Friday, June 6, 2008

Where Do Water Boys/Girls Come From

Where do our Great Leaders come from.?

How Important is it to have Great Leaders?

How important is the Water Boy on the team?

In America, in our democracy, due to the freedom we enjoy, both the water boy and the great leader are dependent upon each other. I’m going to try in this post to relate my ideas of the importance of freedom to the selection of leaders that are great from the millions of people trying to be. I’ll be trying to justify why my efforts at this blog are important. OK , here it goes.

I sit down and listen to Newt talk about leadership and how to achieve it, in order to help bring about the change I feel necessary. I listen to others talk of the importance of Freedom of the individual over the government and I wonder why is it so important. Why, when it is easier to change my ideas to fit the prevailing ones shouldn’t I change them? In politics why should I vote for McCain even if he doesn’t represent all of the beliefs I have? Isn’t it a contradiction for me to stand firmly for my convictions, yet vote for someone opposed to some of them?

I’m not trying to say something is better than nothing, even if that is so. What I’m trying to get to is where do great leaders come from. Great leaders bubble up from that great cauldron we call Freedom. They come from people, everyday people, millions of them having that sense of Freedom saying what they believe. As in all things, some have to work at it. To some it comes easy. But try we all do, in our own ways. We feel we are on the same team, as does the water boy on up to the quarterback. We are all trying to make a difference.

Through fate or natural selection a person bubbles up with all the right ingredients. In baseball we call him a phenom. A natural. Others as I say have to work at it more. Some presidents had to grow into the office before they became great. I have a feeling though that it is a combination of natural greatness with the ability to focus on a message plus never ending work. As much as Reagan seemed a natural, his struggles early on as an FDR Democrat thru the union problems he faced as President of the Actors Guild, which finally turned him into a Republican, showed that the work had to be done. He too had to go thru the fires of life to succeed. Even for the naturals, the work still had to be done.

The fact of the matter is that a president needs to be popular as well as have good ideas. Some become great because of their good ideas, while others simply are popular. Good ideas are the copper, the popularity is the glow. While it is easy to say popularity will fade ect. It is equally true that without popularity the good ideas will not see the light of day. It seems obvious that both are equally necessary in order to lead greatly. It is important to have great leaders because to be a great leader means that they have the same dreams and goals and ideas that the majority of the population want, and tirelessly trys to carry them out.

The point I’m making is that the more people exercising and demanding their right to exercise their freedom, the bigger the cauldron from which leaders will emerge. The internet is a great tool by which many can get their feet wet. It has created another starting point for people to express their ideas, creating another load of ingredients for our cauldron. We have had a lot of firsts running for political office for President. I see a youthfull blogger now blogging and aspiring to that position actually attaining it in the future. The point is that there will be thousands if not millions other who don’t, that is as it should be. There is no dumbing down of Freedom, it either is or it isn’t. It is the freedom of the process that matters. The freer the process the better the selection. The more open and transparent the process the better choice we will make, and the better chance for that special person to bubble up and be judged by all us water boys/girls adequet to lead our team.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Like a butterfly from a catepillar, a great leader comes out of a Water Boy/Girl. In one specific species they are the same. That species is a Free People.

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