Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Them Republicans Sure Like To Cling To Things

The ball is in their hands. The hands of the Republican leaders, and they are clinging for all they have. I’m talking about the American Energy Bill and it’s fate. I'm talking about whether Pelosi will let us use our own resources to keep the gas prices at bay while we find alternatives all in an effort to become energy independent.

They are doing all they can as a minority to keep this vital issue on the table, not under the rug.

Pelosi shut them down but not out. The originators within the US House, the “Young Turks” and the “Young Thinking Turks” are fighting back. Tim Walberg”s blog has been on this since the beginning.
Dan Burton a leading conservative in the House and the Republican Study Group, has also been there all along pushing this concept. He is the mentor of the House debate. His latest video
I’ve been too busy to blog what with the primarys in my state just wrapping up last night. But I’ve been getting these updated by Wolf through John Boehner’s office. This is the last one. I’ll get 3 a day.
-----Wolf update-------
For the fourth day in a row, Republican Members of Congress are back at it again, making their case to the American people for lowering the price of energy. It comes with no surprise that Speaker Pelosi has decided to continue with the Democrat August vacation instead of debating real solutions to addressing record high gas prices, such as the American Energy Act, a comprehensive piece of legislation that seeks to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.
Staff-led tour groups are more than welcome to join us on the House Floor. Please enter through the Republican Cloakroom. If staff or tours have any trouble at all, please email me and I will meet you or your tour to bring them onto the House Floor.
Adam J. Wolf
Floor Assistant
Republican Leader John A. Boehner
H-204, The Capitol
(202) 225-4000
Wish I could be there and take a tour of the House Floor, and talk with some of these Turks. This is a once in a lifetime shot. This is an historic battle. Wish I had the money for the gas.

John Boehner’s site has “Leader Alerts“. This one is classic. Last June, 2 months ago the Republican had a bill defeated by Democrat Congressmen that would lessen the effect the high gas prices are having on charities and their ability to collect and distribute donations. The charities can only deduct 14 cents a mile while business has a nearly 60 cents a mile deduction. Now Boehner is warning that the Dems in an effort to wiggle out of their energy pickle and get some egg off their face are going to put up a bill after recess doing what they voted against before the only difference will be that their name is on it.
John Boehner has been blogging during this “lights out” ordeal from the floor. Kinda fun to follow.
Newt Gingrich, the man who put the bug in everyone’s ear quite awhile ago and has been relentless in his pushing of this through creative and constructive ways: went to the House floor held by the Republicans and gave a talk in the tumult. As always he was on point, correct, and scathing in his inimitable way.
From American Solutions the report he commented on.
The above is the summary of the finding, if you want to see the actual study go here.
Thank You Newt for your forward thinking.

Man if it wasn’t for the Detroit Tiger’s losing streak, I’d be feeling pretty good.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Young Turk

I heard of a gutsy conservative candidate Her name is Sarah Steelman she is running for the governorship of Missouri. Below is a link to her campaign effort. This is I believe the face of the new conservative message..
Scroll through the videos, you’ll see the no nonsense, common sense, get things done attitude I associate with this new breed. Once the people get a taste of this attitude they start to demand more of it from leaders. My new saying for this is Make Do, Make it Now, Make it Work. She is getting all kinds of flak from not only the Democrats but her own leadership in the Republican party.

She reminds me of Bobby Jindal the way she just went ahead and did her job without the ok from the powers that be, and actually got things done.

WOW, Now I’m asking you to believe me when I say that I just found this on her sight about Bobby Jindal, (after) I posted the above. Great minds think alike. lol
If you’ve read this blog you’re familiar with how much I like Bobby. When I saw the Beck interview with Steelman, I couldn’t help but see the similarities. The article goes on to talk of other GOP Reformers who believe in conservative messages, but more than that believe in doing something about it, right now with what they have to work with. Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, and Sarah Palin.
-----quote from the article above-----
“Her sin is in fact to belong to that new mold of Republican – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sens. Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint – who know it’s no longer enough to simply hawk lower taxes. In 10 years as a state legislator and treasurer, her target has been the slothful political favor factory that’s led Republicans away from small-government principles and outraged conservative voters.”
There is a revolution in the Republican party going on, and it is gathering steam. A revolt to get back to the ideas of more efficient government. More Transparent government, leading to a less corrupt government. Actually trying to make the government work for the people again. A get it done or don’t do it attitude, with the prime purpose to help the people. This new Republicanism shown forth through the dark of the US House of Representatives when the power to them was cut they used what they had and got the message out anyway. I’m glad to see some senior members getting onboard and leading or at least guiding the way. Like John Boehner. I was also pleased to see Pete Hoekstra from my district was out on the House floor in shorts. I think he was pleasantly reminded of the previous revolution.

My own state of Michigan has some of this new breed. Our Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, and our Attorney General Mike Cox. They are both fighting the fight for transparency in government. They both have jumped right in and changed their respective offices along those lines, without waiting for any type of approval from the Legislature or from above in the party. My own county clerk is following the SOS lead and opening up things at the county level. There is a definite trickle down effect.
I went to a local “meet and greet” with my County Clerk, Karen Buie, and was pleasantly surprised last night when an individual came up and thanked her for her efforts that had made his visit to the Office a quick and friendly one.

What the old guard has to realize is that open honest government done with a can do attitude trickles down to the voters. It makes them happy. I really don’t see the sin in that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Cuppa Caffeine Anyone ???

I saw a video from Dan Burton’s web blog. It was a camera video actually and the video was horrible. The video was taken of the Republican revolt in the House, after Pelosi shut off the lights etc. I was struck by the flood of light streaming in thru the windows high up in the dome. While the faces of the people there were blurred the light was pervasive. That was an epiphany for me.
Pelosi may be able to turn off one kind of light, but there still remained a light, a different kind of light and that light like our freedom is inalienable. It does not flow thru Pelosi’s hand or anyone’s no matter how important they think they are.

I was outraged by that act of Nancy Pelosi. I get mad enough when my rights are shut down. When I watch as my elected Representative’s right can so easily be shut down, I get furious. She has the unbridled arrogance to do that? She has the chutzpah to complain about the Chinese stopping free speech? China is not even a democracy. America was till she flipped the switch. The Chinese must be thinking, “let’s recruit her for that open spot on the Politburo”.

The British probably thought of that tea in the harbor incident so long ago as just those colonists having a hissy fit, acting juvenile etc. Perhaps it was, I wasn’t there. What it spurred on however was not. That tea thing was a catalyst for the anger the colonists had over their lack of freedom. This recent "shut the lights off inside the dome" thing, is forcing us to see that our light and our Freedom are really inalienable, and may just be the catalyst “we the people” need to take back Congress and force it to work the people’s will not theirs.

The only thing missing is a call to arms to those outside the system (Citizens) by the leaders of the “lights Out Revolt”. The Citizens support this, they only need a way to focus their frustration. The anger is out there, the People will come. The technology is there. A call to arms through the internet by leaders like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Dan Burton, echoed by others could start something that couldn’t be denied. The organizing genius of Newt can readily be used through his pioneering Web presence.

I commented on John Boehner’s blog that we should set up something similar to the British model of a “Shadow Government”, but after Pelosi and her stunt we should call it the “Sunlight Government”. Hold mock legislative sessions outside in the light of day, in the sunshine of Transparency in government during the recess. Invite the country to come and watch, in person!!! Show America what the alternative to a Pelosi Do Nothing House would look like. Show America the common sense, Get Something Done approach the country is literally dying for.

If you think that I’m na├»ve or reading too much into this thing you may be right. Maybe you think the people aren’t behind this. Well see this Pew Poll
For those of you who don’t think new different ideas can work a couple of people jump to mind. Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. I’ll leave you with this link about (a conservative art teacher no less) in the Midwest, who is trying to cash in on the new conservative craze by opening a Conservative Coffee Shop. Kind of a protest to the whole Latte crowd.

Hey drink enough caffeine and anything’s possible.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative