Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Real Republican Alternative

Another alert from the House Minority Leader (dare I say “Shadow Speaker”) John Boehner.


As I blogged previously


I like the way Leader Boehner has been working behind the scenes to actually come up with real alternative legislation to what is being put forth by the Liberals. How he was getting members together into groups to do that. This not only helps keep the Republican message focused it helps in keeping the members better informed and involved by actually doing something constructive. Well I had hoped that this would actually bear fruit. It has; sweet succulent fruit, something anyone can sink their teeth into and eat to their heart's content.

Also this kind of British “Shadow Government” helps the public understand that there are viable options to the legislation that the administration is peddling. Kudos to Mr Boehner and Mike Pence and the American Energy Solutions Group.

I called up the House Republican Conference and got this link to the actual act.


What a great job. Click on it. Click on all the links. This site is awesome. Mike Pence and the whole “American Energy Solutions Group” did a great job.

The text of the legislation is the real deal; the committee came up with videos, talking points, summaries and lots of other stuff. This is a great informational link. I’ll be going through this for some time. I’m a believer in this type of thing.

We in the new media have to help get the word out. I’m putting it on the blogs I do at the top of every side bar. This is a real and doable solution that costs less, and helps Americans; all Americans keep their money and afford energy costs.

From the “Leader Alert” in my previous blog came this quote about the Republicans coming up with an alternative to the Administrations Health Care. “Republicans believe there’s a better way. Led by Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO), the Health Care Reform Solutions Group is crafting a plan that will make health care more accessible and affordable without raising taxes or undermining the health care Americans currently receive.”

There is not a web site yet for this new Health Care Reform Solutions Group but I hope Rep. Roy Blunt can do as well as Mike Pence.

I may be out in left field but this seems to be a good way to add credibility to the Republican Party. It shows as I’ve said; we have real solutions that work.

Leader Boehner KEEP IT UP !!

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ebb and Flow - Hell No

There is a slow but ever increasing groundswell of anti government, anti bureaucracy, anti being told what to do by idiots growing in the country.

Bobby Dylan in his Slow Train Coming album said "I'm gonna stop being influenced by fools". Me too!

Sure conservatives have thought this all along, like the tide it ebbs and flows. I just re-watched a movie from the 70’s called Network. The movie was famous for the quote “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore”. The snippet below is about what he is mad about and it seems to ring true, if not more true today. The effect of TV on the public was and is awesome.


Thirty years later, we see a “Tea Party” movement that has as it’s common denominator an anger based upon how we have continually been losing our individual freedom to some ever growing faceless bureaucracy. We have seen that media as in Network, raise up out of nowhere a president who is accelerating this loss of freedom at an unconscionable rate.

People are doing what they do before they take action. They are “Getting Mad as Hell, and They Aren't Going to Take it Anymore”.

Ebb and flow – Thirty years ago? I look fondly back to that time, as compared to today.

The country is beginning to get Over Dosed on the constant wailing about all the evils in the world and what we must do to correct them; as the government workers drive their ever more expensive cars, and hire ever more minions under them retire earlier and get paid more as they recline in their ever opulent offices.

The government and all the bureaucracies that run it are becoming like that annoying computer generated robocall you get to help you lower your mortgage even though you don’t have one. Or the continuous pleas to save starving children. Don’t they understand you just lost your job. If I took to heart all the calls, I would have to re-mortgage my house and my children would be the starving ones.

Eb and flow hell. Sure this government intrusion into our lives ebbs and flows but think about it; after each cycle aren’t we losing more than we gain?

Picture yourself trapped in an upside down battleship. You have a foot of air left to breath and the water level is going up two inchces then back one, up 2 back 1, over and over. Do you think you would call that ebb and flow. Or say Oh My God the water is rising and I can’t stop it; I’m going to die?

That’s what I feel today in the people coming out to the Tea Party things. They see the ebb and flow, they are not stupid, they also see the continuing trend. They are mad, they can’t define it, can’t reduce it to a 10 second sound bite for TV, but they are afraid. That is the first step which is necessary before doing anything. When we are fearful, and frustrated by overwhelming odds, some of us simply and loudly reply
and brother I’m not talking ACORN here either. Simply stating the fact that it is time to dig in our heals and stand up.

I used to think the government was impossible to slow down, let alone change it’s direction. After all the media was solidly behind the creeping big government idea. Well may be not. Below is a link to an article about John Voight.


What surprised me was the following from the article.

-----snippet from article-----
Mr. Voight is also a general in the burgeoning army of Hollywood conservatives who intend to support America, and buff up the American image for its own people, and an audience abroad. The battalion includes actors Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Dennis Hopper and Pat Boone.

"The last time we all met, there were over a thousand people. Think about that. Hollywood conservatives, all of them different people, but all on the same path. It was very heartening," Mr. Voight recalled.

I started digging into conservatives in Hollywood. Well after googling a couple of hours, I found a lot of stuff. There is an underground of conservatives in Hollywood (Friends of Abe) that has been forming because they too are getting Mad as Hell. The group is meeting regularly, but under the radar. The people in this group fear losing their jobs if it were known that they believed other than PC stuff.
Some are coming out of the closet.

As I always say, “Live Dangerously Be A Conservative”. Some like Voight and Sinese are coming out. An infrastructure is forming. Breitbart and others are making it easier for a more conservative message to be heard in Hollywood. Networks like Fox are providing cover, now is the time for the people to step up for their beliefs.

I for one find it refreshing to see something in the media that is at least a little Politically Incorrect.

For once I may not be in the minority in my opinion. That's a nice feeling.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

John Boehner - Building a More Focused Opposition?

John Boehner - Building a More Focused Opposition?

For those of you who read this blog you know that I have become a fan of John Boehner the Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives.

Representative Boehner has not only been working in the public eye and grabbing national attention, but he seems to have been working tirelessly behind the scenes and his efforts are bearing fruit. His task it seems to me has become to get minority members working together by forming committees to formulate alternatives that the Republican’s can stand behind; alternatives to the administration’s plans, alternatives that the public can get behind.

Mr. Boehner has been on the lead also as far as using the new media to get his solution oriented message out there. He has a wealth of You Tubes for example. His leader alerts are worth subscribing to.

He has seemed to have found his voice. That voice has gone from anger that the ideas and solutions he and his fellow Republicans offer are being ignored by the administration; to one of a realistic questioning of what he can do to change this situation. My analysis leads me to think that he has started to focus on a solution focused approach that through the new media and his bully pulpit he can let the public know that the Republicans have real substantive alternative solutions to the problems this country faces.

The question seems; how well will he be able to carry it out.

I will give a couple of his leader alerts that are along this vein. These show specifically what I’m talking about. These show that there is work under way by the minority party to put up alternative solutions to our problems. To show the public that there are other ways to solve the problems we face. What I like in this effort is the use of the new media as an alternative way to the old media to get the message out. Sad to say the old media is ignoring alternatives by the Republicans.

What I see from the leader alerts below, is that there appears to be a structural aspect to this. Hopefully an infrastructure is beginning to emerge. A vehicle that can build consensus within the party; get people again working on the same page. To take a page from the British, a start of an organized “shadow government” at the start a least a more formal set of alternative policies and solutions. Something for members and the public to hang their policy hats on.

On “cap and trade” or the “national energy tax” John Boehner issued this alert linked below. Notice in there the reference and link to a newly set up group led by Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-IN), the GOP American Energy Solutions Group. Do you remember the “all of the above” plan during the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” days? The plan is still good.


Next and below, having to do with National Health Care proposed by the administration, is a quote from another leader alert. “Republicans believe there’s a better way. Led by Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO), the Health Care Reform Solutions Group is crafting a plan that will make health care more accessible and affordable without raising taxes or undermining the health care Americans currently receive.” If they come out with a website then that would add more credence to my analysis.


Next and below, is a Press Release by the Minority Leader John Boehner on June 5th about the May Jobless numbers. Notice in it he is quoted as saying. “There is a better way. Doubling down on the Democrats’ plans to tax more, spend more, and borrow more from our children and grandchildren is not the right answer to this economic crisis. Republicans have offered better solutions to create more jobs, curb spending, cut taxes, rebuild savings, and control the debt, and we have reached out to our Democratic counterparts to work on these policies in a constructive way. I urge Democrats in Congress and the Administration to finally follow through on their promises of bipartisan cooperation.”

Again if there is a “Job Creation Solutions Group” formed and it puts out substantive information, I will applaud. I still believe that if you build it they will come. The trick is building something solid not like the deck of cards the administration is trying to hold together. It has to be coherent, something members and the public can get behind. Something a leader can do. I hope Mr. Boehner keeps turning into that leader.


That is the only evidence I have of a viable minority party on the rise. If what I see is true then I will stand behind and help Minority Leader Boehner push his message through the new media.

That’s what I am, that’s what I do. Lol (He said with a smile.)

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative