Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Hell

What makes us great?

Individual Freedom.

What makes us free?

(What or whom makes us free has to do with unalienable rights and a bunch of our right wing religious whacko forebears’ out of the past.)

That is not what I’m talking about here.

In Bureaucratic speak, what is our enabling legislation?

You already think you know. It’s the Constitution of the USA.

The trick seems to lie in the definition of freedom. That changes with time.

Just rent a few episodes of “Little House on the Prairie”. Just look at the utter despair in their faces. Their total lack of hope. Too bad they didn't have someone to show them the way of Hope. Just imagine the horrible life we have let our government save us from.
Here was a young family that came to a new area and built a sod house next to a small crick and started to raise a family. I think we all know what the crick was good for, urinating and drinking. I know a city inspector or two who would be jumping up and down with glee if they were to find this situation today. It was later they built the house above. Still way subhuman conditions.

{I mean dirt floors? A ladder to the second floor without handrails and ballisters no further than 4 inches apart so a baby doesn’t die? What about heat? During the winter their fireplace could never keep the house at 70 degrees at a height of 4 feet off the ground. Oh yes what about the whole waste disposal system? I’m looking forward to breakfast so I’d rather not get into that right now. Use your own imagination.}

Let’s just suffice it to say there would not be 7 seasons of “Little House” to watch on TV. Today the house would have been demolished, the children packed off to “Protective Services”, and the land would have been brought back to it’s pristine condition before man defiled it. Only animals would be allowed to urinate and drink from the small crick. (We do love our animals don't we?) But then of course the government needed a building to house their bureaucracy in! What a small price to pay for the good it would do. Downright patriotic to oppose it. Below a Chinese “visionary” establishment. If you are lucky enough to get an invitation to study at this school, you will soon be taught to see the similarities to Frank Lloyd's view of a Prarie Home and how it rises out of and blends with the environment. Now that is education at it's finest.

This “Little House Period” in our history some will tell us was the beginning of ruination of our planet. When any individual claimed to know what was best for themselves and their loved ones was the beginning of the end for what was good for the whole world. After all how could any one person know what was best for the whole world, it is too complicated and mind boggling for an individual to know. After all it was people like the Engles family that were the pioneers of Global Warming and other yet undreamt of sufferings for humanity yet to come.

Thank goodness that in our enlightened age we now have a vast bureaucracy to decide for us what our individual actions should be in order to not hurt the rest of mankind and our planet. I mean, haven’t we proved time and time again that the government knows what is best for us and how to handle problems better than we do? This must surely be the case. If it wasn’t and we thought the government couldn’t solve our problems, then why on earth would we fork over 1/3 or what we make to them year in and year out? Why else would we continue to give away our individual freedoms till so few remain?

Shame on those of you unwilling to give up your individual freedom for the greater good. Look at all the good that has been accomplished so far. Our united society is crime free, hunger is gone, diversity has ended prejudice, our economy is robust, any one who wants to work can and anyone who doesn’t want to can still live the good life. Why would anyone want to do other than what they’re told.

Oh and the children. Look at the success of education and what our children are learning. We will soon again be on the cutting edge of technology and science. I know there are still a few pockets of people that have not been helped yet to see the “vision”, but nothing that can’t be fixed by the government spending an extra trillion or two, and a couple of brand new bureaucracies thrown in.

-----vision of helping those who won’t help themselves-----

Oh the joy of those men bonding over their work and puzzles.

Another link to a way to help lead those unwilling to follow.


This stubborn clinging to the old ideas must stop. A new age is upon us. All people must be treated equally, fed equally, housed equally, taught equally. I have seen the progress so far. It is all around us. Michigan is a shinning example in education and industry. Michigan’s governor has indeed blown them away.

-----Blown away-----
Perhaps if we could find a way to give her 4 more years she could come up with some of our own education camps to keep those young people from moving away so they can be blown away with her ideas instead.

Perhaps I should start digging my redoubt and buying up dried figs and the like. Buy up ammunition before it’s all banned.

But on the other hand maybe I’ll get off my butt and get political. Here is a novel idea I could always vote. Volunteer and donate money for and to others who think the way I do. Imagine the audacity of that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Journeyman Reformer

As you know if you read any of the stuff I splatter all over the web, I talk a lot (or write a lot as it were). I hope you also get the feeling that I try to back up what I say by deeds. I try to walk the walk, and that is immensely harder and more time consuming than talking the talk.

I also quickly tire of constant verbal and typographical abuse that is the fodder of most that I see on the Web. Some creative satire like a hard hitting Coulter I enjoy sometimes, but the thinly veiled hate I quickly tire of.

I read the article linked below in the WSJ about Jeb Bush written by Fred Barnes and found it to be enlightening. A lot of what I try to do Jeb Bush has done and continues to do. He is a reformer. I talk also about doing good deeds simply for the sake of the doing. This Bush seems to echo that, he enjoys the doing even more than talking about it. Though they both seem to feed upon each other.


The following quote tells me something about the sincerity of what he says.
. "I'm totally comfortable with what I'm doing and how I'm going about it. I hope I can find a role to play that doesn't include running for office to make a contribution."
Some may think he is just showing some false humility and hiding his true agenda. I think not. He sounds like a man that enjoyed fighting the reform fight and knowing what his goals and convictions are. A man sure of himself because he has been there and done that. For a long time.

From the article about what reforms he made as Governor of Florida.
-----quote by Fred Barnes-----
“His tenure was memorable because of his intense focus on reform of education, government, the budget process, civil service, health care, procurement and race-based programs. He also cut taxes in a state with no income tax.”
I agree also with the article and Mr. Bush that we should decentralize the government. Let the states be freer to experiment with different systems.

I am also so sick of hearing the Democrats and some Republicans always blaming Bush for everything. They must really be dunderheads or complete idiots to believe that drivel. Well Jeb made a good case for my being a dunderhead if all I’m going to do is blame Obama for the next 4 or 8 years.

I had to love his idea of a British style shadow government. I’ve blogged about that for quite awhile now. I think with Cantor and Boehner in the House we have a start. We need to trot out our financial shadow cabinet member with a plan. Etc.

So as I said I talk a lot. But will try to refrain from name calling especially of the President, although when it comes to the Mutt’ess and Jeff of the Senate, it will be too tempting to overcome the obvious completely.

I will try to bring out a shadow type of solution based neighborhood government. It’s more work but hopefully more rewarding. As far as our local party, well I’ll just start doing and see where it leads.

Perhaps I can have a shadow of the contentment Jeb Bush has found from being an activist reformer.
What did he take away from his experience as governor? Mr. Bush says he "learned you could change things if you worked at it. What I learned was how to take ideas and implement them over the long haul. The thing with politics is that it's focused on the here and now." However, "by focusing on the longer-term things I had a chance to take conservative ideas and reform-minded thoughts and put them into practice. It was invigorating. It was uplifting to me personally to see that in America a whole lot of people can work together to accomplish that
Finally, I will work on my humility by honestly holding my plans and myself accountable, not blaming others for my or my plans shortcomings. Again Jeb Bush put it better than I.
"You have to have an aspirational [mine inspirational?]goal, and you have to communicate it over and over and over. You have to have the humility to recognize that people aren't watching your every word. . . . You have to be constantly adding to the reforms. You have to take the risk of measuring the success or lack of it. You have to be held accountable . . . Sometimes it's not fun."
Call me na├»ve, but I think I can at least try and perhaps I’ll learn to find contentment in the trying. Perhaps even some fun in the doing.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


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