Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Wherever McCain is getting this stuff from doesn’t matter, it’s gaining traction. It is keeping the momentum going, it is building upon the momentum of the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less ideas fostered by Newt and Congress as I’ve been posting about and the Republican leadership is getting behind it too. Newt crystallized the concept, but the idea has been a Republican one for a long time. The Democrats had been able to cast the Republicans as being on the side of big oil against the little guy. McCain is becoming the leader was nominated to be. A straight shooter a maverick coming up with real concrete solutions for the short term and longer term ways to obtain future goals. He is pissing off my best conservative friends. Everyone thought Kenedy was nuts to put a man on the moon in less than 10 years. He probably was but we did it. Making a better battery has to be easier than that.
This is great as it forces the opposition to in effect say we can’t do it, or it won’t help us in the short term, or let’s conserve more so we’ll use less, or we should be taxing oil more. You’ve heard it before over and over. If McCain can keep this up the American people will be pretty sick and tired of hearing it too.
With this kind of positive concrete solution, he is reversing that trend and putting the Democrats in an illogical position. A position where their arguments are counter intuitive and not user friendly. For people who don’t understand liberalese, it’s common sense baby. These drilling petitions in and out of Congress and being pushed by the Republican leaders finally are finally turning into a real bottom up movement. The public has finally gotten enough of the we can’t do it attitude from the constant drumbeat of the far left. We know we can, we’ve done it before. I pray John McCain will keep this up. There is plenty by way of constructive ideas out there. Newt has a bunch. Look also at the young Turks in the party like Tim Walberg. There is vitality out there I pray McCain can tap into it. If the leaders don’t want to go along ignore them. He is surprising me. I’m learning to like surprises.

I live in Michigan and on the 21st the following was announced after a long hard battle.
Too little too late? Won’t effect the price of a gallon of gas in Texas. Ask the pile driver who is immediately starting work. I’ll bet he and his family are happy. The people who will fill the 135 new permanent jobs won’t be saying what the liberal far left guy was quoted as saying.
-----quote from article------
"That's really disappointing," said Donele Wilkins, director of Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice.
He probably sees this uproar about gas prices as bitter people clinging to such old fashioned ideas as working for a living. Don’t they know that the government will look after them?
-----link to the quote above-----
Below another link that shows Michigan will get an additional 400,000 barrels a day in 2010
135 people will be making a living and be able to afford a Prius.
from that single addition to one small refinery. Not much maybe in the great scheme of things but a trickle that could turn into a gusher if other refineries did the same and some new ones were brought on line to handle our new drilling efforts off shore and on land. Couple that with a lot of nuclear plants starting up. With new prizes and red tape cutting as incentives for innovative technologies that work to come to the front (See McCain battery prize and the tax credit for auto makers of carbon free emission cars)----all of that put together and you have a huge change not only in price of gas, but a sea change in the general attitude of Americans from a Carter like malaise to a robust positive can do anything attitude.

For this to work, John McCain is going to have to use all the support and new ideas out there bubbling up from the grass roots. He seems to opening up. We are going to have to help him do this. This is new territory for Republicans, to trust somebody that doesn’t adhere to the orthodox conservative dogma and is willing to try new ideas. Reagan Republican ideas. Maybe FDR Democrat ideas. Ideas that help the government work better. In a conservative way. There are ideas galore out there not just on the Republican or the Democrat side but on the American side. Imagine being able to vote for a good American and leave it at that. I’d be out of a job.lol but then again I don’t get paid so I would be ahead of the game.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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