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Tesla's Dream Coming True ???

Tesla’s Dream Coming True !!!

No not that Tesla automobile for the dalliance of the extravagant uber rich, consumed by guilt for not earning their riches, but the Tesla from the turn of the century.  The Tesla looking to give energy for the masses.  This Tesla was an eccentric genius who seemed to have tapped into the future and desperately tried to “invent” what he saw.

Such is the fate of most seers, that they may not have the practical ability to create what they envision, nor the genius to put a reason behind it and be able to connect the dots.  Not so with Nicola Tesla who actually invented the radio and not Marconi.  The Supreme Court finally said so.  Tesla also invented Alternating Current that the world uses every day.  Before then Direct Current was the model that Edison used and wanted the world to use.  The problem was that DC current lost power over short distances.  For Edison’s power to work, there would have to be a power plant and all that entails every mile along a power lines route.

Tesla’s genius lay in his seeing a way to create alternating current which could be used, stored and amplified at will without additional power plant along the way.  Tesla’s humanity lay in his tearing up the agreement he had with Mr. Westinghouse in which Westinghouse would pay Tesla a sum per amount of electricity used in his system.  This would have made Tesla the richest man alive.  Westinghouse however was having financial problems getting the infrastructure up and running.  Tesla tore up the agreement because Westinghouse had believed in him when no one else did and Westinghouse had risked all for Tesla’s ideas; and they both went to work.  The result was that they built generators at Niagra Falls which operate still today, and electrified New York City for the first time.  The rest is history.  What is sometimes over looked is the in humanity in the way Tesla was treated by society.  He died a poor and broke person.

Now to the reason of this blog.  Tesla had a vision that seemed to permeate all his inventions which included the concepts of Laser beams, x-rays, friction less motors and a myriad of other inventions.  That vision was simply that the world, the universe is made up and filled up with (for a lack of a better term) energy.  That is what everything is made up of.  His idea was that there should be an easy way to simply hook into the largest piece of matter available, the earth and tap into the excess power of the forces that make up the matter of the earth as it radiates outward.  Simply put he hoped to invent a way to harvest that power and he also thought this power could be wirelessly transmitted anywhere it was needed
Think of your local radio station which puts out x amount of signal, and our radios are tuned to that frequency.  We pick up some of that signal and our radios work.  Think of the amount of signal that is continually surrounding us and which you could say goes to waste.  In this case falls on deaf ears.
Well Tesla saw this and invented the concept of the radio – before there was a radio.  He also thought that electricity should be able to be transmitted in the same manner.  He understood the idea of waves and that all things are made up of them and all he should have to do is tune into the “force”.

This guy was ridiculed as crazy at the time, when all that was needed for his dream to come true was in my opinion a way to deal not in millions of watts ect. But to find a way to make it happen with small amounts that could be boosted later as he did with alternating current vs Direct current.

Allen Hawkes and Alexander Katko a couple of students have come up with a way to harvest out of thin air the myriad of excess electromagnetic that surrounds us.  Although the energy these students are capturing is from manmade sources such as the microwave energy already harvested by satellite receivers for TV, Radio and cell phones, which pervades us all, all the time.

Much like what the solar cell does when it collects the suns radiant energy this new invention collects excess microwave energy in the air around us.  It could be used to collect the excess energy from a WiFi set in your house, convert it to DC power and continually charge your phone.  This is done in their break through model by simply tuning a receiver cell to the frequency of the source and then through the use of Meta material and an active in this case copper conductor turning that energy into electricity of the DC variety.

This breakthrough is possible with the use of Meta material.  To my unscientific mind this is how the electromagnetic waves that are emitted are captured.  This Meta material is simply microscopically engineered material which is smaller than the waves it is trying to harvest.  I look at it in a mind game as trying to control waves in water.  Before our abilities to create things in the Meta or microscopically small world we could only block a wave entirely or let it pass.  With the new Meta technology we can take out as much water from each wave as it passes to fit our needs and let the waves continue.  This of course is pretty much pure conjecture on my part.  Here is the Wiki on it.

This is the breakthrough I think that allows us to modulate energy and make it usable to us.  Much as Tesla did with Alternating current. 

When you think of it all matter; the earth, the dirt, cement, you and me, everything of substance is made up of “energy” in one form or another and emits energy.  We consume food and turn it into energy at varying levels of efficiency why should it be thought strange to capture excess energy that permeates everything in our world and use it?  The inventors of this process say of it.  

 ““Our work demonstrates a simple and inexpensive approach to electromagnetic power harvesting,” said Professor Steven Cummer. “The beauty of the design is that the basic building blocks are self-contained and additive. One can simply assemble more blocks to increase the scavenged power.”

Professor Steven Cummer is the teacher in charge of and guiding these two inventors.

This is a picture of their Contraption in series gathering enough energy just sitting there to keep your phone charged, at an efficiency rating of a solar cell. From their article the fiberglass pieces are in effect antennas built at a frequency needed to collect energy from a source and build it through five such antennas to the voltage needed to power your cell phone.

  Before you start thinking these are just kids, anyone remember two kids working out of their garage thinking that there would be a market for personal computers.  Well there was and it along with all the variations that it generated were beyond the Steve’s conception.

This Picture below and the quote in it shows to me that great things can be had when the individual is left alone to "create" their own future.  As Tesla, as Jobs/Wozniak and Hawkes/Katko have or are doing.

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine”

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