Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Divide and Conquer or Desperate and Sloppy

Divide and Conquer

The Liberals are getting desperate and sloppy. Desperate because they aren’t taking the time to come up with new arguments. Instead they are just dusting off their old failed catch phrases of the past. Sloppy as evidenced by Dick Schumer’s “foot in mouth” moment caught telling other legislators what to say.


This desperation and sloppiness has become more apparent to the public over the years and is actually creating the opposite effect than the Liberals wanted. These two motivators when combined are looking more like condescending political sniping at a time when the American voters are demanding real change and politicians willing to do the hard work of actually balancing budgets, paying off the debt and cutting out the waste and corruption that makes up our bloated government.

The majority of Americans (ie voting public) in the past understood this but due to the Democrat controlled House and a Veto proof Senate couldn’t do anything about it.
Well now after the sweeping political change, in 2010 the voting public made their voices heard. The Tea Party was the driving force behind that change. They were the ones who got the boots on the ground. They were the ones that gave voice to the crucial “Independent” vote during the last election. They were the unpaid answer to the millions donated to Liberal politicians from the unions and the likes of Billionaire George Soros.

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So when the Schumers of the world talk of “extreme actions” or Harry Reid uses the word extreme to put the blame on the Conservative for shutting down the government, the public knows which party OWNS the word Extreme. We the People have learned through their actions which party uses extreme thuggish methods to bully their will upon the public and which party actually came up and voted on a budget.

Speaker of the House Boehner had the following to say to Reid.
“Now the Senate says, ‘we have a plan.’ Well, great! Pass the damn thing, all right?!” Boehner blasted. “And send it over here and let’s have real negotiations instead of sitting over there rooting for a government shutdown.”


Through these increasingly thinly veiled attempts to divide and conquer the Republican majority in the House; the public is seeing the real difference. People are now seeing through that veil. The new media promoted through Fox news nationally have made the reality of “old politics” visible to the public.

In plain English, Americans have come to understand that the Democrats have been overrun by the Far Left. The Schumer “extreme” remarks are a perfect example for how well real transparency works in giving the public the truth to help them decide issues. Thanks Chuck too bad you did it by mistake. Now if they could only harness all the energy they spend on obfuscation and put it towards actually realizing the goals they professed such as transparency, bipartition ship, efficiency and public involvement the country would be better off.

The desperation comes from realizing the public itself understands and sees the Conservatives as the ones who are actually trying to create transparency, bipartition ship, efficiency in government and public involvement.

The Liberals have finally come to understand that The Public (We the People) have seen that the Conservatives are the ones who are in favor of smaller government and are the ones wishing to unshackle and free them from the ever increasing chains placed upon them by “big government” liberals. (Think of the old Scrooge movie where Jacob Marley's ghost explains to Scrooge why he had such a heavy chain and weights which he had to carry around. The ghost said they were added one link at a time throughout his life).

In repose I have to add that we can get rid of these chains only one link at a time through working hard and learning all we can and insisting our elected officials start tearing down government bureaucracies one brick, one regulation, one tax or one staff at a time.

Then again the Left’s unity as evidenced with the remarks above of Schumer, Reid (and also don’t forget about Howard Dean secretly hoping the government does shut down because the Republicans will be blamed) is turning into a good thing for conservatives. By continuing to use those tired old dusty thinking that worked back before the alternate media became mainstream -- well let me just say that is the unity and wet of talking points that Americans have had enough of.

I hope and actually think the leadership of the Republicans is finally getting the idea.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative