Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Truth ----- Novel Concept----Never Work

“John McCain’s admitted shortcomings regarding economics”

If I hear that one more time I’ll gag.
How many times have I heard that? More than my abacus of fingers and toes, will handle.

What did John McCain say that was so shocking that every utterance since about economic matters needs that qualifier by the Media. I guess that if I was running for dog catcher I better not let anyone know that I am not completely up to date on the construction methods, models available and safety aspects of dog cages. I think I would just go ahead and on my campaign literature, under the paid for by Live Dangerously For Dog Catcher Committee thing I would put “Not Completely Versant In Animal Enclosures” I mean I don’t want people getting the wrong idea about me. They might not vote for me if the truth is out. My competitor surely is knowledgeable in cages or he would not be continually reminding the voter about how I admitted I wasn’t. Boy glad I’m not running for the post. Lol

I’ve an excellent idea for the next Presidential Candidate. Admit to not being a “know everything” about every thing. Freely and regularly admit to not being a supernatural genius and admit that is why you need the gaggle of expert advisors that you have around yourself. Admit that you even ask questions of those advisors that you don‘t know the answer to. Pretty shocking for the politicos and election junkies to grasp that concept. The concept of candidates being human. Let them know that you are not a genius (voters if they don’t know now will soon enough find it out). Admit that you have to study an issue then make up your own mind. That would indeed be a shocker.

Admitting the truth, what a shocker, what an ingenious strategy, the media would spend weeks dissecting that one. Way too obvious. For weeks after the candidate won the election. The pundits would still be puzzling out whether that damaging confession helped the candidate win the election or not, or how he could have been so clever as to slip that by us.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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