Monday, May 26, 2008


My alternative interview about John McCain’s computer generated health model based on documents not seen.
I got upset seeing CyberAlert’s take on the interview linked below. I apologize for not picking up on this at the time, it slipped by without me noticing. I’m getting old.

Welcome viewers, our interview today will be with Joe Old Guy, formerly a doctor and at 72 years of age he considers himself active enough to come on my show. So welcome Joe, to let the viewers know a little about you I’d like to ask who you voted for last Presidential election.
------Well ah, JFK or Kerry it was it gets confusing at my age you know, LD (Live Dangerously). (that’s me the interviewer in case you too get confused)
LD-----So as a person voting democratic in the last election who do you think you will vote for in the upcoming election?
Joe------Well in my research from the actuarial tables I see that there is an 80% chance I will again vote democrat. An interesting anecdote I found LD was that If someone drove me to the polls and assisted me to the booth, the percentage jumps to 95% as there is a 15% rate that people in my category won’t make it to the polling station once they leave the house, LD these statistics don’t lie. I also found that 5% of my group once there for whatever reason couldn’t consummate the complicated process. That percentage in my defense is quite low. You know LD that in the sexual area of consummating that the percentage goes up quiet a ----(here there was a brief interruption)
LD------Well that is really very interesting, but we are here to talk about John McCain and the role age will play in his ability to function as President. What are your opinions on that Joe?
Joe------Well first off he’s a Republican so in my opinion from my own research at the Daily Kos he has nearly a 75% failure rate regardless of age but since you brought it up, due to his age he doesn’t really have much of a chance. I know.
LD------What about his wounds suffered as a POW Joe. How will those wounds affect his abilities both mentally as well as physically?
Joe------Good question LD. Very insightful. Mentally I think we can deduce from his history that he can be very stubborn to the point of unreasonableness to the point of harming those around him. I’m sure those that rescued him after his crash and cared for him, asked him politely at first some simple questions that evidence shows he new full well, and it was only through his undue stubbornness that they were forced to do what they had to in order to unite their wonderful country. You know LD that since the war they have made great inroads against progress and the harm it has caused especially in the South.
LD------So you think that his stubbornness could be a problem?
Joe------Why yes I do LD. I think it borders on delusional. His lack of compassion for his rescuers in not answering their simple questions should also be considered.
LD------Why is that Joe?
Joe------Because those people interviewing him had rescued him and were keeping him alive for one thing. For another, they were doing their jobs and I would not have wanted to embarrass them in front of their betters.
LD------So anyway this report that we haven’t seen yet says that there probably is something that will show Sen. McCain is unfit for the highest office in the land because he was in the military and on top of that he is almost as old as you. Joe ( a gentle nudge) Do you want me to repeat the question?
Joe-----No LD I was just resting my eyes. You bring up an interesting point. I can’t help but remember FDR (I voted for him you know). I think it would be unfair to compare the two.
LD------I didn’t
Joe------Even though FDR physical disabilities were far worse than John McCain’s, they were not caused as a result of being in the military. Well you know what that means, I mean they even teach innocent young people to use guns, and the crime being what it is now in the streets and they are all a bunch of war mongers starving killing raping children and Cheney and the CIA blew up the towers because they wanted the oil our friend Chavez has and they---(station break). ( well something like that) End of interview.
Well I’ve vented enough, people who see this kind of thing still think for themselves and the age thing alone will come back to bite them. The insinuations a persons mental ability based on nothing but actuarial tables is beyond repulsive. I guess in the age of the collective consensus versus individual ability, what should I expect. Well I do expect more, that’s my problem.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

My Thanks go out to Senator John McCain on this Memorial Day

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