the Republicans’ problem? They forgot who they were and can’t explain what they might be. They need to go back to basics, adopt conservative principles to confront new challenges, and then find the most effective spokesmen they can to explain their positions—hourly.
That sums up what is and what needs to be done and I reemphasize the word HOURLY. As I read the ideas of integrity and honesty kept bubbling up. From demanding a higher bar for ethics and gladly accepting that the bar will be higher for the messenger; to the concept of ignoring the slings and arrows and working the plan. Doing what you promise is the lens through which people out side of Washington will see and judge those they put their trust in. Trust to the voter is not some clever marketing slogan. Recruit new members, which will help create new leadership. Hey Mr. Smith did go to Washington after all. The stigma of the movie comes from what he found there not Mr. Smith or his ideas.

As far as a critique of the list Mr. Hansen came up with, well I don’t care about the specifics. They will come later, naturally. They will be formed by the new leaders. Point and click didn’t just pop up, it forced it’s way around and through and in spite of the arrogance of the colossus that IBM had become. It happened because the concept was clear, easy and unmistakable, dare I say user friendly. It reeked of common sense, luckily the people pushing it didn’t have to be overly heroic because the leaders of IBM ect were too inflexible to take what was offered. Those new guys became heroic later because they had the honesty of their concept and they stuck to it.

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