Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another "Scotty Brown"

Another Scott Brown???

Me Thinks. ---- What else, yes and no. !!!!

Anthony (The Dick) Weiner is out and a special election is slated for Sept. 13 this year. The place -- the 9th Congressional District of NY. The Democrat candidate is David Weprin --- a typical East Coast Liberal who would vote in lockstep with President Obama. His opponent was non-existent as this is a heavily Democratic strong hold until Bob Turner (a conservative Republican) stood up and decided to run.

But wait a minute hold your “jack-asses” or “Donkeys” or whatever you call them !!!
Former Mayor of NY Ed. Koch has endorsed this Republican who decided to run against the Democrat. Here is the link to Mayor Koch’s letter.
The Former Mayor has taken the words right out of my mouth when he claims this election should be a referendum on the Obama Administration, and that this “Special Election” if won by a Republican would make the boldest statement. The difference of course is that he is talking about the Special Election this Sept. and I am talking about the National election next year.

Mr. Koch has added his graffiti to the “writing already on the wall”. The policies and leadership from the Obama administration have failed and the people on both sides are waking up to the fact. Mr. Koch seems to be trying to save his party from the Radical Left who is taking the Country and the Dems over the cliff.

After reading the reasoning Ed Koch made for his choice; especially the Medicare and social security part, I found myself thinking that Bob Turner the Republican Koch is endorsing may just be another Scotty Brown. (a liberal Republican). He may be, but I really doubt it.

Look for example at Turner’s web site and his response to Mayor Koch’s endorsement. While excited about it Bob Truner’s spin on the Medicare and Social Security aspect seems more believable and that Koch is only doing some wishful thinking.
-----Turner Website-----
Mr. Turner seems like a true conservative unlike Scotty Brown. In fact Turner may turn into the “Democrat Scotty Brown”. A flip side if you will. In other words Turner if elected by Democrats because they believed Ed Koch in that Turner will vote against the “gutting” of Medicare and Social Security by the Republicans as Mr. Koch suggested he will do, may be bitterly disappointed just as Scotty Brown disappointed the Conservatives by voting for Obama Care.

Whether Koch’s endorsement is enough for Turner to pull this upset off; only time will tell, but I doubt it. What I do know is that the conservatives that got behind Scotty Brown need to do the same for Turner and that could turn the tide. That may or may not happen.

I for one hope that the once burnt Conservatives who set their hopes and rallied from across the country for Scotty Brown will look at this “Special Election” as not only special but different and will not be twice shy.

I for one in far off Hesperia Mi. will donate my $25.00 as I did for Scotty Brown, hoping for the same victory and even better results.

Let us conservatives also remember that while the “Special Election” of Scotty Brown was disappointing in its actual effects; it did presage and set the stage for the Conservative Revolution of 2010 and showed us that we could mobilize and win elections. It gave us a blueprint. Don’t forget that before then only the diehard conservatives believed we had a chance to survive in 2010.

Let's pick up that blueprint again.

I believe we have an even better chance to set the stage again. On top of that we can truly with Mr. Koch’s help make this and the 2012 elections a blaring indictment of the Obama administration.

Let’s not let our “knees jerk” and throw us off the course of common sense.

The coming elections ARE and NEED to be a referendum on the Obama Administration.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Now if only the Conservatives could get a Christie/Bachman ticket I’d be in Heaven.