Monday, June 23, 2008

A Crack In The Dam ??

Jim Webb Senator from Virginia joins his senior Virginian Senator John Warner in calling to lift the drilling ban for natural gas off the coast of Virginia. Right after it was announced we saw a flurry of bad things said about Senator Webb. Notice the comments too.

Webb happens to be a Democrat, while Warner is a Republican. Webb also has been rumored to be on Obama’s short list for VP. What is going on?? Wouldn’t this seeming break with Obama over drilling harm his chances of becoming Barrack’s running mate? The link below dated today seems to have completely forgotten about the previous misstep (?) by Jim Webb, and makes the case as to the good reasons he would bring to the Obama ticket. What is up with that ?? See the article below. Draw your own conclusions.
My conclusion is that as the article says Webb is like a Democratic McCain. A foil to bring in the Hillary supporters. That on the face of it would be a reasonable assumption. With him being a claimed “ Reagan Democrat” in his other life. However, the following quote from the article above seems to be very unlike Reagan indeed more like Lenin.
He also has embraced a form of economic populism, swerving closer to a pure class-based approach than most politicians dare to go, bashing large corporate salaries and lamenting the gap between the rich and poor in America. He also has called for a new national drug policy that doesn't focus on jailing offenders, says free trade hurts America and takes a hard stance on Immigration
Except the immigration idea which for sake of keeping context, I kept it in he doesn't sound much like Reagan to me. Of course like Mao, Lenin wasn’t too fond of illegal immigrants. Well Stalin wasn’t too fond of anyone, let alone immigrants, but they say he wasn’t a true Leninist. But I digress lol.

My idea is that this may give Obama a chance to come up with a partial drilling plan not on his own but through his understanding of the need for his running mate to cling to what? Reagan ?? His military roots? Gee I guess the conspiracy theory thing I’m not so good at. Maybe Webb is just being a Democrat and trying to say anything to get elected again, it is after all his first term. And Obama really isn’t going to pick him as a running mate because he's trying to get elected to his first term himself. And the Media has just had another convenient Alzheimer Moment to help block out the Inconvenient Truth about the energy crisis; that Newt’s “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition is so full of common sense and becoming so popular with the voters that there is one who is willing to buck the tide in favor of his constituents. For noble reasons or crash politics, the public is being served when common sense prevails.

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