Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1984 - 2+2 = 5, Not then - Not now

2+2=5 Didn't then Doesn't Now

When does the writing on the wall become obvious to the Democrats?

Apparently almost never as they think they have a “magic eraser” in the form of the Media to rewrite and obfuscate that writing on the wall. But like the truth that the “writing on the wall” symbolizes, it will always come through the distortions and misreprestentations.

I am seeing this lately a lot. People are seeing the covering up of failed liberal policies, with bigger and more reckless copies of the same thing, for what it is. Einstein might call it insanity thinking that doing more of the same will produce something different.

The Administration has borrowed itself into debt and is trying to borrow more to get back out. The people in their “common sense” understand this can't work.

The Big Unions have done well by their members but in the process have bankrupted the companies they have wrested concession after concession from. The people know this. Below is a link relating to that fact and recent shocking poll numbers turning against Unions.


Michael Barone in his article above in the Washington Examiner .com makes a good case for the wisdom of the general public. I quote this from the article. “The lesson is that if you want to change the world in some major way, you need to muster support for that change from the general public. Just lining up a bunch of politicians’ endorsements may not be enough; politicians don’t always stay bought. They are entirely willing to welsh on their commitments if they think that’s necessary to save their political careers. (Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, for example, seems entirely unembarrassed by her turnaround on card check.”

His not so subliminal point is that the public isn’t stupid only slightly inattentive to the political games of the Beltway politicians and their lobbyists.

George Orwell in his masterpiece “1984” came to the same conclusion. People knew 2+2=4 but were willing to put up with the notion that 2+2=5 for various reasons the least of which was not inattention.

Mr. Orwell along with Mr. Barone come to the conclusion that the public also knows when “enough is enough”. Mr. Barone uses the poll numbers that show us that people still believe the unions are doing well for their members but also believe that what they are doing is at the expense of the country and pulling their support in the process.

That is what I call a backlash not to winning; but of the arrogant gloating about it; then making a naked power grab as we seem to be seeing out of Washington now.

Another example of this “backlash” can be found in the next link to another Barone article.


Here he is drawing the conclusion that the Unions are overdoing their power play by flooding the media with basically irrelevant negative innuendos about about the Republican McDonnell and not putting out anything good about their guy Deeds, in the gubernatorial race in Virginia. Below is a link showing just how much the Unions are willing to spend in this naked power push to win this and the New Jersey races to give themselves credibility back in the face of the previously stated bad national poll numbers.


It is said Americans love winners and they do. They also whole heartedly root for the underdog, especially when they see the winners acting arrogant and condescending to the losers. Americans then love to feel they are a part of helping the underdog on to victory.

Perhaps this explains the “seesaw” of politics. Perhaps this explains the genius of our political system. Perhaps the public knows that power corrupts but is necessary, but that total power corrupts totally and is to be avoided despite the Orwellian propaganda proving 2+2=5.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, September 7, 2009

Who would"ve Thought ???

Thomas Ferraro for Rueters wrote an article titled; “Lawmakers seek survival in unpopular Congress”. Ferraro claims, “many incumbents, both Democrats and Republicans, are beginning to worry about holding on to their seats in November 2010 elections.” He believes this is due to the miserable showing the Congress has had in recent polling.


The key noun in the above quote is “incumbents” and the key adjective is “many”. As the vast majority of people willing to take the time to vote realize; the Congress is overwhelmingly Democratic. They also know the vast number of “Incumbents” are Democrats.

Now add to that, the amazing fact that the Republicans with far fewer seats, have more of their number not running for reelection for various reasons. If the vote in 2010 hinges upon throwing the bums out as the Rueters article above hints: the Democrats may have far more than Republicans to throw out than Mr. Ferraro thinks.

General wisdom stated that the Democrats had a chance to pick up some of those vacated Republican seats in Republican leaning districts. But let me pose a question. If you were a usual Republican voter or an independent in that Republican leaning district and you like the polls indicate above were fed up with incumbents and Congress in general would you want a new (non incumbent) Republican or a (non incumbent) Democrat in that seat? Would you want to take a shot at the Incumbent Democrat Congress and vote Republican?

The Cook Report (see link below) caused a stir early last month, when it talked of the Democrats possibly losing 20 seats instead of the expected (at the time) 6-12.


Mr. Cook’s exact words were “…..that the chances of Democratic losses going higher than 20 seats is just as good as the chances of Democratic losses going lower than 20 seats.” In the article which was from the middle of August he points to falling poll numbers for President Obama and Congress. Those numbers as the first article above allude too have fallen even lower in September.

If you add to that the idea of Republicans retaining the majority of their vacated seats, Pelosi and crew better get poppin.

Now if Republicans can in this years elections win the two Governorships in New Jersey and Virginia away from the Democrats and a special State Senate election in Michigan’s 19th district; the momentum which would result will I predict give Republicans 30 seats in the House.

Either with a 20 or 30 seat pick up when combined with the Blue Dogs, a ruling coalition could be created. The Liberal leadership of the Democrat party have underestimated the will of the American people. If the Republicans don’t they have a chance. If they can connect with the people like Ronald Reagan learned to do the chance becomes real. At the beginning of the year, "Who would"ve Thought ???"

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative