Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a 101 year old Military Doctor Might say to Obama Today.

Here is a link to an article in the Wall St. Journal’s, Opinion Journal by Stuart Varney


The following from the article blew me away. So much of that in the article is happening on a smaller scale to a group I’m in. The coincidence of reading that article today has given me an epiphany. Those nurons were randomly crashing about without direction, suddenly all hooked up in a straight line and the light bulb came on. First however, the part of the article that started the neurons meshing.

-----from article------
Fast forward to today, and that same bank is begging to give the money back. The chairman offers to write a check, now, with interest. He's been sitting on the cash for months and has felt the dead hand of government threatening to run his business and dictate pay scales. He sees the writing on the wall and he wants out. But the Obama team says no, since unlike the smaller banks that gave their TARP money back, this bank is far more prominent. The bank has also been threatened with "adverse" consequences if its chairman persists. That's politics talking, not economics.

Even in the financial tough times and with the deficit soaring, that refusal is not only crazy but scary crazy.

A whole group of neurons were already gathering in line following the Tea Party, anti bailout route. Bingo! The whole point of the Tea Party was the idea of the injustice of taking money from taxpayers to bail out those who got us into this mess to start with. We can’t afford it. To have someone say we can and refuse to take in revenue freely offered. Neuronal shock.

When I read that article, I too realized my naivety . I like most realize that the bailout and TARP money was wasted for the most part; and the program was a mistake. In the beginning, I had like so many others thought that if this money could stop a major catastrophe then Maybe we should do it. Like so many of the other programs that started with good ideas, this on too became corrupted and mandatory and immutable in record time.

The article explains why it has become mandatory. Quite simply stated, it is the cornerstone of a program of President Obama’s to gain control of the financial system. The article explains that to me pretty well. Also the article tells of President Bush and the first bailout of the banks and how it was temporary just to help them get over the hump, a financial decision; while Obama’s TARP was to TRAP the banks into coming under his political agenda. Forcing them into helping fund his agenda.

Then another article about the motivations in general of President Obama set another whole string of neurons off and running. This article too was in the same publication, The Wall Street Journal in the, “Opinion Journal”. The Article was by Kimberly Strassel titled “Obama’s Attack Machine”.


The article did a great job of living up to its title. It chronicled the extent of how organized and widespread the Obama Attack Machine is. Better explaining the interconnections with media and White House. All Media.

I read in that article near the end. “Mr. Cantor is also where he is for a reason, and has so far weathered the onslaught. But the coordinated takedown attempt is yet more proof that the Obama-led Democrats aren't nearly as interested in changing the "tone" as they are in holding on to power.”

That set of Neurons about the holding on to power combined with the political nature I see in all that this administration is doing and the neurons connected with all the other ones. Then through an article I got off Drudge we learn about TARP funds and White House Aides making millions from it. The article was from Politico written by Kenneth P. Vogel.


The evidence is all around, you’ve seen it. How about that article about trying to take away the tax free donations to charities? Then follow that with the article about how this proliferation of Grant Monies is wrecking the integrity of the whole Non-Profit idea. He is turning it into another political arm for the administration; an appendage of Obama’s to weaken the power of private charity. A way for him to get control of that for again his political reasons. Obama just can’t out grow the shadow of Chicago politics.

Suddenly all those neurons aligned and like a whip in motion the snap at the end reached deep within my brain and connect far back into my childhood as I sat as a youngster in the theatre watching “Lawrence of Arabia”. For some reason I saw with perfect clarity the scene when the head of the British medical relief entered into the hospital being run by the Arabs and the situation was deplorable beyond his understanding or belief. He stood there looking around at what was foreign to him --- everywhere he looked; and then he for a moment lost that perpetual British “Cool” by letting out the words


Of course he then simply rolled up his sleeves and started barking orders getting a handle on things.

That controlled British outburst summed up for me all the utter disbelief that I’ve had in the last few months with the national mess and trillion dollar deal and the corruption sprouting up all over due to the huge free money waiting to be used. I have been like that Englishman; like a deer in the headlights. Too stunned to do anything. America for the most part has felt the same way. These Tea Parties are becoming simply a way to show that feeling of shock we have had for a long time.


I too am going to roll up my sleeves and start barking orders and try in my own way to get things done.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Adding to that string of neurons there is a parallel string coming from a similar mini grant money thing I was involved in. We were offered X amount of money and when we were shocked by the amount and found out all the strings attached we walked out on it. Thankfully I say because if we hadn’t we too would have suffered untold troubles if we had tried backing out after we accepted it; much as the bank in the first article is suffering now with threats and probably personal attacks. God knows we were put through enough suffering as it was: just the idea that we thought the money was too much and we wanted to get less was reason enough for those control freaks to start to threaten us, and spread gossip.


Friday, April 3, 2009


The Wiz of Laws blog had a post “front paged” by Nick at Right Michigan.


I linked that article by the Wiz because it was a great article. Also because I loved the term he used relating to accepted legal common law. It is known as the "open and obvious doctrine."

The next time some politician says, “don’t worry the government has a plan”. I will laugh at the joke, and slap him on the back for being such a funny guy, as I think back to the Wiz and the “open and obvious” doctrine. Now I know where the term “obvious and open lie” comes from. Funny guy that O, good sense of humor, Abe Lincoln would envy such comedic talent; especially since I doubt Abe could keep a straight face in the telling.

Poor O, at least he still has FDR to emulate - they both smoke, he just needs a holder to perfect the image; Oh Yeah and the sack to do it in public.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Take NY 20 CD

My take on the race in NY’s 20th Congressional District Race.


The two candidates are separated by around 60 votes out of roughly 150,000 votes cast. There are still 5,900 odd absentee ballots to count. The Department of Justice sued the state to allow a longer length of time for AB ballots to be mailed in allowing 30 days from the date it was sent out. While my understanding of the reasons for this and the DOJ specifics as to dates is vague, the bottom line is that we will not know the results until April 13th at the earliest.

That is not the point however. Both sides are claiming victory will be theirs in the end. Both of the parties are claiming they have won a moral victory here regardless of whether they win or not.

For my part I want to try to look at the numbers. The result last night was a tie at 50% of the voters for each candidate. The Democrats are claiming that this is victory for them because of the larger number of registered Republicans. They are claiming to have done the impossible against overwhelming numbers.

The numbers for the last election however tell a different tale. See link below and scroll down to the 20th district and look at the actual numbers that were cast just a short 5 months ago.

Below are the numbers as best as I could cut and paste them

Kirsten E. Sandy Sandy Sandy Kirsten E. BVS
County Gillibrand Treadwell Treadwell Treadwell Gillibrand Blank Void Scattering Subtotal Total
Columbia 18,657 7,633 859 1,005 1,845 1,848 7 3 1,858 31,857
Part of Delaware 8,337 6,587 544 462 810 1,511 0 0 1,511 18,251
Part of Dutchess 25,397 15,176 1,185 1,636 1,810 4,848 0 5 4,853 50,057
Part of Essex 2,811 2,438 272 150 237 743 0 0 743 6,651
Greene 11,174 7,518 612 870 1,138 1,551 7 0 1,558 22,870
Part of Otsego 2,634 1,930 159 145 216 659 0 1 660 5,744
Part of Rensselaer 17,862 9,254 906 1,196 1,717 1,996 2 0 1,998 32,933
Part of Saratoga 59,356 32,960 2,254 3,071 4,058 6,190 0 21 6,211 107,910
Warren 18,181 9,430 728 819 1,494 1,829 10 3 1,842 32,494
Washington 14,587 7,004 505 723 1,330 1,798 0 2 1,800 25,949
Total 178,996 99,930 8,024 10,077 14,655 22,973 26 35 23,034 334,716
RECAP 193,651 118,031

The totals are 193,651 and 118,031 for a total of 311,682; The Republicans lost by 75,620 votes.

The numbers should speak volumes. The Republican Treadwell by my figures got only 27% of the vote. I have read elsewhere that it was 38%. Either way for the Republicans to move up to 50% of the vote within 5 short months begs a reason. I would think the question is not what the Republicans did wrong but what the Democrats did wrong to cause this massive shift. That is a turnabout of 12-23% of the vote to the Republican Party, and again I emphasize what has happened in less than 5 months to cause this Republican gain in votes?.

As I hear of the ouster of Michael Steele, well--I guess if I was a Democrat I too would hope that whoever was responsible for this Republican gain would quit and go away.

Before you jump to the conclusion that it was all due to Obama in 2008, look at the nearly 23,000 blank ballots not counted. That would indicate that the "President Only" voters weren’t counted in my 27% count. Also note the larger turnout.

Also if Obama played such a role in the results above for the 2008 election, why didn’t he pull the same type of numbers out this time? He did make a personal robo call to the district and sent out emails with his vaunted political machine. A tie, oh well.

I say this to all the critics of Jim Tedisco; if gaining 12-23% in the vote means nothing then think about what that would have meant in the 2008 election! Obama would still be a junior Senator from Illinois. Hey all it would of took was an 8% change for that to happen. Wikipedia shows the numbers at 52.92 Obama, 45.66 McCain.


All I hear from the Dems is how they overcame the impossible to tie. I would say they did the impossible by not double digits.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

12:15am Wash post April 13th ??

This link is to the washington post and it explains some more about the AB ballots, and the ones that the DOJ sued the state over to make sure they were counted. I believe they were oversea ABs and mainly military.

Still a toss now I'm going to bed.

Regards, LD

Monday maybe??

Well nothing is going to change. The discrepency twixt Drudge and Times Union is down to only 6 votes. With over 5900 ABs to count, it will be awhile for the results to be known.

Keep checking the site above and I will come back tomorrow.

Regards, LD

10:58 Too close to call

Numbers fluctuating. Times union has Murphy in lead by 59 votes/

Also note the wording in the part about essentialy by Monday then later about not decided untill April 13th.

Drudge did change their numbers

D 77,344
R 77,279

That gives Murphy a lead of 65 down from 177.

That still leaves a difference between Drudge and Times Union of 106 votes.

I'm taking about an hour off. Will be back around midnight. Maybe they will have got the #s right and we can also maybe find out when this will be a done deal either way.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

10:50 Driving me nuts

Times Union now has a lead for Murphy at 59 votes

Drudge is holding firm. at 81.

Regards, LD

10:45 Discrepency

Drudge shows

D 77,208
R 77,127
a lead of 81 for Murphy

Times Union showed with all reporting

D 77,259
R 77,082
a lead of 177 for Murphy.

I don't know who's right. That is a difference of 96 votes.

Regards, LD

10:40 ABs are the key

Times Union has final figures.

Murphy widened lead somewhat. Seperated by 177 votes. All precincts reporting.

We will have to wait for the absentee ballots. You better believe these will be counted alot of times by a lot of people.

Regards, LD

10:30 Absentee ballot the key

At the times union site

we find the following. there are 6,000 absentee ballots to count and all but one precinct is done reporting and that one is at 99% counted.

The ABs will be what swings this contest. I'm hoping since there are more registered Republicans that the ABs will go in our favor, but I really am just guessing here. Stay Tuned.

Regards, LD

PS. I saw an article on Drudge about an April Fools Virus everyone's worried about. That would be all we need. lol

10:26 Murphy back in front

From Drudge. Murphy takes lead back

D 77,208
R 77,127


10:20 Looking good for Tedisco

The % are at 51% Tedisco and 49% for Murphy.

There is 92% of the vote in. Still a cliff hanger

Regards LD

10:15 Hot off of Drudge

The new totals fresh from Drudge.

Tedisco takes small lead

R 73,523
D 73,421

This is nail biting time for the candidates.

Regards, LD

Previous post showed 85% of the vote in it is getting close to done.

10:10 update

This is the link to see. Sorry there are no vote totals only percentages


85% of vote in still in a tie at 50% each.

Neck and neck.

Regards, LD

10pm Update

This is the link to see. Probably where Drudge got his stuff?


77% of vote in tie at 50% each. Neck and neck.

Regards, LD

9:50 Off Drudge

Drudge put this up

D 25,533
R 25,264

I clicked on it and the link was to times union and it wouldn't come up.
Polls closed at 9pm these are the first reports I've found. I don't know what the percentage of the polls are reporting.

Will update as night goes on.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

5pm NY 20 Update

Now they say the turnout has been light. I don't know what to think of that either way the article below isn't calling it either.


Live Dangerously Be a Conservative.

Keep coming back I'll be posting the results as I find them

noon Tuesday NY 20th race

I copied the following.


'Bleed Us Dry' Does Tend to Catch the Eye

D.J. McGuire predicts that Jim Tedisco will win today's special election. At the heart of his argument, "you have a bunch of Upstate New Yorkers finding out they’re going to get smacked with a huge tax-hike imposed on them by the triumvirate of state Democrats (all of whom reside in New York City) and looking for the first opportunity to vent their frustration — on the very day they have a special election."

Those who picked up the New York Post this morning probably saw the headline under Madonna:

We will see.

03/31 11:14 AM Share


The pictures didn't copy so here is the link to the National Review where the above came from.


Now the wait.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

ps. please see previous posts for more updates

11:20 am. NY 20th update

Some background of recent stuff on the race in the 20th NY.

From the Huffington Post.

You can actually listen to the call at the above site.
Below is a transcript, of the call.

"I'm calling to ask you to join me in supporting Jim Tedisco for congress this Tuesday March 31," reads the script. "This congressional race could come down to a few hundred votes and yours could be the difference between victory and defeat. Jim Tedisco's victory will ensure that we have a voice in Congress that will stand up to Nancy Pelosi, and all her plans to hike taxes and spending by trillions of dollars. Please join me, Rudy Giuliani, in support Jim Tedisco this Tuesday."

I hope Rudy will be a big part in getting the independents and thinkers to the polls, or not we will see.

Below a link giving a glimpse into the Tedisco campaign and how hard they are working.


Below a link to Ben Smith’s blog


For those of us who like to see the glass half full, take note of the highlighted paragraph in the above link. The importance of these off year elections is important. In my home state of Michigan, we have a state senate seat up for a switch to Red from Blue in the 19th Senate district. This too could be a harbinger of our erasing our previous election demons and a chance to take Michigan back.

If you're interested, please see previous post for other Tedisco election stuff.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Polls open in NY 20th race

The polls have been open in the 20th district of NY since 6am this Tuesday morning. This will be a very close race and voter turnout a key. Latest poll from last Friday showed the Democrat Murphy had pulled ahead of Republican Tedisco.


I must admit to being confused by the results of the poll. Below is a quote from the article.

“While the percentage of likely voters supporting Murphy has risen about 3 points per week for the last four weeks, the percentage supporting Tedisco has dropped 3 points. In the last four weeks, Murphy turned a 12-point deficit into a 4-point lead,” said Steven Greenberg, spokesman for the Siena New York Poll. “Murphy has sealed the deal with Democrats, leading 84-11 percent, while Tedisco has the support of less than two-thirds of Republicans, leading 64-27 percent.”
Independents are split, with Tedisco leading 45-44 percent. That’s an improvement for Tedisco, who had trailed with independents by 6 percentage points two weeks ago.

What seems obvious to me is that we Republicans are vascillating. We do not seem very loyal to our party. I've seen it and heard all the reasons at my local county level. It doesn't wash with me. We need to be able to close ranks once the voting day arrives. We have to learn to leave our ego at the polling place door.

The quote above is revealing. The Dems are at 84% in favor of Murphy, only 64% of the Republicans are behind their candidate Tedisco. Tedisco has lost 3% of his support. The Democrat has stayed even. Will this change in the voting booth?

Why is there that. I don’t know why Republicans are losing faith in Tedisco. I thought maybe it was issue related. The Independents however have started to go for Tedisco. They are the ones who are the issue people. So I’m conflicted as to why the Republicans are switching alleigiences. I think probably it is an indication of East coast politics and the RINO thing.

Whatever we better get our act together.
Polls open. Higher than expected turnout in the NY 20th race.


Two quotes from the field, will sum it up.

Bush’s fault Obama lovers, hang over from last election.

"Republicans haven't been too successful running the government," said Costa, a registered Democrat.

The other looking ahead at what the obama plan will do.

"A vote for Jim Tedisco is a vote against the out-of-control government that is going to rearrange all of American society from top-down," Sievers said. "To pick one point, the stimulus bill was written by (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi. It was a vote forced on people who didn't have time to read the

Are people still afraid to be associated with anything that could be thought of as anti-Obama?

The end of the day will tell. At least on the East Coast.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. As the results come in I will keep adding updates.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Drunken State

I had a vision of Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the Titanic yelling full speed ahead as her juggernaut and unsinkable coalition started brushing against some ice bergs. To her, sitting on top of her perch in the captain’s chair they must look like little things compared to the stature of her mighty ship.

As she charged full speed ahead she must have wondered why those pesky little things kept interfering with her progress. She must wonder why some of her own crew was trying to change the course she had set. Didn’t they see that glittering goal she was struggling to achieve? Didn’t they know her ship was invulnerable? Didn’t they know it was for their own good?

I will finish this analogy by making another. Pelosi may self emulate her role as that of Heroine of the good ship Titanic; but her actions speak volumes to another role. A role in which intoxication plays a part; Pelosi’s role is beginning to remind me more of the captain of the Valdez than the captain of the Titanic.

Whether drunk with alcohol or power, both seem to have a diminished capacity to guide their ship according to the direction reality demands.

Whether it be an Oil Tanker or Ship of State, the signs seem obvious to more and more of the crew that the ship is headed for danger. The bells are ringing and nobody upstairs is listening. I too however must bring this post back to reality. The following link from Politico points out an instance of this ignorance of reality in an attempt by Pelosi to charge “full steam ahead”.


The article chronicles Congressman Jeff Flake’s attempt to get a congressional ethics investigation of Rep Murtha. The FBI is already neck deep into it. The alleged other half of the crime has left the building and the lobbying group that allegedly did the deed has shut down. But as the following quote shows, some of the crew of the good ship Pelosi (who is trying to shut the investigation down) has started to defect. Have started to call the ice bergs for what they are; a danger to ethical fabric of the ship of state.

-----quote from article-----
House Democrats built their new majority in large part by running hard against the “culture of corruption” in Washington. The Flake resolutions — coupled with revelations about Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) — have given Republicans a chance to regain some footing on the issue.

The important thing to note is that the majority of the defections as the article points out, are jumping ship because of their principles: because of the campaign promises they made. Not only the youngsters, but some of the more seasoned salts are taking notice of the real danger of the icebergs. That danger lies in the latent energy within the icebergs that lies just under the water.

The crew knows that latent power for what it is; it is that which had swept them into office. That power is the “common sense” of the American voting public. That reflection of reality we call “common sense” is telling the people that the government has gone too fast and too far. “Common Sense” is not the tip of the Iceberg, but the power that lies underneath.

The people are waking up to the fact that their leaders should steer a safer course. This ship they steer belongs to the people that elected them. While it may sound heroic to Pelosi and crew to yell “full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes”, this really isn’t war and the ship isn’t full or soldiers.

The Tea Parties past and future are an echo of this dissatisfaction.

The people understand this is not a war we are fighting. They are beginning to understand that all these catastrophic warnings coming out about worldwide disasters from all fronts seem to remind them less of “The British are coming” and more of the boy who cried wolf.

Big Money whether it be Private or Government seems to have all the power. That is until election time when they are held responsible for their actions. The people can one by one and easily with a pull of a lever or with the use of a #2 pencil voice their protests and sweep the Looney Left or the Whacko Right drunk with power out on their butts. While the past has proven that once in power the new regime may drink too much of that intoxicant; the alternatives are far more deadly. We, by voting our conscience have the chance to vote in a group that will hopefully at least for awhile try to stay sober.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Republican

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pete Tossing His Hat ???

Got this email from the Hoekstra camp.

Major Hoekstra Announcement

Pete to Share His Plans for the Future

Hosted By Team Hoekstra

Please Join Pete, Diane, their family and the rest of Team Hoekstra for a special announcement on Monday, March 30th at 4:30pm at Herman Miller, Inc. in Holland, Michigan.

March 30, 2009 4:30pm -6:00pm
(Doors open at 4pm)

Herman Miller, Inc. (The Green House) Please Use the Visitor Entrance
10201 Adams St.
Holland, MI

There is no cost for this event and no tickets are required.

To help anticipate accommodations please
RSVP to Deb at 616-396-3354 or

Please feel free to share this invite with your family and friends
What else could this be but an announcement of Pete throwing his hat formally into the ring. Pete's candidacy will give this state a much needed new direction. I think the voters are ready for this. I'm glad to see the waiting is over.

With the crowded field of good Republican candidates, Pete needs to hit the ground running and never stop. The primary alone will be exhausting. The quality of Republican contenders in the Primary alone is awesome.

Pete is a believer in Grass roots. He needs all the help we can give him. I’m going to the announcement in Holland Monday. I hope to see a bunch of you there too. I quote the last sentence. “Please feel free to share this invite with your family and friends.”

The only thing we as Republicans should work to avoid and that would be creating divisions within our party created in our campaigns during the Primary. Michigan is a tossup state; especially in a non Presidential year. There has always been roughly about one third of undecided voters. We need a unified Party, platform and set of candidates to attract those undecided voters.

In Michigan, at this point in time, for the sake of a Republican governorship; it would take a narrow small minded point of view to let the primary influence anyone to not vote. The stakes are too high.

My dream ticket would be Hoekstra/Brandon. ----- How's them apples??

What are Pete’s chances? Below is a link to the March 13th poll from Inside Michigan. Remember there are 19 months left.


A quote from the article pretty much sums up the feeling that the race for the governorship of Michigan is up for grabs.

“Michigan voters will see non-stop campaigning in the primaries and the general
Election. Anyone could win the GOP primary and then have a great opportunity to
recapture the Governor’s office,” said Bill Ballenger, Editor/Publisher of Inside Michigan Politics who released the poll results.

The next quote from the article leaves a lot unsaid and those things are what will make the race interesting.

The poll shows a tight race when testing a potential field of five GOP candidates whom
have either announced they are running or exploring a run for governor. The field was led
by Oakland County Executive Brooks Patterson with 22% of the vote. Patterson’s lead
was a result of strong support (45%) in the Detroit Metro area.
In a close second place, west Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra had 17% of the vote.
Hoekstra was the leading vote getter in areas surrounding his Congressional District –
West Michigan (43%) and the Traverse City (35%). Attorney General Mike Cox (15%) is
also in the thick of the race and the leading candidate in the Flint/Saginaw/Bay city area
(25% and the Lansing area (25%). Support for Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land’s
(12%) is clearly being affected by Hoekstra’s strong showing in her hometown area of
Grand Rapids. Should Hoekstra decide not to throw his hat in the ring – the dynamics of
the race will change.

Later on in the article they point out that there were 32% of undecided voters. That seems the as always crucial factor. Also the point that Pete was taking away from Terri Lynn’s vote totals was telling. The unsaid part was that she also was taking from Pete’s total. If either Terri or Pete were out of the race and their voters backed the other: either one of them may very well be put over the top in the poll.

This indeed will be an interesting and nerve wracking contest.

The key to the governorship will be if we can run against Cherry. I hope Cherry makes it through the Dems. Primary.

I had a brief talk with Jon DeWitte of Pete's staff and feel confident that they will be able to handle the size of the contest. Michigan is a huge state. They obviously have been setting up the apparatus for awhile now. I hope to get an interview with Pete after the announcement; but we’ll see. Either way I wish them the best.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Just a thought. If I were a candidate, I would jump right into the special 19th State Senate district seat election which is coming up this November. This seems like a win win all around for whoever takes the plunge. Even a loss would be hard to construe as bad for the gubernatorial candidate jumping in and backing Noffs. This special election could serve as a way to get the campaign off the ground and well oiled. I would see that candidate as someone willing to really act as a leader of the state party. This selfless effort would also go a long way towards healing any divisions that may come up in the primary.