Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Outsourcing of the American Dream

The Outsourcing of the American Dream.

What's the next big thing in outsourcing?  

Well there seem to be two things in the works.  The first is the fact that businesses are merging with other businesses in another country and reincorporating the new entity in that or a third country.  Why?  It’s simple; lower corporate tax rates for one or both.  Less regulation. An example from Michigan is the company Perrigo which bought an Irish company Elan and reincorporated in Ireland which has a tax rate of 12.5% compared to the US rate of 35%.  The link below lists various other businesses that are doing the same thing.  This is article #4 in the link below from Newsmax, where I got most of the ideas for this blog post.  The Thrid thing is Banking.  While we can't outsource our poor the money is definately leaving.

To continue from that same Newsmax email, you’ll see in article #3 that Canada is in effect outsourcing health care for its citizens to other countries.  This, while a voluntary migration of Canadians to America mainly to receive quicker and better health care is being forced upon the wealthier or more desperate Canadians by their government run health care.  The article blames this on the “Free Health Care” of Canada which is anything but free and is making their service anything but workable, if the definition of workable is to provide quality medical service in a timely manner to its people.  By timely I mean that they don’t want to die while waiting in line.  With our new Health Care are we not doing the same?  Where will we migrate too?

We all have seen the outsourcing of parts of businesses to take advantage of cheaper labor found in other countries, now it is the actual companies due to our higher tax rates driving more companies and their profits off shore.  

We too know of the influx of wealthy patients from around the world who hope to save themselves from their countries health care which for the most part is dysfunctional due to over regulation or being outright taken over by their respective governments.  The thread is common, the quality goes down, services get rationed to “people who need it most for the good of all”, which doesn’t work, and is not for the good of all only those who the bureaucrats deem so.

Along the same lines and looking at Article #2 in the Newsmax email, we look at the harmful effect the Dodd Frank Banking Bill has upon poor Americans.  This bill which has regulated nearly every aspect of the banking system in America was supposed to be for the benefit of poor people.  Instead the cost of the regulations and the limits it places on the types of fees allowable only forced the banks to sharply raise the fees it was allowed and is forcing poor folk out of normal banking.

So is the main idea of the American Dream;  that in America anyone of any means is free to do whatever is within his/her means to get ahead and to do whatever they wish to pursue their wants and desires, ie. Happiness, coming close to the end?

We are seeing that with the enactment of the Left’s policies of ever increasing government control and regulation in all aspects of our life; be it our jobs, small businesses we run or hope to start up, our ability and our doctors ability to receive and to give premium health care, to our ability to do with our money what we want is being taken away.  Even our “Free Market” is being corrupted by limiting our choices in the Market place by over regulation.

The obvious based upon common sense is being replaced by those obtuse regulations and regulators based on the Left’s mantra of "Its For the Common Good”.  Which is anything but good or the “common sense” with which we ran our lives before there was even “common law” from which the law derived. 

The regulations needed to implement the laws for the “common good” are negative and while professing free choice, really in effect limit the choices we have to choose from.  Those choices we have left are because someone other than the individual censored or limited the other choices to the ones they liked.

Walter Gellhorn in his book “Individual Freedom and Governmental Restraints” quoted Yale’s President Whitney Griswold when talking about censorship leaving less choices.  “The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas”.  That was written in the 1950’s.  

Isn’t censorship by definition arbitrary and tyrannical?

After all, isn’t the American Dream having the freedom to simply put your idea out there for the public to decide on and not have it “censored” first by the government?  Isn't doing something we want to the definition of freedom. Isn’t that one of the main reasons Europeans came to America in the first place?  To flee tyranny?  

A farmer of the Free Choice ilk Joel Salatin, after butting heads with the bureaucracy on many occasions because he tried to do things outside the box wrote a book titled "Everything I Want to Do is Illegal", voicing the frustration most of us face when trying to do anything in this (Our) over-regulated country. 

While Joel would probably not call himself a Conservative, he might bite on being tagged a Liberal Conservative.  I on the other hand might balk on being called a Liberal I too might bight on being called a Liberal Conservative.  There is common ground to build upon here.

Aren’t we now after all facing a tyranny of regulation?  Where left is there to flee too accept within ourselves?  Does not the saying in the picture below seem to sum it up?

I think Breitbart would agree.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

 As you will see Walter Gellhorn brought together the liberal thoughts of individual freedom and how they were being trampled by over regulation through the government.  I would suggest reading further his book “IndividualFreedom and Governmental Restraints”.  

 I abhor any tyranny no matter what ideology it professes.  I would call myself an outright Liberal because I believe that by definition along Gellhorn and Hayek’s lines a Liberal is against the notion that the government should decide what we are allowed to do.  I believe in Freedom of choice in all aspects; work, health care, and money.  

However I will add to my new title (Liberal), the word Conservative because most liberals today have strayed from the original Liberal path and believe Individual Freedom of Choice should only be made between the choices defined by the government and which choices they allow us to choose from.

Even the religiously rigorous Amish allow their young adults the individual freedom of choice when they send them out to venture among the “English” to judge for themselves what they want to do with their lives.

So perhaps now I should sign my posts with;

Live Dangerously Be a Liberal Conservative  
(To my Conservative friends that indeed may mean I’ll be Living Dangerously)
Yup sounds good.