Monday, November 12, 2012

Who's Right?

Sure sometimes I pretend to understand the last election.

But I really don’t.

Some of the best and brightest minds have in the last few days admitted as much, putting me at least in some pretty great company. Take for example Newt Gingrich saying this on Nov 12th six days after the election.

“But if you had said to me three weeks ago that Mitt Romney would get fewer votes than John McCain [in 2008] — and it looks like he will be 2 million fewer — I would have been dumbfounded.”

Then there is George Will saying the following about some things conservatives need to do, about immigration, same sex marriage and legalized marijuana.

“And one who tilts toward the libertarian side of the Republican Party’s fusion of social and laissez-faire conservatism. Most voters already favor less punitive immigration policies than the ones angrily advocated by clenched-fist Republicans unwilling to acknowledge that immigrating — risking uncertainty for personal and family betterment — is an entrepreneurial act. The speed with which civil unions and same-sex marriage have become debatable topics and even mainstream policies is astonishing. As is conservatives’ failure to recognize this: They need not endorse such policies but neither need they despise those, such as young people, who favor them. And it is strange for conservatives to turn a stony face toward any reconsideration of drug policies, particularly concerning marijuana, which confirm conservatism’s warnings about government persistence in the teeth of evidence.”

-----link to George Will’s article-----

Even Dick Morris admitted his mistakes this way.

The key reason for my bum prediction is that I mistakenly believed that the 2008 surge in black, Latino, and young voter turnout would recede in 2012 to “normal” levels. Didn’t happen. These high levels of minority and young voter participation are here to stay; and, with them, a permanent reshaping of our nation’s politics.

-----link to Morris’s’ article-----

The list goes on of the respected prognosticators on the Right who predicted a Republican/Conservative landslide. They were mistaken, so was I.

What then are we to do? Simply put we need to convince people to vote for our candidate. If you read the above closely and read the links, one thing should be clear. We need to be more accepting of those who believe differently than we do. If you really want to study up on the real difference between Liberals and Conservatives read Thomas Sowell’s book A Conflict of Visions.

-----link to Conflict of Visions-----


If we think our beliefs are true and because of that we will not bend on the ways in which we implement them then we are no different in the liberal idea that man is born perfect and we only have to pass the right laws to attain perfection. Mr. Sowell says a Conservative believes in the imperfection of man/woman and passes laws to protect the majority and minority from abuses of unlimited power enshrined in a government run by imperfect humans.

We need good candidates of course who understand this along with ourselves, the lowly and unwashed masses of Republican/Conservatives at the grass roots level. With that in mind, with that as our controlling adjuster for our attitude we will have better luck trying to convince other voters that we have the best answers to their problems. The best way to do this is as always through our actions. Let our deeds be fair and honest and they will do the talking for us -- one person at a time. Then when the time draws nearer we can find a candidate that echoes what we say, not one that we have to “bring along”. If we are lucky we will find a candidate that is a real standard bearer, a real leader that will bring us along. Someone that through their actions teaches the right of our values, and not just by demagoguery but by their actions, persuades others of the justness and common sense of our cause.

If our beliefs are just then we need not belittle anyone, but uplift them.

People will understand this on their own.

So to answer the question in the title of who's right -- yup you guessed it -- We The People.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Shot Over the Bow for Obama ???

Remember Anthony Weiner, the disgraced US Rep. from New York’s 9th Congressional District? Weiner was forced out of office at the time and a special election was called for Sept. 11th, 2011.

A Democrat David Weprin was set up to take his Weiner’s place in that seat which had been held for 80 years by a Democrat.

At the time I got wind of a Conservative Republican who was thinking of entering the race to challenge him. His name was Bob Turner. I called up a # I found and reached his brother who was in the process of setting up a campaign HQ. They were operating on a shoestring and yet he was happy to talk with me.

He talked about the obstacles his brother had to overcome in this race. Of course the main one was the polling data which had Turner in the 30’s and Weprin in the 60's. Then there was the religious issue. Bob Turner is a Roman Catholic and Weprin is a Jew. The Jewish vote in the district made up 24% of the vote. The other thing was that the Republicans of NY were out of money and not willing to spend much to help Turner.

After talking with his brother, I came away knowing that Turner was a Conservative and willing to take the battle to Obama. Mayor Ed Koch started the ripple on the pond that turned into a tsunami for the support of Bob Turner. The Mayor was Jewish and his endorsement helped sway that crucial vote. (Imagine a famous Jewish Mayor telling his people to vote against a Jew in favor of a Roman Catholic) That took some guts on Koch’s part.

Mayor Koch did this because he could no longer live with the “anti-Israel” appearing agenda of Obama. This race turned into a referendum of the Obama administration. From the Israely thing to the huge debt, unemployement and Obamacare.

Bob Turner ran against the policies of Obama. He labled Weprin as a rubber stamp for the leftist policies of Obama. Obama’s policies on Obama care and the national debt were the grist for Turner’s miraculous upset of David Weprin come election day.
There were a lot of other factors and famous New Yorkers coming down on Turner’s side but the point was a district that defeated Turner by a wide margin in the past, turned a district that had voted solid Democrat for 80 years into a Republican Seat, due to the terribly unpopular policies of newly elected President Obama .
After the call I made to his brother, and some research, I sent him a $25.00 donation and started blogging about this newcomer. I was overwhelmed by this upset come election day.

Well guess what, NY is run by Democrats and they after that upset set about redistricting out the 9th District. Bob Turner now had no district!!!

I got the email below from the campaign a few days ago. Bob Turner is running for US. Senate. There will be a primary fight on the Republican side to see who will run against the Democrat incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand.

Statement from U.S. Representative Bob Turner
March 13, 2012

"I will travel to the Republican State Convention in Rochester later this week and humbly ask for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate. I will respectfully ask for the Conservative nomination a few days later at that Party's convention. I have made my intentions known to the other Republican candidates in this race.

"I ran for the House six months ago as a private citizen fed up with what is happening in Washington. I could not sit and watch career politicians sink my nation deeper into economic crisis. Brooklyn and Queens voters, of all political parties, graciously responded by sending me to Congress. It now appears that their district has been eliminated.

"There is serious work to be done to get this economy back on track, and I will not walk away from that work now. I will run for the Senate, and I will run to win."

Paid for by Bob Turner for Congress
PO Box 140016, Howard Beach, NY 11414

Here is what Bob Turner said about the US Senator from NY.

“Senator Kirsten Gillibrand does not deserve re-election. She defrauded the voters of this state with promises that she would act as a moderate,” he said. “Instead she has governed from the far left, and is now ranked the most liberal senator in America. That is a firing offense.”

-----link to the above quote-----

Well in Mi. we know about Liberal Senators. Debbie Stabenow used to be the most liberal, so now it’s Debbie and Kirsten sharing that dubious distinction. I would love to not see either in the Senate next year.

One thing is certain however, the Democrat Machine in NY will not be taken by surprise this time. Kirsten already has started bashing Turner. Just a couple days ago she put our an email fundraising letter trying to link Turner and Rush Limbaugh together. If this Senate seat is taken by Turner from Gillibrand then the Republicans will most assuredly win back the Senate. But what a battle it might be.

Turner is biting off a huge fight in this effort. First he has to win the nomination, and spend scant resources to do that. He has two so far to beat and at least one of them calls herself a Conservative. I have yet to research them.
Next he’ll have to fight an incumbent Senator that has not been disgraced and is willing to fight back using the same tactics Turner used in his previous upset. She also, if the election appears close will get the full support of the NY and DNC political machines. Democrat Mayor Koch who was so instrumental before for Turner is on the side of Gillibrand. In the article below you'll see also that the NY Conservative group is backing Wendy Long for the primary. But the Manhatten GOP have just endorsed Turner. I’m hoping the big guns like Cuomo and Guliani will still help out Turner.


But the fact that is so surprising is that we are even talking about the possibility. The more votes Turner can win here will be less votes for Obama in this Dark Blue State.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Here is the Wikipedia link for Bob Turner.

PS. I usually pick one out of state race to put $25.00 of my money on and I think this Turner guy will get it again.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Day another State

Same story different state.

This time it’s Illinois. According to the link below Romney is putting $4 million into the state’s primary and Santorum less than ½ a million.
Money can’t buy love, but maybe it can buy elections, at least that’s what political machines and all the people that get paid by them think. Also the media where all the money is spent would probably agree. Therefore it is easy for me to understand the slant the media puts on things. Hey doesn’t everybody say, follow the money.

Can you imagine the hue and cry if Santorum would win the admittedly more liberal state of Illinois? Do I think he can? Probably not, I think it is a question of timing. If Michigan and Ohio for example were holding their primary now after the Mississippi and Alabama primaries which Santorum won I believe Santorum would have won both of those. It’s a momentum thing at least partially.

The other thing in Santorum’s favor besides momentum is that people, I think are getting tired of Romney’s seeming aloofness and how he throws around money. How he thinks that money can buy an election. However, in a state like Illinois that is used to “Play to Play” and their leaders being jailed maybe that isn’t so important. Maybe I’m thinking wrong. Then again maybe there is even in Illinois a tipping point where voter backlash kicks in against this slick kind of political condescension.

Well I’m here blatantly hoping it does.

After Romney keeps putting his foot in his elitist mouth such as the repeated remarks about not knowing the participants only the owners of NASCAR, and the other thing about boasting about knowing football team owners and not much about Peyton Manning, I’m thinking wow what a smuck.

Once ok, but repeatedly? I know Obama thinks we are stupid, but then why vote for someone else who thinks we are? I can understand the political machine of Illinois flocking to the $4 million Romney is throwing around vs. the ½ million of Santorum’s but the people? But I ask, are we not finally fed up with the BS of political money machines? Didn’t Lincoln come from there. Are we all not aware that in the voting booth no amount of money or pressure can change our vote? If we don’t know that then all of Romney’s money compared to The Democrat machine and the vaunted $Billion dollars of Obama the Unions and the like of Soros will surely give us another 4 years of Obama and an eternity of Socialism.

Well I don’t have millions – just 2 cents – and you’ve just heard it.

My vote ain’t for sale.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative