Sunday, May 25, 2008


A Funny thing happened on my way to a political argument.
I was talking with a guy yesterday and politics crept into our discussion. He was playing me some but that’s ok it’s politics. He suddenly sprung on me the question he thought would bring the real me out. Get me trapped, you know the setup get a read on how I really felt. He asked “What about Hillary Obama, what’s up with that thing”? Without pause for thinking I said “They got married? Wow. When did that happen? I didn’t know”. He looked at me then I saw the light come on and he burst out laughing I couldn’t resist either. Pretty soon we were joking about both sides, we had found by accident some common ground. We had found something personal that transcended the rhetoric. We knew we had different basic views but we were looking at the problem from a different place. Our views had subtly changed. We were a little different.

I don’t think we’ll all of a sudden change parties, and become bosom buddies, but if we ever face a real problem that needs a solution in the future, especially if we don’t have time to argue about it: we may remember our little laugh and be more inclined to work together to fix it.

Yup, A Funny thing happened on my way to a political argument, we laughed and left the rhetoric at home.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Here is a guy that should of laughed too. I forgot where I found this link. Listen to the whole thing to appreciate it.
I’m not a fan of Chris Wallace and the whole idea he harped on about appeasement wasn’t sound in my opinion. But the other guy was obvious lacking in the history of the discussion. This is the type of whacko I despise. I hate to see them creeping into our party. When Rhetoric means everything. Facts become irrelevant. See side bar under "Xtra Links For Current Posts" for Anne Coulter's take on it.

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