Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jobs Here, Jobs Now, Jobs First

Newt Gingrich as always has been working tirelessly to put a face and voice on Conservative Republican ideals. When I listen to him, I can understand why cutting the payroll tax will put money in the pocket of everyone who is drawing a paycheck.

I understand why bailing out the huge corporations doesn’t create jobs whereas if we give small business tax breaks, business and worker immediately benefit. Business then can put more money into their business and more jobs are created. Newt understands that also.

Newt’s gift is his ability to talk of such things so all can understand the concept and not get lost in the details.

Newt’s American Solutions recently put forth a proposal. “Jobs Here, Jobs Now, Jobs First”. Below is the long version, below that the short.


The short version.


As with his previous successful “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition drive; Newt’s new “Jobs Here, Jobs Now, Jobs First” plan has its own petition drive. See side bar on the links above to sign it.

I love it that Newt is still pounding away at the issues. I love it that John Boehner is pounding away at the job killing nature of the stimulus bill and the cap and trade bill and the health care bills.

-----Boehner link-----

They are both asking where are the promised jobs from the stimulus? How come the unemployment is over the promised ceiling of 8% and nudging 10%? How come the latest forecast from the CBO for the next 5 years as far as jobs, is that there will be no gain in jobs.

FIVE YEARS --- No New Jobs --- Hello?

What about the promises?

Are people starting to realize that if the promises about jobs made in regard to the Cap and Trade and Health Care are as untrue as the promises made for the stimulus then we are headed down a death spiral of unemployment, towards bankruptcy and enslavement of the middle class to Big Government, and Big Business with a nod and wink from Big Labor?

What to do?

Start demanding more of ourselves. We need to do something.

Get in touch with your legislators, voice your concerns. Get out and find a politician you first and above all trust. Take the advice we give our kids and each other, if it’s (the promises) too good to believe then it probably is.

Get local and force change at a level where you can make an impact.

Go to the link above and sign the petition, so Newt can make an impact at that level.

When you go to work tell your friends, you want a “Take home pay-raise”, explain it to them.

In other words, and with Regards: Live Dangerously BE A Conservative

PS If you think the tide isn’t turning check out the video link below

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Obama’s #s are going down in more ways than one.