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I’m posting the following to help me catch up on what has been happening in the House and Senate and the world outside of the Energy efforts I’ve been concentrating on lately.

Link to politico June 23 article
Man you ought to get the hatred already spewing forth from the left bloggs. The book is hardly more than a rumor won’t come out untill Aug. The big guns of the left are hoping to chop it off at the knees, they are afraid of another Swift Boat. The same publisher is publishing the title that published “Unfit for Command”. Plus a journalist from the prestigious National Review is writing it. The book’s title is “The Case Against Barack Obama” the sub title is perspective: “The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate.”

Can’t wait. How good it is will be easily seen by the amount of hate that spews from the Left. The “Hate-o-Meters” will be pegging the red.

This next one has me asking where does Political Correctness stop. The Next step in the Fairness Doctrine?
If you can be sued for thinking wrong, why not set up a program to reeducate everyone. Oh yeah the NEA is already working on that, not to worry.
Next, Germany’s new ruling Conservatives have just come out united in favor of Nuclear power.
They rely heavily on Russian Oil. They share a history and border with Russia. I too would want to be independent of them. Also notice in the article that the driving force for the change is political. Bottom up from the consumers paying too much up through the ranks untill the leaders change policy to fit the people. Sounds familiar to me. Lol Newt wins the Volkswagen.lol


John Boehner gets the unemployment bill compromised and worked out.
My opinion is that The Republican leaders in House and Senate are finding themselves with some leverage from their backing of the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay less movement. By taking the lead in what they are calling the “all of the above” energy idea. They are again hitting their stride. We did get funding for the war, got a lot of what we wanted in the unemployment area, and got a bill for the Veterans both sides could be proud of. We had to give in on most of the Medicaid changes the Democrats wanted. I consider that a pretty good deal, made by Boehner.

This next article from Politico compliments Democrat leader Hoyer in the House on his negotiating skills in getting the FISA bill passed.
Compromises were made as to what conservatives wanted, but the war against terror can continue. Judging from the hate coming from the left, and some of his coleagues in the quote below, I would say we came out pretty good.
-----quote from the politico article-----
— but now finds himself subjected to a barrage of criticism from his party’s left.

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) called the House bill a “capitulation.” Salon.com’s Glenn Greenwald called Hoyer an “evil, craven enabler of the Bush administration.” Firedoglake.com blogger Jane Hamsher — delivering the lowest possible blow from the liberal blogosphere — declared Hoyer “the new Joe Lieberman.”
Pay close attention to the reference to the Blue Dogs and others who were making a “Discharge Petition” that was in the works, look doable. The threat of that seems to be what got Hoyer to make the necessary concessions and take a possibly harmful and controversial battle off the table before the election.

Link to Cameron’s latest volley for the Conservatives in England. See the video about survey of workers in their National Health Service. Notice in the article the old liberal lines that any change would hurt the colossus and interrupt the changes that are already under way that will fix it. The truth is that those fixes have been under way starting with setting the thing up in the first place.

Below is a link to a Pew study of why conservatives are happier than liberals. While it seem their point of view is liberal (60 second psyche’s is liberal) The obvious conclusion stands out from the liberalese double talk which in itself is a downer.
The “obvious conclusion” I refer to is that we conservatives accept the way things are now with all the limitations that liberals bemoan and cry about and then we do something constructive about the problem. We can admit more freely that what we are doing in and of itself may not change the world but will change our little corner of it and that is enough. Another thing to keep in mind is brought out through a book I have listed on my side bar. “Who Really Cares” by Arthur C. Brooks. It shows conservatives give more to charity than liberals who seem stuck in the “bemoaning” stage which prevents actions. It helps show that action is the key to happiness. Doing something brings us into the world. Doing things makes one happy.
Way too much news today !!!!!!!!

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