Friday, November 5, 2010

Party of No We Don't Want To Do Nothing.

We think therefore we are, to paraphrase Rene Descartes.

To that I would add,

We act then only do we become.

Both are scary to politicians when they think of voters doing either, let alone both.

Both presume an individual freedom to think and do as one wishes, in the context of this blog – simply people can change only through thought AND action.

Voters this time round said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what we can do for our own damn selves".

Both thinking and doing are necessary for real change to occur.

So far both Obama and Boehner have thought and spoken of Change but it will only be through action that we will tell if they are serious; or whether we need to take action again against one or the other or both.

What was new this election was that the citizens not only thought but by an increased number were willing to actually do the work to affect change.

Since the election I’ve heard a lot about how the new majority in the US House should consolidate their new found power so they basically can do the same to the Liberals as has been done to them.

We saw this in ‘94’ and we saw what happened.

This is nothing new in the history of man. When given power people and parties abuse it – Gleefully. Revenge is sweet I must confess. Now I must learn to say Enough is Enough for the Revenge. Time to get to work.

What was new under the sun was the American Constitution which came to grips with that reality and tried to set up a framework that would work against itself enough to keep the power base split.

Their magic ingredient, the glue that was to hold that government together was the citizenry – the people. You remember that quaint phrase “We the People”? From citizen militias to citizen office holders, to citizens leading our schools, business leaders and just plain everyday people.

It was the founders dream that all citizens would take part in the governance of our Republic, to keep themselves part of the system. We need to keep things simple, not because citizens are simple but because complexity exists to hide hidden agendas. Elites are formed through the use of the idea that the problems we face are so complicated, only they have the wisdom and skill to steer a proper course. I think the election showed us one thing above all else, we the people know we are not on the proper course.

While this complexity may be true in laser surgery, it is not in regard to political decisions such as earmarks. In this example the “complexity” excuse is merely a subterfuge to keep doing the same ole same ole.

Does anyone still think that the 2500 pages of ObamaCare couldn’t have been a bit shorter? Does anyone still think the complexity of this bill is not hiding a hidden agenda along with enough extra unrelated pork to sink a battleship?

Talking or “speech making” is another good analogy where simplicity denotes truth and complexity usually means someone is hiding something.

Listen for example to a Reagan or Churchill or a Lincoln speech then compare them to an Obama, Neville Chamberlain or a Douglas speech and see which man you believe – which man leaves you with a feeling that this can be done – whatever it is.

This new majority in the House needs to lay the groundwork to get things done by reforming the rules for example; then learn how to get things done by actually doing them.

I voted for these public servants because I want them as well as myself to be able to read and understand the bills that become law.

The Speaker to be, John Boehner caught some flak for stating how difficult it will be to change how congress works. He is right and that truth seems simple enough.

Simple is not always easy. The power brokers hate simplicity.

I like it – so what?

I voted, that’s what. It was simple enough, I would ask no more of whom I voted for.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

No I don't want to do nothing.