Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Real Fistful of Truth, I missed yesterday

I usually don’t post again this quickly, but I missed McCain’s speech in New Orleans, yesterday.
Looks like John has decided to come out swinging. I can’t help but relate what my previous post was about to this speech. The idea that truth is such a novel idea recently in politics. More to the point John McCain is telling it like it is. While he lacks that certain finesse and nuance the pundits go ga ga over, I get the feeling he is shooting from the hip. The real tenor of his campaign and his soul has been put out there. The gauntlet thrown down. Not just for the other side but for the Republican leadership as well. I believe he is saying this is the campaign, this is what I‘m going after, what I believe in. Join with me, and we can win this thing. He has held his water well and if this speech is a portent of the things to come he has used his time well, while the Dems had their catfight.

John McCain has a chance here to lay out a new conservative agenda, by the sounds of his speech he has kept his ear to the ground and is using the best of the British Conservative and the Newt Gingrich models. The message he has had, but the delivery is where he has learned.
-----quote from speech------
“The right change recognizes that many of the policies and institutions of our government have failed. They have failed to keep up with the challenges of our time because many of these policies were designed for the problems and opportunities of the mid to late 20th Century, before the end of the Cold War; before the revolution in information technology and rise of the global economy. The right kind of change will initiate widespread and innovative reforms in almost every area of government policy -- health care, energy, the environment, the tax code, our public schools, our transportation system, disaster relief, government spending and regulation, diplomacy, the military and intelligence services. Serious and far-reaching reforms are needed in so many areas of government to meet our own challenges in our own time.”
Wishful thinking abounds after reading the speech. I realize I’m making connections where none probably exist, but what the hey. Here they come.

The obvious connection to the “new modern conservatism” being created in England, see my side bar (Updates Across the Pond) In the same side bar I recently noted that the marketing guru for Cameron’s conservative message is coming to the US for 6 months, coincidence?

This kick off speech was given in New Orleans La. Is that too a coincidence? Bobby Jindal the young, confident, get things done, “Bottom up Politics” kind of guy from the British model happens to be Governor of Louisiana ! Also happened to be invited to visit John McCain and rumored to be on his short list for VP! Below a link to what I posted about Bobby before.
Newt Gingrich has also been tirelessly preaching in his own way the same kind of change in his book Real Change and a long time before that in many other efforts. If you check out his American Solutions web site and from there his others, you will see he has been doing more than preaching.

My real wishful thinking concept is that the leadership of the Republicans whole heartedly get behind this message and that John McCain does also. Mainly I’m afraid of the message not getting out. For this to work, look at Britain. It works there because they have a strong leader, who LET the message go to his head.! Also a bunch of young turks willing to work at it.

Sen. Obama and the Dems by trying to link President Bush to John McCain, have given John the opportunity the opening needed to show the obvious to the world. It has been obviously clear to most the differences. In the Media’s hatred for Bush they have praised McCain for all the times he has gone against “his” President and party for that matter.

He has been praised for his fight against earmarks. For his bipartisan efforts from Immigration to global warming. The Media is already hard at it to cover their tracks. It is also as obvious from Obama’s short record that he is the most liberal, pro big government senator in the Senate. John McCain points this out by saying the big government idea doesn’t work and he is the only one who has actually been fighting it. Not just talking about it. It doesn’t much matter where he picked up those ideas, what matters is that the gloves are coming off, what also matters is that the truth is plain to see. Lucky for Obama that he has so much money, he will need to remain lucky, for he will not win on words alone.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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