Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey – How much rope do they need?

Hey – How much rope do they need?

A lot I guess. I think the Liberals just like tying nooses – “Sheets Byrd” probably had something to do with starting that tradition.

First they win a whole bunch of elections; well now they decide that they can get all of their cherished previously defeated ideas rhamned thru Congress in record time. Cap and Trade made it so fast nobody in the House had time to read it. The whole House should of just voted “Present” out of respect for our Dear Leader

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Next came Health Care Reform. Oops they goofed up this time. Pelosi, et all let the pot er I mean grass grow under her wrinkled San Fran feet too long. Some people started reading it and statrted drinking the Tea instead of the Kool Aid. For some of those Blue Canines it had a purging effect.

Boy did that make the Obamamites mad. Started calling people all kinds of names, and started asking people to turn their neighbors in if they thought they were spreading misinformation about health care reform or if anything was mentioned about Mickey Mouse and our Dear Leader. Well you could inform but the inform gatherers claimed they weren't taking names so go figure. Well some people did figure, and---

Someone mentioned rationing health care under the plan then pretty soon all hell broke loose and people were talking death panels and other blashphemies against our Dear and Glorious Leader’s plan. Then that vile unspeakable wench from the North pole or Nome or an igloo at least said death panel to the mass media. Well I don’t want to burst anyone’s impression of that creature from the frozen lagoon, but gosh golly she was right enough that the Democrats had to take out the portion that they claim didn’t exist. So now it doesn't and for them probably never did.

Newsmax did a great “after and before” article about it. First the breaking news of how they announced the “end of life provision” or “death panel” that Nanook’s ma was talking about was removed from the bill. Then they followed that news with a previous piece hinting that the cross between Atilla and Hitler who wears sexy glasses ought to be well -- disappeared or something.


At least in hindsight the part in question didn’t or well in Clintonesq, doesn’t exist.

So when it comes to standing your ground and actually standing for something, well Pelosi and Reid and Obama are busy rewriting what they now will stand for, and in the process showing us what they will run away from. That’s what I mean by how much rope do they really want? I for one am giving all they want.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Blessing To Be Shared By All

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House has been tireless in his advocacy of Republican or more succinctly “Center Right” ideas. This man is an organizational genius as well as a conceptual one. Not just a flash in the pan; but for Decades.

What I mean by that is that Newt has the uncanny ability to see overall problems in society. He also can come up with a novel concept about a solution to a current problem and then package it in a “catchy” easy to understand package to promote it. Newt further has the organizational skills necessary to do what it takes to see the solution through to fulfillment. I think I need not remind you of “The Contract With America”.

Since I’ve been following politics, I’ve seen those skills put to bear on creating the Republican Revolution, and putting the Republicans in power. Lately I saw the same skills take the high gas prices and general discontent of the public packaged into the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” protests and end in a petition signed by one and a half million Americans. I saw politicians of both parties bow to that naked power.

On the organizational side, Newt has continued to learn from and enlarge his efforts. He has been on the forefront of getting the conservative/Republican message out on the internet. His web site is filled with interactive things to do. You can go there to read up on something or participate on line with coming up with solutions. This is a true effort at involving the public in solution creation and advocacy of those solutions by the participants of the web site. This is not a sham of a grassroots effort that both the parties have been trying to pass off as their effort to be bottom up friendly.

Check out his main site, from which all else flows.
On that site if you look at the bottom of the home page you’ll see logos for “American Solutions” and “Health Transformation”. Click on each for a whole lesson about the problems we face. You can get as involved as you like; you will see ways you yourself can help.
For example this site was the broadest effort out there to organize the Tea Parties the first time and has continued to follow through. Newt has kept his different sites small and mobile. His Drill Here Drill Now Pay less, site is still there waiting for gas prices to spur another uprising in the future. The infrastructure is laid.

American Solutions

Next link is for the Center for Health Transformation

I am amazed at how he has managed to set up an infrastructure that can pounce on any current issue with facts and a plan to attack it.

Not only that, Newt has been constantly on the news and holding press conferences across the country pushing the conservative agenda. His GOPAC speeches are legend. He also has been experimenting with film making and other popular media efforts to try to get the message more into the mainstream.

I believe that he has been the catalyst for the resurgence of the Republican/Conservative message. He has been the driving force that has gotten us through the Wilderness. If anyone can get this party to start pulling together again it is he. Minority Leader John Boehner has modeled his approach after Newt’s in my opinion either directly through his help or indirectly. Boehner’s Solutions Group idea is a case in point.

Have fun with his sites, get involved. The great thing about Gingrich’s sites is that they are just as valuable to a John Boehner as they can be for a John or Jane Doe. Truly, Newt Gingrich is a Blessing to be shared by all.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Newt is always pushing always probing always learning from the journey, win or lose; in this he is reminiscent me of a Winston Chruchill.