Saturday, May 24, 2008

Progressive Ways by Conservative Means

The Good Side of Conservatism
Boy of boy the British have it spot on. It keeps getting better. Leadership definitely sets the tone. How is this for a campaign ad. Pretty sappy you say. Well if you notice at the end of the video you’ll see the plea to vote May 1. Well they did and the liberal party took a beating at the hands of the conservatives. Their media called it the May Day massacre.
This is what I’ve been calling bottom up politics. Previously I blogged about why it seemed that the opposite is happening in England as in America as to which party was winning. Almost exactly opposite down to the special elections after the mid terms. I made the case that the people were fed up with failed government policies that were only making things worse while sapping the energy of the people. They were throwing the bums out no matter who they were.
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David Cameron the leader of the Conservative party in England in the next link, pretty much sums up what the new conservatives across the pond are running on. Also what I’m trying to figure out how to copy here on this side of our little pond in our piece of paradise.
In this short fact and link filled article, he refers to pursuing progressive ways by conservative means. Not only clever but true to conservative traditions of fiscal responsibility and personal responsibility for involvement. Re involvement of the people. Making the government the facilitator of that desire for involvement not an impediment. This is the kind of ad I can get behind. An issue ad. More than that an uplifting ad. Kind of like an updated Reagan speech. Or Reagan Esq. in a Multi media sort of way. Perhaps if Newt would of presented his Contract With America in a less serious and scholarly way with more sincere smiles it might of caught on.

To be fair to Newt, this British conservative revolution has yet to fully come about. The British Conservatives have yet to even win their elections. When they do, I’m sure they will run into the same type of entrenched status quo that Newt and the Gang of Seven ran into. Perhaps however, the fresh, positive and downright happy attitude found in David Cameron and his message will give a better alternative to the status quo. Instead of the pounding away at personal responsibility and burdens of citizenship as I, and most US conservatives tend to do. That British sense of humor and gayety is a better selling point. Everyone knows that for generations people have died to keep our freedoms. I think now it’s time we focus on the wonderful thing freedom is. The joy it can bring, how strong we can feel when working together. Why it is indeed worth fighting for.

I’m going to start smiling more. It’s the least I can do.

Not because I should --- but because I feel better when I do.

Regards, Proud to be Living Dangerously As A Conservative

BREAKING this morning. Related news off the Socialist Web. Yeah I know, I guess I’ll read anything. I’m serious though read it. You’ll be amazed, the liberals are saying the same thing we conservatives are saying here and the liberals there are suffering the same defeats we have been. I keep posting about this. I think it's important. It’s like the old Superman Bizzaro World comic book. I still stress my Mantra.
IT’S THE GOVERNMENT STUPID. Make the government work better, Then find ways to diminish it’s scope.
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