Friday, September 2, 2011

Bob Turner and Koch's message to Obama resonating

Another Scotty Brown type shot over the Liberal Bow?

Remember “the Dick” Weiner scandal and his resignation?

Well he represented the NY 9th congressional District and they need someone else. The election for the Weiner replacement seat is only 2 weeks away. The NY 9th is heavily Democratic.

Then up came Bob Turner a Republican. He was given zero chance by the pundits. He is also a conservative on top of being a Republican. Guess what ??? People - yes even Democrats are so upset and disillusioned with President Obama that Democrat Mayor Ed Koch has endorsed Bob Turner against his Democrat opponent. The Mayor said he is doing so to send a message to the President. That message is for Obama to stop knee-capping Israel in its very battle for existence.


I blogged about this shortly after the Koch endorsement, after calling the headquarters and confirming Turner’s "conservativeness". See the link below for my blog and pay attention to the comments at the end. They’re better than the blog. LOL


During that conversation I spoke with his brother who was just setting up the Turner HQ. Shortly after that call the “No chance to win” Turner Campaign found out through a gallup poll that they had quickly pulled within 6 points of the Democrat candidate.

Today I see a poll paid for by the Turner campaign has the match a dead heat with just 2 weeks left to go.


I donated $25 to the cause then and am sending another $25. I had hoped there would be a ground swell like during the Scotty Brown upset which presaged the Republican Landslide in the following year 2010. Perhaps I was wrong about the money bomb type of thing but Turner continues to prove he is the better candidate and the upset seems to be becoming a reality and I still think this will be a telling portent of things to come.

People in the 9th are listening.

His opponent has recently withdrawn from the only scheduled debate. I don’t know about New Yorkers but in Michigan that would spell DEFEAT in capital letters. Most voters want someone with some guts. I’m guessing the same is true in NY. Just to make things even better for Turner, his opponent doesn’t even live in the 9th District.

All the pieces are in place for this to be a major upset; if so it would go a long way to showing the upcoming 2012 elections will be a referendum on the Obama administration and Left wing politics.

Here is a link to his website. Give it a shot and feel the surge of this upcoming Republican Storm at its very beginnings. Yes – you can help this elephant run.


Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative