Friday, July 26, 2013

On the Edge

On the Edge

What if, as Thomas Sowell in his recent article, “Mindset of the Left” said; “…. institutions and government policy -- are not the most important factors in the world's problems,… What if things like the family, the culture and the traditions that make a more positive difference than the bright new government "solutions…"?


Mr. Sowell’s article asks questions such as what if locking up criminals works better than understanding motives and the rest? What improvement in teenage pregnancy have we had since we started teaching sex in elementary school?

We are at a tipping point in history. Many people have made that statement, and while we all on both sides seem to understand that; we don’t quite know what to do about it.

So why don’t we change our country’s path?

What we need to understand at this point are two things. The first thing is the tremendous effort which is needed to reverse the momentum. Secondly we must also understand that at the point where we are spending our greatest effort is the point of least direct reward. In other words, slowing something down which is moving one way gives us nothing to point to as progress along the path in which we want it to go. Even though the most effort is needed at this juncture, because of the lack of progress there is little to point to as progress for our side.

It is at this point that faith is our only measure that can keep us striving.

It is at this point that those without faith will point to our lack of progress and the terrible cost our “stubbornness” is charging. Without faith there can be no dreams except nightmares.

Throughout history we see that it is when we lose the faith in our dreams that we lose the battle. Look at America and the Vietnam war, when we lost the faith in what and why we were fighting, we lost the war. So too in our culture, when we lose faith in the American Dream we will lose it and the exceptionalism that dream has inspired.

As we think back upon our Independence it behooves us to remember that when all was against American Independence, when the papers and world opinion called us down for the count; it is then that the Individual who called him/herself an American fell back on faith to see them through. When all they had was Faith in a Dream they put their all on the line and won the day for little reward but for the chance at the American Dream for their children. Can we expect of ourselves any less?

It is Faith that founded and made this Country and only Faith that can keep it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative