Friday, April 10, 2009

Which Elephant is in the Room ???

Elephant in the Room

There is an imaginary elephant in the room; one which the “Real Elephants” have to deal with. Big Business.

How have Republicans dealt with Big Business? The same way Democrats have dealt with Big Labor; we haven’t. We both have sat by and let them take over what should be our rights. We have watched as they and Big Government joined forces to completely demean and belittle the average American.

I have blogged before about how I feel Big Business and Big Government are co-conspirators in the demise of the American spirit. They have colluded in the gradual theft and belittling of the American people’s individual freedom.

Our individual will “The American Soul” has been slowly sapped through countless infringements upon our integrity; countless insults to our ability to understand issues and make up our own minds. Think of this the next time you find yourself answering yes or no to a telephone in response to a computer.

Republicans have always been the party of free enterprise; because it was based upon the idea that anyone with the guts and ambition and a good idea should be able to do what they are capable of to make their dream a reality. The buying public (you and me) not the government will decide whether the idea was good. This is at the core of the marriage between Individual Freedom and Free Enterprise. A corollary or offspring to that marriage is the conviction that government should not hinder that union.

I coined a term in a previous blog about the new Monopolies. The term I coined was “Trimopolies”. Simply stated it is a generic term to cover the idea of “the Big Three” in the auto industry. All other industries too have had their mergers and buyouts until, in each one they reach a minimum number of ever larger companies allowed by law controlling the market for that industry.

We used to have monopolies which at least on paper were the most efficient form of running an industry. But just as (on paper) a king or dictator or benevolent leader is the most efficient therefore best ruler of countries; in reality we find it leads to the most egregious abuses of power, and corruption which breeds exponentially; in government as well as business and labor.

I too lump Big Labor in with the other “Biggs”. Big Labor cannot exist without Big Business; so too the apparatus enabling both in our country of laws is Big Government.

Currently I have been involved in the frantic preparations past and present for the “Tea Party” celebrations. The feelings of outrage I am finding out there are coming from the frustrations we all have over all the compromises we have made throughout our lives for the sake of efficiency which we were told by one of the “Bigs” was necessary, for the benefit of all. I now have to mow and rake but don’t own my terrace. Also shovel the public walkway adjoing it. In their wisdom I now will get a fine if I don’t; for the common good of course. I talk to phone menu software. I vote for who the union tells me to. All this we’re told again is being done for the “common good”. By the looks of things I will soon have to start fixing the potholes myself in my section of street. No correct that, their section of street in front of where I live. Still however, as long as I’ve been born for awhile I still have the right to live.

The Tea Party people are simply saying they have compromised with their freedom enough. This frustration is not Republican or Democrat; in fact part of it is aimed at both Big Parties. We do not know how to make everything better. We simply know something’s not right. We also know that big government hasn’t doesn't either. I know that anything that belittles any of the Bigs will hurt them all. I know that from being belittled by all the Bigs. Big Business and Labor are no different than Big Government which by the way is run by Big Parties.

It’s time for Republicans to tell Big Business, Democrats to tell Big Labor; both to tell Big Government that we want our freedom back.

The way we can do that is to not accept a law or politician standing for a law that put a Big ahead of us in the pecking order. We cannot allow any more laws that tells us what to do instead of allowing us to make up our own minds.

The erosion of our freedoms has taken a couple hundred years; simply because we have not been ever vigilant, and courageous enough with ourselves to refuse the pieces of silver offered in exchange.

Well perhaps now is as good a time as any to start to “Belittle the Bigs”. One Tea Party at a time. One letter to our Congressperson at a time. Tearing up one credit card at a time. Eating at one local restaurant instead of a chain, at a time.

The following link from Cato@Liberty by Ilya Shapiro points out the extent necessary nowdays to fight a corrupt system. How hard it has become to say what you want, in this case just to dance quietly.


We the People need to upgrade our status to a “Big”. It ain’t magic, but for it to work we have to do it. Grab a tea bag. Go to a city or village or school meeting. Speak your mind the Bigs do it all the time “ad nauseum.” If we can get on these city, village, and school boards then we will be able to start to give the Bigs a taste of their own nauseous “ad nauseum”. If they don’t like it they could always join us in the real world.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Republican.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tedisco's "Real" Big day is Wed.

Tedisco slips but still holds narrow lead in NY 20.

The Newsmax article linked below is the best yet as far as facts and reasons for the up and down of the vote count. It also explains the Absentee Ballot issue and dates and the differences between military and the normal Abs and the reason for the difference for the dates.


The article made it sound like the Dem. Gained 80 votes total from both counties canvasses. That is technically correct. The big news is that Tedisco was behind before the canvass and after the first county canvass he regained the lead with 71 votes to spare. With the second canvass the Dem took back 54 of those votes. But Tedisco still leads by 17.

Bottom line is that tomorrow the vast majority of the 6000 some odd AB will begin to be counted. Then the smaller amount of Overseas ballots will start to be counted come April 13th. The canvassing of two counties is not completed either and that should happen any day according to the NewsMax article.

I still stand behind my take on what this says about this being a referendum of the Democrats and their national agenda.


Updates as they happen.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tedisco takes Lead Back in NY 20

Mike Tedisco takes back lead in the NY 20 over clerical error found in canvassing.


Still 6600 absentee ballots yet to count. Majority to be counted April 8th; Overseas ballets will probably be counted April 13th.

After staying up all night watching the election results; the next day I wrote the following.


The bottom line was that in the same district in the 2008 election just a short 5 months ago, the Democrats won by 76,000 votes. Five months later they can’t quite hit 50%. While everyone in the media says this isn’t a reflection on Obama’s agenda, I think it is. Something caused the Republicans to gain 12-16% in five months.

This election still is razor thin. The AB will tell the tale then we’ll see what the lawyers will say about the outcome.

Well I’ll keep posting till we have a winner.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative