Monday, August 3, 2009

Harbingers of 2010?

Harbingers of 2010?

If you remember before the Republican disaster that was the 2008 election; there were harbingers of the coming event. They were special elections held the year before. If memory serves there were four of these and they were all in “safe” Republican districts. Well we know what happened. The Democrats won them all fore warning us to the trouble we were to face in 2008.

This year; this November we have 2 governorships currently held by Democrats that are being challenged by Republicans. The two contests are in New Jersey and Virginia. Below is a good source – Wikipedia.


This claims that between New Jersey and Virginia, Virginia is a toss up across the board, while New Jersey leans Republican three out of four with the fourth calling it a toss up.

In New Jersey, Democrat governor Jon Corzine is behind in the polls by double digits to Republican challenger Christopher Christie. The reason is simple. The people are fed up with corruption and as the following link shows they have seen a member of Corzine’s cabinet arrested along with mayors he has befriended. Further they have seen Democrat Party leaders saying out loud that Corzine should step down. In this economy and job market, corruption is no longer being tolerated.


Also from the above link, this about Mayor Booker.
Ironically I had posted about Corey Booker the newly (at the time) elected mayor of Newark. I marveled at his tenacity and street smarts fighting the corrupt city Democrat machine in Newark and winning. I gave him a “2 Bottom Up” award. The irony is that Mayor Booker is openly seeking to replace Corzine on the Democrat ballot and I would think he would give Republican Christie a run for the money. Way more of a challenge than Corzine could give to Christie. It will be interesting to see how entrenched the Corzine state machine is.

The race for the Governor’s mansion in Virginia is a lot closer, but the really interesting thing to note here is that the proposed policies of the Obama administration; such as Cap and Trade, National health care and the rest are being seen by the Democrat candidate as too hot to handle. See link below.


The Democrat Creigh Deeds won election in the Democrat Primary as a more Conservative Democrat. The Republican Candidate Robert McDonnell has no such illusions about his beliefs and as the article shows McDonnell is trying to tie the Obama Pelosi Albatross around the neck of Deeds.

My post is entitled Harbinger 2010 on account of a perceived swing to conservative Republican candidates; could it also be a Harbinger of a backlash to the Big everything Obama, Pelosi, Liberal fanaticism?

I certainly hope so.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. also keep an eye on the little Harbingers such as the 19th Michigan State Senate special election also coming up this November. The primary it Tues. Aug 3rd 2009.
While Mike Nofs is not as conservative as some would like, compared to Griffin he is Reagan reborn.