Friday, July 25, 2008

Common Sense + Washington Post ??

Think not that this Drilling ban controversy will go away by wishing it to. That is what Tim Walberg of Michigan’s 7th District, seems to be saying by posting the link below. Tim has been doing all he could and can from the beginning to the present. Tim’s latest blog points out that even the liberal Washington Post is getting upset with the Pelosi Reid tag team for not even allowing debate let alone votes on Energy bills. Below is a link to Tim’s Blog.
How long they think they can get away with this charade is equal to how gullible (read stupid) they think the American people are. It appears that they think they can do nothing forever.

Pelosi has even stopped all appropriation bills according to the article for fear that energy amendments may be added forcing a vote on the bill. As the article quotes. “The result threatens to be the first time since at least 1950 that lawmakers will go home for the August recess without either chamber having passed a single appropriations bill.”

Another telling and obvious question is raised by the Washington Post article.
“When they took the majority, House Democrats proclaimed that “bills should generally come to the floor under a procedure that allows open, full and fair debate consisting of a full amendment process that grants the Minority the right to offer its alternatives.” Why not on drilling?”

The final sentence says it all. Sums up what all this hub bub has been about.
“If drilling opponents really have the better of this argument, why are they so worried about letting it come to a vote.”

From me I think Pelosi and Harry “blowing in the wind” Reid should start looking for another day job.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative. Do Something.

An Ambassadorship??

It looks like GW is angling for an Ambassador ship after Obama gets coroneted. I can’t figure out why else he changed his mind on the housing bill and now thinks it’s alright to bail out the mortgage companies and increase government power in banking. The link below explains where I’m coming from.
What was he thinking? He has finally flipped. The housing bill was a perfect chance for a united Republican “common sense” message to emerge. A message polls show people are behind. An economically conservative message. It is not the government’s job to bail out the corrupt practices of large lending institutions. This would have been good ammunition with which the Republicans could proven what they stand for to the public in the upcoming election. That Republicans in Congress want to do something, stand for something. With the threat of a veto Republicans had a chance to clearly state their case against the bill and show the stark divide between the two parties. Instead---------------

John Boehner had his legs cut out from under him from his own president. In my book GW Bush has severed the last of my loyalty to him. I agree with Newt on his statement from the article above. ““I told them it was very good for House Republicans to take a stand on their own, separate from the administration,” Gingrich told Politico. “If I were Treasury Secretary [Henry] Paulson and I were given unlimited authority, I’d like it, too. But it’s an absurd bill. If a Republican administration wasn’t supporting it, it wouldn’t get five Republican votes”

As the article shows, there was plenty of anger from the rank and file Republicans and rightly so.

Tom Price (from the Westmoreland, Price and Dan Burton Petition fame) said the following. “When it was announced, there was kind of a moan,” Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) said, recalling the caucus’ response when Bush’s decision was announced. “My personal reaction is that it is unconscionable.”

Our own Pete Hoekstra said the following. “There he goes again,” said Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.). “When he really has a chance to stand up and take a tough stand, he’s not there.”

The article went on to say that only 45 House Republicans voted for the bill, that it was more than enough to get it passed.

Maybe an ambassador ship is too little, I think I may have heard a rumor that GW has just made someone’s short list as VP. And I’m not talking McCain’s short list. Lol.

John Boehner has been fighting in all ways to get energy legislation to the House Floor for an actual vote. Bill after bill has come up and without debate put into a slow death in committee, never to see the light of day. Pelosi and Reid are scared to death to even allow debate on these bills let along allow an actual vote. Boehner has been using all means at his disposal to get publicity for his cause. His recent Energy Tour is highlighted in the following link.
The only aspect of GW that I agree with is the Surge and even that was like pulling teeth. John McCain wanted that 4 years before GW endorsed it. I’ve had enough America has had enough. The people are speaking and it is the leaders duty to follow the will of the people. OR GET OUT OF THE WAY.

We should write the Republican Congressmen who voted for this bill and simply say “Shame on you, You’ll not get my vote” I’ll edit this later if I can come up with a list of Congressmen that voted for it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

EDIT 10:30 am

New links, I posted the above too early. Here is what I’ve found in the last couple hours. The you know what is hitting the fan.
Republicans forcing sat. session.
And best of all Harry “blowing” like a Reid. A tantrum reporters aren’t just listening to him. I guess next he’ll want the fairness doctrine to apply to newspapers and the photosphere.
Big thanks as usual to Politico for the links above.

I talked with John Boehner’s office and came up with the link to the list of the Republicans who voted for the Housing bill.
Once at the link. Check out the italic names in the list of Yeas. Those are the republicans. There are 45 of them. If one is from your district. Give them a call. At least an email.
I’m sending Pete Hoekstra a thank you for voting against it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Common Ground, Not Good Ground

I first got wind of Representative Dan Burton (R-IN), a Conservative leader in Congress, when I happened to see him on CSPan while channel surfing. He was with Tom Price and Lynn Westmoreland, standing alone on the floor of the US House. They were there after hours and by themselves just talking about the energy crisis and their new plans to try to get Congress to do something about all the energy bills that were stuck in committee. This was before the Republican leadership had picked up the lead on the energy questions. Before it was popular. I was impressed by his practical “get it done” attitude. I was impressed that here was a man willing to stand nearly alone for what he believed and try to create something.

I was more impressed that even then he was talking the idea of compromise and the need to get something done, and not just be another complainer. Recently he wrote an op ed piece for the Washington Times linked below.
-----Dan’s Op ed------
Throughout the piece Mr. Burton talks of compromise as being necessary. The entire slant of the article is about the need of Congress to become non partisan on our energy policy. He talks of putting together a bill that is not perfect for Republicans and not perfect for Democrats; but right for America. His plan is simple and full of common sense. Dan again stands nearly alone using the seldom heard word “compromise” on Capital Hill. Though seldom heard it is all the more appreciated by this blogger especially as I pull out of the gas station with an empty wallet. This “Energy Crisis” has hit me hard enough to question my steadfast loyalty to my own principles. Where am I willing to compromise to find common ground. Something needs to actually get done in Congress. Where does one draw the line between necessary compromise and stubborn (ego driven??) adherence to principle. I really don’t know, but that is the nature of compromise. I have to learn to work with those that differ widely with my beliefs. That is the hard part of finding common ground.

I applaud Dan for his concise and logical editorial about what needs to be done and how to do it.
I also applaud his willingness to compromise his ideas for the good of the country. I will applaud any others who do the same. I know that he is not “caving in” on his beliefs, to curry favor with the other side. He is simply trying to find middle ground so the group of our elected Representatives can try to get something constructive done. There is an old saying that “compromise is best reached at the point of the gun”. The Framers of our “Declaration of Independence and later of our Constitution fully understood that saying in real terms. They had very divergent views of the world and how it should be governed. Yet they were able to compromise enough to find some common ground in order to secure their survival.

As we have been recently reminded, this country, along with the rest of the world is dependent upon oil to the extent that our very lives and well being hinge upon an unbroken supply. Our survival, our way of life, has become overly dependent upon that supply. We the people are getting upset that nothing is being done to solve the problem. First there was Newt (a private citizen) funneling this desire into the workable and understandable “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition and media blitz. Then some like Mr. Burton started to spread that message. Now the leaders have started to pick up the ball. The President also. Even the candidates are paying lip service to it. All the polls continue to show that the majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents favor more exploration and finding more supply as the first step in solving our energy needs. Compromise is the key to this Congress getting something done. I feel it necessary that I support the idea of compromise. I will always believe in my core beliefs but I will also be looking for the common ground necessary to actually get something done.

It would not be unworthy of your time to check out other remarks by Dan Burton on his blog
Or John Boehner’s site.
Or Newt’s American Solutions and the Petition Drive.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS As our Party celebrates Abraham Lincoln, it may be constructive to remember the bloody results caused by the unwillingness to compromise on our individual values. Both sides during Lincoln’s time were unable to find common ground upon which to agree, and we were left to find “good ground” from which we could kill as many fellow Americans as we could in the Civil War.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dreams Of Their Fathers

The Dreams of Their Fathers

The Glory Days for the Democrats are the 1960’s. During that time they were protesting the War in Vietnam. Jane Fonda and friends made a trip to the country we were at war with and denounced America, and praised our enemies. Others were spitting on returning soldiers, throwing blood on them, burning flags, backing people that robbed from the rich, blew up things, and on and on. Then there was Watergate and President Nixon resigning from office for the good of the country. Well they succeeded and we remember the scene from the top of the Embassy as the helicopter left with people (our allies that we promised to protect) hanging and falling off of it, then later into enemy hands. John McCain has some idea of how they were treated and probably still are.

Well, I’ll give them credit they did get a president elected, the youngest president ever, good looking and smooth talking. The Europeans loved that president, and his wife. Good thing they controlled Chicago politics run by Mayor Daly, now he was a real “community organizer“. That was the closest election ever up to that point. Well he won. He went on to get us up to our necks in Vietnam. His successor pushed us in lock stock and barrel.

That young president was dashing, in his looks and foreign policy. Looks wise, he tried dashing to bed with the Blond Bombshell of the day of the silver screen. Hope he succeeded as the embarrassment would have been too much. Foreign Policy wise, he tried dashing into Cuba because he didn’t like their leader, expected the people to rise up and help, they didn’t and as the troops were being slaughtered on the beach, that “Dashing” president withdrew the promised air cover, as he didn’t want to be embarrassed. The media promptly called him courageous then put Jackie on the cover of Life. After all, I mean the poor guy had to learn foreign policy somehow. A few troops dead on the beech of some 3rd world country was a small price to pay.

Later due to that failure and lack of courage, the leader of the USSR thought he could put nuclear tipped nuclear missiles on that same 3rd world country 90 miles from our shores. That along with some more “dashing” brought us to the brink of nuclear war. The nearest to nuclear Armageddon we have ever been before or since. Good thing that Russian leader had the good sense to back down or we may have “Dashed” into nuclear war. Can you imagine the embarrassment of our president having to back down? The media then put his picture on the cover of Life to let the world know how brave he was.

Well we’ve come a long way. Since that President’s sad, sickening, heart stopping, and grievous death at the hands of a whacko. A future president through tough negotiations from an increasingly strong position without any “Dashing” defeated The USSR which is now only Russia a shell of the country it used to be. Not a shot was fired. The media tried not to notice, at least Life Magazine was going out of business and It‘s cover didn‘t matter much anymore, anyway he didn’t make any covers, but the new Russian president did because he had the courage to back down, (go figure) and well I forget the exact words of the praise heaped upon the Russian. I remember better the media and their bitterness at our president claiming we would be better served if that president would care more about Americans and was too “embroiled” in foreign affairs.

Well if you think that not much has changed, you are close to being right. However there are a few differences. Our new young “Dasher” is loved by Europe, except his policy of “Change” I guess requires that his wife to be put in the background. Better to be seen with our own Barbie Doll anchor.

Another change is that our current conflict is being won and our “Dasher” after saying we should get out immediately then the “Surge” won’t work then we should get out in 16 months and keep some troops there too -- I guess he finally confused himself and decided that he should actually go there and see the generals and troops and see what is really going on. Maybe he could salvage some bits an pieces of his other waffles and make a new one. Now he has decided that the whole Iraq thing isn’t important and that we should be “dashing” into Afghanistan, because that is where he thinks the real enemy is. After all he as a Democrat should know because that is where another Democratic President let the enemy escape to. But maybe our new “Dashing” Democrat didn’t notice as he was too busy “Dashing” around being a “community organizer” in Chicago. Important that work is because one never knows when the next tight election might roll around. Too bad he was still in high school probably “Dashing” after cheerleaders, when Algore lost that last close one. I think looking back, Algore the “Plodder” could have used a lesson on “Dashing” from the presumptive “ONE”.

I shouldn’t be too surprised that the facts and issues don’t seem to get much play in the Media. After all this is a new time, they are busy rewriting New dreams as fathers do to pass on their own. If we look at the past none of the dreams need do with facts. To paraphrase Tina, “What’s Facts Got To Do With IT?”

One thing to ponder. As McCain rolls through the heathen country side meeting the “clingy” people in town halls, he is gathering votes and offering common sense solutions to problems, not so “Dashing” perhaps and won’t sell newspapers (at least the ones still hanging on) ; but convincing to the one’s who can’t afford gas for their car to get to work. I Do remember an old headline from back in the day, about an old honest hard working common sense guy from the “show me” state in the middle of America. Hopefully John is taking a lesson from that Democrat. That was a Chicago headline. I guess the “community organizers” of the day goofed .


That headline has been used to underscore that come election time more people than the media and the power elites vote. The other voters still use common sense in their thought processes and their votes have equal weight as any highbrow. The fact of votes and their number is still important. The unreality of that headline and the fact that Truman quietly beat Dewey, are what makes up the “Dreams of My Fathers”.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative