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Leaders Fight For Every Inch, Winning or Retreating

I’ve been blogging about the Guerilla War in the House against the failed energy policies of the past. That battle is the reflection of the sentiment (anger) bubbling up from the people over the gas prices and how the House and Senate aren’t doing anything to help. The “Guerilla members have been putting out positive “do something” efforts to highlight that anger they feel from their constituents. There has been a ground swell reflected in the increasing legislative attempts by some of the lesser known members to do something constructive. The Republican leadership had been floundering around after the recent special election losses. Now they have woke up and are adding their weight to the increasing effort to get the Congress as a whole to get behind the “drill here, drill now, pay less“ idea. The leaders are actually starting to lead. I’ve blogged about their success and how John Boehner the Republican House leader is truly becoming a leader in the effort. Letting (facilitating) the bottom up flow of sentiment. Helping to shape it into a coherent force. Check out Boehner’s latest attack of Pelosi and crew, in the following link.
For more of Leader Boehner’s efforts of late click on the home link or header to get to his home page. He is putting out a daily barrage. In the above link, he gives a pretty good description of how the Pelosi crew is at a loss, because their plans do nothing to lower prices, in fact they will raise them. They don’t know what to do. They are against a rock (the Green Peace type left wing attack machine that won‘t offer any compromise) and a hard place (the lower and middle income voters they claim they want to help but who are getting hurt the most by their failed policies).

Some of my Republican colleagues seem to think that the “Guerilla” efforts don’t amount to anything, aren’t worth doing. In and of themselves perhaps. Although standing up for the hopes of the people even if you think it useless does have it’s own reward. I think though that these efforts at voicing their constituent’s desires is working. Some of the “Guerillas” I’ve posted on like Tim Walberg, Dan Burton, Lynn Westmoreland, Tom Price. It is nice to see the “Guerilla” voice is becoming a Republican one. There are a lot more of these voices I haven’t found yet but I did find one.

Tom Feeney (R Fl) of the US House. Another Guerilla Warrior in the House.
This shows Tom Feeney’s efforts. Below you will see two links from Tom Feeney’s site above that show the first two of the 10 reasons he has compiled that have led to the price at the pump we have now and how to correct it. These are his individual efforts to help keep the discontentment of his constituents the voters in the news and the minds of the Congressmen. A “Guerilla” effort made by a “Freedom Fighter” to lower gas prices in the real world and not the fantasy dreams of the left. To paraphrase another politician. “A little press hear, a little press there and pretty soon you’re talking Real Media” Also in an election year you’re talking Real Pressure. Enough constant pressure backed by growing public awareness and anger with a Congressional rating lower than the President’s , and some of the more “Common Sense” Democrat members may decide that they can vote for more drilling, a little here a little there. See the specific links below for the first two sniper shots. You know, this is real Bottom Up Politics. Even Jim Webb has felt the pressure. Democrats are looking for a way out without hurting their left wing base. They can’t without being crucified by them. We saw that in the Hillary vs. Obama battle if you want to take this into the Presidential Election Arena. But I digress, getting back to Tom Feeney one of the real doers. Looks like he’s putting these reasons out once a week.
-----link for #10 ------
-----link for #9 -------
Now I want to blog as one of the angry constituents that I am. I want to bring this high blown talk of “Guerilla” stuff to a more personal level. To where I live.
Feeney’ #10 mentions. (quote from #10) “Section 526 chokes off the flow of fuel from Canadian tar sands. Canada is one of America's most reliable allies and economic partners but the federal government cannot purchase this available fuel.”

If you read my blog, you know I’m from Michigan, because of that I’ve highlighted # 10. The reference to Canadian Tar Sands should ring a bell. See this link where I blogged about the Detroit refinery. This brings it back home to me, at a local level.
Notice the part about Canada’s tar oil sand.
-----quote from source above-----
“Although the refinery's size, even after the addition, isn't remarkable (it'll be midsized among the nation's 143 refineries), the new addition will be geared for squeezing gasoline and diesel fuel from controversial Alberta tar sands -- unconventional heavy oil that has become more attractive as oil prices skyrocket.”
While the refinery addition will not guarantee to lower gas prices, it will in less than two years be pumping into the supply 400,000 gallons a day. Can’t hurt. If I put 20 gallons in my tank a day, it would take me 20,0000 days to use up one day’s output from the expansion. If the Numbers don’t seen to fit. Remember the difference between bpd and gallons per day. The main point is valid. Whether it is 400,000 gallons a day or 4,000 a day. It is a positive constructive thing, it works no matter how small. It even doesn’t require government money to do it. It fits into my own slogan of “Make Do, Make it Now, Make it Work”.
-----link to my post about it------
Think also that this is a small refinery and a small expansion of it. Now multiply that by say 10 new refineries and lots of major expansions. I think it becomes more clear. Add to that new nuclear while increasing and giving incentives to alternative energy efforts and the more efficient use of our Tax dollars, will give you the “all of the above energy package” of the Republicans House. That package brings us back to John Boehner. You can find his site on my side bar under “Old Standby Links. He has a link to a site about the “All of the above” energy package. I might add at this point I’ll be happy with a part of any of the above, we need something to build upon. The Michigan Refinery shows how it works and the speed with which free enterprise can do things. While you’re looking check out the Republican leaders site in the Senate, Mitch McConnell just below Boehner’s on my side bar. He has been pushing the idea for awhile now.

The refinery is one of those concrete steps that we need more of, to start to change the upward price movement of gas to a downward one. Small yet concrete, actually doing something. Not the big talk that does nothing. To re-paraphrase “A little concrete here, a little concrete there, and pretty soon you have a Real Highway” Oh Yeah. It’ll be one that we can afford to buy the gas to drive on.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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