Friday, June 24, 2011

Oil is Money

Oil is money.

That is a common enough term and there has even been talk of pinning our currency to the price of oil. Well it seems President Obama has taken that term to heart.

He is doing with oil what he is doing with the money supply and to the same disastrous effect.

By releasing 30 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Reserve he is in effect spending the last of our savings instead of creating more. Like his use of the money supply he is squandering our safety net and not curing the root problem. Once that is gone he will find it harder to “Print” more oil, than it is to print money out of thin air.

He is in effect increasing our dependence on foreign oil. As with so much of his bargaining strategy in all he does from politics to foreign policy and now to the price of oil; the President seems to walk into a negotiation and immediately give up what leverage we have before starting to negotiate.

This might fit into his “Arab Spring” thing just fine but leaves those for whom he is legally negotiating for at a loss. Hopefully we will understand that come 2012. Hopefully the Republicans will too.

If he was one of our children we would not put up with such slothfulness. We would simply say to him what the Republicans are saying: “Drill Baby Drill”, or as we might say to our kids. “No you can’t spend your college fund – get a job”.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Newsmax’s Martin Gould wrote the linked article below explaining the Obama move.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When your Knight in Shining Armor falls ----

When your Knight in Shining Armor falls ----

You quickly find another one and keep going. That is exactly what the establishment Republicans of the Rockefeller ilk seemed to have done. To overdo cliques’ they saw the writing on the wall and decided to start switching before their other horse fell too far.
What I’m talking about are the recent #s released by John Zogby.
“Supposed” front runner for the Republican Presidential Primary Mitt Romney in these numbers gets trounced by two unannounced possible candidates, Chris Christie and Rick Perry. Remember the poll is taken from likely people who will vote in the Republican primary ie the Republican Conservative base.

The only people which Romney can claim in this poll are the liberal Republicans. In other words, the same Republican elites that hate Sarah Palin so much love Romney. This was only common sense and the elites understand the difference between a primary and a general election. They realize that Romney can’t carry the water for the base which makes up the primary voters. So just as the Dems switched in mid stride from Hillary to the newcomer/unknown Obama; the elite Republicans are switching to Jon Huntsman who is decidedly liberal in his views and admires the President.

While I admit a certain logic behind the idea that Huntsman is there to make Romney look good because compared to Huntsman Romney looks almost conservative; in light of the Zogby poll and the admitted politically astute Republican elite, I feel I’m right in that they just started switching horses before this poll came out. Or at the least like any good financially well off Republican might say, they were hedging their bets.

The driving force behind the thinking of these cocktail elites is that true conservatives cannot win the general election. That is why they were so adamantly against Reagan as a candidate in his primary. That is why they constantly in their snickering snide ways try to ridicule those “blatant” conservatives who win, such as Gov. Palin, Chris Christie and of course Marco Rubio and or Rand Paul.

However, Republican Conservatives like these aren’t afraid to dish out what they are given and the unwashed masses ie not the elites love them for it. Those that do it the bluntest and back it up with bullet points of common sense are instant hits with the Republican conservative base because for so long they (we) have taken the abuse in silence looking for our own knight in shining armor. Too many times we were saddled with candidates like Bob Dole, I mean can you even imagine him riding a horse? When we found one as with Ronald Reagan we united and swept him to victory. Twice.

I have learned that even if we cave and put forth a Bob Dole, the Liberals will still dislike us and will still try to win the election, although we may have a chance to be the token “conservative” at the next cocktail party they throw and isn’t that what politics is all about?

Then again, I’ll take my own council in the peace and quiet of a country stream as I drink the Tea Party Tea and if I’m fortunate enough for a Christie or Perry or Palin to be nominated I’ll let the caffeine go to my head and work my butt off to get them elected.

Regards, Try Thinking For a Change, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative