Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tail Wagging The Dog???

Tail Wagging the Dog??

Well I’m sure Democrats don’t want to be called hypocrites or deceivers or worse yet politicians. I’ll let you come up with a name for the language of the politics of Chicago. In an article, Mike Flannery writing for said of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.
“Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin complained to oil company bosses at a hearing on Capitol Hill about Chicago having the highest gasoline prices in the United States”
Flannery then quoted Durbin berating the big oil companies with the following question.
"Does it trouble any of you when you see what you're doing to us”
Sounds pretty good to me. The Senator standing toe to toe with those Terrible Big Oil Bums that dare to raise prices on gas and cause such pain to the people of this land. Here I must admit to being deceitful myself by setting you up somewhat. Mike Flannery was more honest about it. I saved the punch line till last thus keeping you in the dark. The premise of Mike Flannery’s article was the high tax on gas in Chicago. Higher than LA or NY. The tax is nearly 20%. On a single gallon at $4.00 the tax is 79 cents. The thing I learned or that finally sunk in from reading this was that the tax is a sales tax which goes up, as the price of the gas goes up, therefore generating more state income. Oh yeah isn’t there a federal tax in there too?

Well getting back to the point of the story, perhaps the voters should be asking the Senator the same questions. It reminds me of the old advertising mantra that if you have something wrong with your product, that is where your advertising money should be going. Most advertising is done to try and overcome the negative impression people who have used a product have picked up. Don’t waste your money they say on people that already like it, brainwash the people into not believing their own experiences. Oops shouldn’t of used brainwash, re-educate oops I forgot the politically correct way to say this. How about this. Help the people overcome their socially misguided beliefs in their selfish considerations, in order that they may see the overall good of the product for the collective good of the public. I give, it gives me a headache to think like that. I hope you get my drift. Perhaps Durbin and his ilk should do what they tell others to do, not what they themselves do. Lol. And as they dole out sanctimonious tongue lashings and financial penalties on captive audiences, perhaps they should practice a little of the scripture paraphrased. “Do onto yourselves first what you would do onto others”.

Just a thought, now another, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. Mike Flannery’s article, after reading it you decide what you want to call Mr. Durbin.

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