Thursday, June 26, 2008

Subtle Lessons.

Hat tip to wowOwow and columnist Liz Smith
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Long interview of George Will. I may have changed my ideas some after listening to George. I do appreciate that guy. Kind of puts me back on an even keel. Charlie a couple of times came close to losing it, by what Newt might call George Will’s “persistent optimism”.

Another subtle lesson I learned. This one comes from across the pond.

A quote from David Cameron. “No unfunded tax cuts” Think about that simple statement and the difference between simply saying “Cut Taxes” . There is a world of difference between the two. A cacophony of subtlety. The first accomplishes the second, but in what is a far more palatable way. A more palatable conservative way. The first denotes fiscal responsibility, the second threatens draconian measures. Which way would you prefer to accomplish the same thing? David Cameron knows and has the electoral victories and popular support to back it up.
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The two different ways show me the gulf that separates the new British “Bottom up Politics” From the American Conservative way. The English system deals in terms of facilitating the services the government provides. Making it work, by putting a conservative slant on things. Getting the private sector involved in running different aspects of the government thus funding future tax cuts. The Conservatives here seem more in your face, more all or nothing. Too “CUT TAXES” if you get my drift. I think we as a party have drifted too far from the people. While bashing Obama for his elitism, we need to offer something other than our own form of elitism. George Will tired me out. What is obvious to him takes me awhile to puzzle out. Before I tackle the big issues like breaking the union stranglehold on the quality of teaching, I need to educate my self with things like “no unfunded tax cuts” That is if I really want to make a difference. If I really want to help win an election.

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