Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Precise Solution?

It is painful to read the obvious sometimes. More painful the shorter and more precise it is.
I have been writing a lot of pages to cover the images evoked by the following.
Conservative Funk
Conservatives are pining for a candidate they can vote for. What they really need is an electorate that will vote for their candidates.
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Below is where I lifted that gem from.
All that it said was in what it didn’t say. Kind of Churchill like. Those two sentences imply contradictions if the end result will be a culture change through election. The first sentence I’ll use Ronald Reagan as a candidate conservatives are pining for. The second sentence “ what they (conservatives) really need is an electorate that will vote for their candidates.” happened with the election of Reagan. Yet the statement above seems to claim that what happened couldn’t.

Like I said the beauty lies in what it didn’t say. It didn’t say how we will find that “ electorate that will vote for their (our)candidates.” The author in a reply to a comment states that candidates are “spurious“. What about a Reagan or any great leader? Isn’t the function of a leader during elections in a democracy to pull together a majority of people with his leadership and his ideas?

In effect the sentences above simply say that we need candidates that the people will vote for. My mind is working overtime connecting this to that and over and over to make sense of what I think these two sentences and their author implies.

Finally I realize that no matter what is implied. The beauty of it came from what I implied to it through my own preconceived notions. I had to spend this much time reworking my thoughts to try to make those two sentences fit my reality.

I take that Churchill remark back and change that to an Andy Warhol type of statement..

Still had me going, forced me to study myself some more. Did what writers should, what painters should. Evoke more than the sum of the parts. Stimulate inspire people to be more than they are. Perhaps that is what a Ronald Reagan candidate does to an electorate.

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