Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pay Close Attention Sarah

Conservative Digest highlighted this blog linked below.


Renew American blogger/columnist; Tim Duncan was making the point that the Republican Party needed the Tea Party. Also that the Tea Party needed the Republican Party apparatus to help get Conservative candidates elected.

In the blog Mr. Duncan said the following about the Tea Party

(it) is a re-energized mass movement of conservatives who are getting active again after having gone dormant for a while. The Tea Party movement is, in essence, the rebuilding of the Reagan coalition of conservatives — Republicans, Independents, "Reagan" Democrats, libertarians — people who want fiscal discipline from their government and less intrusion into their own lives. -------------------

Tim Duncan went on further to say this about John McCain.

If the Republican Party follows the John McCain route — trying to pawn off more big-government establishment insiders onto us — then it deserves to lose, and lose big.

All of this rumbling lately, from John McCain acting as if he is the leader of the Republicans makes me cringe. Well I guess I have company in my cringing that probably goes on with the other side when Kerry jumps up and puts in his two cents. Recently to compound the misery, at least on the face of it; Sarah Palin announced she will campaign for Senator McCain.

I hope she is doing it out of a sense of common sense duty to a man who took her out of obscurity and put her on the National Stage. I hope she does not however campaign in ideological lockstep with him.

From all I’ve read, it is still baffling to me that Sarah Palin made that move. She could be the face of, if not a leader in the Tea Party movement. She already without trying is a leader to many of that group.

Steve Flesher in the American Thinker has written as good a piece as I’ve read about the illogic of her decision in the following link.


I truly hope Sarah will show us by her actions what she really thinks. I still have hopes for that lady.

As for McCain he is the poster child for the progressive Republicans and Democrats; they love to call him a maverick etc. Kind of reminds me of the movie “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”. In the movie Sydney Poitier seems more like the parents than their daughter. He is now the epitome of “Token-ness”. Well McCain is the Liberal’s Token Republican; not because he is so different but because he is so much the same.

I still hope that a good conservative candidate comes out to challenge him in the Az primary. In my opinion, Hayworth is not a real conservative. His 6 years in the state house don’t spell conservative to me, or leadership for that matter. Maybe Sarah Palin sees this, I have no clue. She is on her own and I will let her actions speak for themselves, now and in the future.

When she quit the Governorship, MSM and a lot of progressive Republicans were calling her career over. She seems now to have made the right decision and for the right reasons. I’m biased and that is why I’m hoping that her campaigning for McCain will prove to be right also. We'll see who gets the last laugh.

To put Tim Duncan and Steve Fisher together, I think it is the Tea Party’s game to win or lose. Their credibility will be determined by the choices they make about the candidates in the 2010 elections. Those decisions will be many and have to be made fast, by many groups up and down the line. If they are made well the “shot heard around the world” in Boston really could be the revolution it is hyped to be.

I’ve gone to the meetings and rallies. The Tea Party-ers are serious down to earth everyday folk. How a national movement can be molded from a, by definition “grass roots” movement without losing the grass root excitement and vitality will be the challenge. In their defense, we did it in 1776 and it lasted awhile perhaps we can do it again.

The encouraging thing is that the Tea Party Movement is still growing and on the ascendency, and that the enthusiasm is still there. I hope Sarah is paying close attention.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Do I Want ???

Not this.

"Do I want voters to think that Republicans do nothing but go to beach resorts in January?

Hey, I didn’t say it, but I sure agree with Eric Cantor who did say it about Michael Steele’s decision to hold an RNC strategy confab in Hawaii.



Remember the pic of President Obama body surfing in the Hawaiian surf while a plane was almost blown up by a terrorist on its approach to Detroit? He looked pretty silly although he got a pass from the MSM. Just when the Republicans were making some hay, up steps Michael with a match.

Mr. Steele would do well to keep his shoes on at least.

Wonder how many extra photographers will be sent there, and you can guess why. Wonder how many would be sent to Allentown or Philly for example. After all not just spoiled pampered out of touch politicos like Hawaii, so do journalists. That’s appealing to the grass roots for ya.

I remember talking with a Republican National Committee Woman who was all excited about Mr. Steele’s ability to attract grass roots. She was working hard to get Steele elected head of the NRC. She was positively gushing. She had me pretty much convinced. OOOPS. One of me is born every minute.

Well I guess there are grass roots in Hawaii; maybe he found that one stealth Tea Party group that remains so well hidden in Hawaii. I wonder too if this will help or hurt the Governor there. She definitely knows her people to get elected as a Republican there, so maybe I’m just blowing smoke. In my defense, all the smoke Mr. Steele is blowing defending his decisions, makes it hard for me to tell.

I’m starting to get tired of hearing his reasons for doing stupid stuff; because then I get mad and have to waste time writing a blog like this. I mean his equivalent in the other party is pretty stupid too, but you don’t hear him constantly having to explain why he does what he does. Well outside of that little “Scream Tantrum” thing.

Wonder what I’ll hear him explain about which was really a smart thing he did next week. Like that sentence, he seems to make things convoluted and full of drama.

I’m still trying to figure out what office he’s running for; because he sure looks like a candidate instead of the head of the RNC. Well at least he’s backing some great candidates like Scozzafava or Crist, well I give up. My money is staying in local or state politics or directly to the candidate.

There is always next week to look forward to, if you like delayed pain.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative