Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Day another State

Same story different state.

This time it’s Illinois. According to the link below Romney is putting $4 million into the state’s primary and Santorum less than ½ a million.
Money can’t buy love, but maybe it can buy elections, at least that’s what political machines and all the people that get paid by them think. Also the media where all the money is spent would probably agree. Therefore it is easy for me to understand the slant the media puts on things. Hey doesn’t everybody say, follow the money.

Can you imagine the hue and cry if Santorum would win the admittedly more liberal state of Illinois? Do I think he can? Probably not, I think it is a question of timing. If Michigan and Ohio for example were holding their primary now after the Mississippi and Alabama primaries which Santorum won I believe Santorum would have won both of those. It’s a momentum thing at least partially.

The other thing in Santorum’s favor besides momentum is that people, I think are getting tired of Romney’s seeming aloofness and how he throws around money. How he thinks that money can buy an election. However, in a state like Illinois that is used to “Play to Play” and their leaders being jailed maybe that isn’t so important. Maybe I’m thinking wrong. Then again maybe there is even in Illinois a tipping point where voter backlash kicks in against this slick kind of political condescension.

Well I’m here blatantly hoping it does.

After Romney keeps putting his foot in his elitist mouth such as the repeated remarks about not knowing the participants only the owners of NASCAR, and the other thing about boasting about knowing football team owners and not much about Peyton Manning, I’m thinking wow what a smuck.

Once ok, but repeatedly? I know Obama thinks we are stupid, but then why vote for someone else who thinks we are? I can understand the political machine of Illinois flocking to the $4 million Romney is throwing around vs. the ½ million of Santorum’s but the people? But I ask, are we not finally fed up with the BS of political money machines? Didn’t Lincoln come from there. Are we all not aware that in the voting booth no amount of money or pressure can change our vote? If we don’t know that then all of Romney’s money compared to The Democrat machine and the vaunted $Billion dollars of Obama the Unions and the like of Soros will surely give us another 4 years of Obama and an eternity of Socialism.

Well I don’t have millions – just 2 cents – and you’ve just heard it.

My vote ain’t for sale.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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