Thursday, April 30, 2009

Allergy of Dread

Allergy of Dread

Americans within my lifetime have allowed into their lives an overpowering sense of dread to rule their lives. The effects of this dread upon our lives and how we live are akin to the effects of fear turned to panic. When fear turns to panic, logic and reasoning go out the window; replaced with the unthinking instinct to curl up in a fetal position and wait it out.

I have had fear turn to panic a few times in my life. I think we all have had that happen. Mine had to do with roofing a two story house, and not being able to move for no apparent reason other than what my mind concocted and clung to. This was my second day on the same roof nothing changed as far as the roof went. Just my mind changed somehow, taking a healthy and life preserving fear of heights and turning it into panic which nearly cost me my life.

As my brain did to me, the Media can do to the public “brain”. Take a healthy fear and turn it into a deadly panic.

Below is an example, I call it an example of a carrier of the “Allergy of Dread”.

He is not alone just unique in his inability to communicate. Others are legion from Presidents on down to local health and OSHA officials. I saw a small bottle of hydraulic fluid spilled at Home Depot and bless their soles people in Hazmet suits were called in to clean it up. I felt safe for their caring and happy that I didn’t need to buy anything in that isle as it was shut down and cordoned off. Luckily I was after was in the Hardware Dept. A far safer place in the store to shop.


I saw my first case of a panic reaction to someone sneezing in public. Two people looked shocked and afraid that someone sneezed. The look they had was not one of annoyance or one that said they thought the “sneezer” was impolite. They were not close to the “sneezer”, and the “sneezer” turned, lowered his head and put his hand over his mouth. The non sneezers actually looked afraid or at least threatened. Joe Biden seems to think that any confined space should be declared what, a “sneeze free” zone? What should we do to the offenders?

Perhaps we can auction off credits of say $1 per sneeze in public; a kind of “cap and trade” in the mucus membrane industry. Perhaps we need not go so far. Perhaps the government could produce a secure enough filter everyone could wear that would catch and filter any pollutants and 2nd hand air we expose our neighbors and friends to. I’ve seen studies that 2nd hand air is filled with CO2 a deadly air spread “allergen” that will kill if allowed to reach unsafe levels.

I know for myself that I don’t want to be even exposed to even low levels of that kind of thing. What, you think I’m nuts? Think of what the effects this has on our children. I am not alone in my fear.

It is not just through our nasal passages that we can help spread or be consumed by this “Allergy of Dread”. Business and I’m sure governmental regulatory bodies are looking into other more private areas. See the link below for one possible avenue of exploration. I can’t wait to see the mechanics for the cap and trade offshoot regarding this bodily function.


I wonder if these are the same people calling for just 2 pieces of TP per wipe.
My dear sweet grandmother back 50 years ago was doing that with TP before they had readymade store bought seat liners. She however was addicted to morphine from a surgery then later had to spend time in a place to dry out. Her obsession with toilet seats among other things was considered neurotic, requiring medical care. Little did they know or guess as with all great initiators of new process, that she was ahead of her time.

Good thing that has changed, because with Nationalized Health Care on the Horizon it will be hard enough to find a clean restroom, let alone get treatment for a neurological oddballism/cutting edge technology type of thing such as that.

Sorry for flushing this article, but I’ll try to get back on topic with another inane saying. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. When I was a kid I thought that simply meant I shouldn’t have to wash so well. Later I thought it meant that you should be careful to take the baby out of the tub before you empty it. Now I’m learning that if you spend too much time cleaning the baby you’ll kill it, or at best never let it know how to clean itself.

What this has to do with the “Allergy of Dread” I don’t have a clue that other than in our Dread we should not even put the baby in water, that we shouldn’t do anything. We become paralyzed by the idea that the problem is too complicated to learn all the facts on our own; that the government will come to our rescue. They must be doing a good job, just look at how much they are charging. If we don’t pay attention to what they are doing what else do we have to judge them by?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative