Friday, June 27, 2008

Bobby Jindal. The New Conservative. ala David Cameron

Bobby Jindal makes the case for chemical castration and signs bill.
Note the other states including California that has the bill. Not in this link but in others there are other bills in the Louisiana legislature to further restrict pedophiles.
The recent Supreme Court ruling against the death penalty for child rapers, reasoned that murder was not a punishment equal to the crime. Death being irrevocable, where rape wasn’t. I personally had hoped that it was the right of the state to set the punishment. They didn’t. However as far a fitting the crime. The chemical castration or physical castration would be more appropiate. See also this video from Youtube of an interview of Bobby Jindal. He explains it better than I. Note near the end the part about the drilling in Louisiana. This guy is good. McCain could do worse. However I hope he doesn’t.
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Below are some of my links to explain why I like Bobby Jindal. I personally hope he isn’t chosen or accepts the Vice Presidency. He has too much good to do where he’s at. Maybe later. He has time. He is the youngest governor of Louisiana. President Jindal anyone??
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